Stella Dimoko Actress Dayo Amusa Says She Has Not Made Money From Making Movies...


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Sunday, December 01, 2019

Actress Dayo Amusa Says She Has Not Made Money From Making Movies...

Beautiful actress Dayo Amusa talks about the challenges she faces as an actress and a movie producer.....

Lamenting, Dayo began: “I do a lot of things that generate money for me. I have always done business even before I came into Nollywood and I am still in business. I came into Nollywood as an actress before becoming a movie producer and to date, I have shot 12 movies and still counting. Truth be told, I have not made money from Nollywood yet. After 12 movies I have not made the kind of money that I should make but I know I will make it. You see, there is a difference between making a huge profit and then, just getting your money back on your investment. I haven’t broken even!”

What are her challenges as a movie maker?

Creases pop up on her forehead as she responds: “I love doing good movies and putting up good content. I think my major challenge now is that my movies are not showing in all cinemas in the country like I hoped and it saddens me. Their excuse is that my movies are indigenous and the titles are local but I am like ‘we get to watch foreign movies indigenous to different parts of the world yet subtitled and these movies are been shown in our cinemas so I ask the question ‘why can’t we encourage our local content?’ I want to believe that even if a movie is 100 per cent indigenous, that does not stop it from showing in cinemas as long as the movie is well subtitled.

“It has greatly affected me as an independent film maker, I do most of my productions from my purse. It is not like I get grants and it really eats movie makers up when we don’t get the opportunity to showcase what we have.

“Even if they feel we are not getting it right, there is a way they can inform us that this is what you need to achieve this and that. But they just label it local content, indigenous this and indigenous that, giving what we do all sorts of names but the fact is, when you preview a job and story wise you have it, picture wise you have it, quality wise and artistic whatever you have it, then why the barrier? Why can’t such a movie be seen in all cinemas across Nigeria.

“But they are giving excuses that when cinema going audiences hear the title, they will not like it. Who says so? Yes, a title could have a very positive impact on a production but a title is a title, be it local or English or what have you. An indigenous title cannot stop a good film from flying at the box office,” she adds with emphasis.

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  1. Hmmmn. Nice answers. It's not easy to invest in Nigeria. She must really love making movies otherwise she would have stopped since no profit.

  2. Abegi miss movie producer park one side, movie producers everywhere producing rubbish, we have very few good movie producers in Nollywood.

  3. Then why not give your movies English titles.

    Bollywood had to name the movie they conjoined with Hollywood an English name "Slumdog Millionaire".

    If it was named Kuch Kuch Hotai (whatever) it wouldn't have broken even in the US.

    When and if I decide to start watching Nollywood movies in cinemas, I would NEVER pick a movie titled "Alakaja or its likes.

    Give us English titles. And let your subtitles be accurate.

    1. For your information, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai made more money than Titanic when they both came out in South Africa and the title wasn't changed to English. Can you imagine a movie doing more business than Titanic? It happened. Many Indian films have done very well in the international box office.

  4. What kind of business gives you all that wealth you're flaunting online? Ajuju nese okwu.

    1. She has a school and a kiddies store. Those are the same two i’m aware of. Dayo has been industrious since the days of Mayflower school sef. I don’t care if she does runs or not, I love her ....
      She makes VERY good movies too.
      No, I am not Dayo.

  5. You time and turn to make money is coming..Eveyone has it's own time..
    Keep pushing it dear..

  6. Why are these actresses beginning to say the truth,what did they eat?is it the effect of harmattan on the brain

  7. So where are they making all the monies they flaunt from?
    From selling cookies? 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  8. yes its is from runs , we all know


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