Stella Dimoko Award Wining Journalist Ruonah Meyer Tells Why The Doctors Cut Out Her Womb And Breasts..


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Friday, December 06, 2019

Award Wining Journalist Ruonah Meyer Tells Why The Doctors Cut Out Her Womb And Breasts..

Ruonah Agbroko-Meyer who was Nominated for the Emmy's 2019 tells a story that will shock the living daylights out of you..........
Nothing prepares anyone for what this young woman went through and the strength she shows through it all is amazing!

This story is long but will open your eyes....
Please dont cry for her....Tap from the energy in this story!

She says...

''A year ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Jan 5 to mid-June this year I had chemotherapy.
July 10, I opted for a full mastectomy, and declined implants.
I’ve been in remission since July 18.

The stereotypes, as seen in the screen shots, which affect women, and are literally killing them, are why I am coming out

I’ve always had really bad fibroids – inherited it from my mum’s family, along with the slim figure.
So, in 2015, I had to have yet another operation. Doctor said fibroids were too big, so he literally reached behind his desk and gave me a drug to reduce them.
Name? Esmya.

As the child of a nurse, I immediately opened the packet.
Rare risk of breast cancer.

Me: Doctor, I don’t want this medicine.
Him: You have to reduce the fibroids or the surgery will end in a hysterectomy, or greater risks.
I’m like doesn’t even remove fibroids, so am I to risk cancer just to reduce fibroids? Egbami.
Am I to pour acid on myself, to ease the burn of hot water?

He asked if there was breast cancer in my family. I said no. Asked me to lie on the exam chair, did a breast check. He said I had no dense tissue in my breast and should not worry. The risk is small, compared to the fibroids squishing my organs.

Na so I enter one chance.

I start taking Esmya, and two weeks later…HAIR started growing on one nipple.
Egbami. I stopped immediately. I told Oga Doctor. He said if I did at least 8 weeks, it would really help reduce the fibroids. Said to continue.
I said no.
If this can cause such an effect in two weeks, I don’t want to know what else it will do. He said my operation would be risky.
So I said…then cut off the womb! I’d rather be womb-less than get cancer on top fibroid…you need to cut itttt.

That was how I had a hysterectomy, in 2015.

Fam, 6 weeks later? I discovered a lump in Miss Hairy Nipple breast.

Ran back to Doctor Wayray and he said oh no, it is just a cyst.
I was basically in and out squabbling with this idiot for the next few years – one time, he said it was the tissue from the weightlifting I was doing at one point, so I stopped. Still, the lump was there. He insisted it was a cyst.
By 2017, me and my definitely precancerous lumps moved to Lagos, and began working there.
Fam! All the time I was doing Ughelli low-budget Nancy Drew, investigating cough syrup? I had breast cancer.
All the time I was saying “I am so sorry,” to my late elder cousin who was having a bad reaction to chemo in Lagos? I was a cancer patient myself. Mad oh!

Stop reading this thread now and check yourself because with cancer ehn…e fit be you oooo!

So, soon I was always tired, and out of breath, with night sweats that I decided to keep badgering my doctors in Germany. At a point, my GP was testing me for allergies. When he saw nothing, he said you need to try and get a mammogram, as you say you have a lump. Go to your Gyno and ask for it. I said I already did, even wanted to do it privately but he’d refused to give me a referral.
My GP left me that day saying “well you have to keep trying.”

So I went back to Doctor Wayray and said, give me a mammogram. He said I was not yet 40.
I told him I would not leave until he did. I was ready to scatter the place, fam. To stop my shouting and disruptive behaviour, he gave me the mammogram referral.
The mammogram lab technicians sent me straight to a biopsy and I was diagnosed with Herceptin positive DCIS cancer on 4 Dec 2018.

Six days later, I lost my best friend from childhood. I was in hell, to the extent I needed a grief therapist. On 5 January, same day I was to move to Leicester for my PhD, I was instead starting chemo. My oncologists said they were going to be treating me as stage 4, based on the time my file showed I had been exhibiting symptoms.

In fact 6 months earlier, I was in the same hospital with chest pain, and they had suspected a heart attack but we now know it was the big tumors pressing on my chest. I now know from a lady who made this video, that this is a common sign in tumours on the left in women. Had I seen the video earlier, I would have been wiser, and definitely diagnosed quicker – these things are why I have to “come out.”

Ladies like Dee, who even took time to answer my Instagram messages are the salt of the earth

Meanwhile, as per suspected stage 4, I had to have a bone biopsy 2 hours before I started chemo. Those days were hell, but my doctors urged me to be strong – they could not stop treatment for tests, and vice versa. I agreed.
When my EXTRA-SUPPORTIVE supervisors maintained that they were retaining my PhD scholarship, I had a goal to strive for. They treated me like they knew I was going to get through this. So I continued to work from Germany, and would even shift my chemo to accommodate my actual life and travels, not the other way round.
Shout out to Prof Stuart Price and Richard Danbury! :)

I named my tumors. Felicia for the one my oncologist called “a satellite” which was growing towards my neckline I REALLY wanted the bitch gone. And other names J, T and C for some evil people I’d encountered in the year 2017.

I would imagine the EC chemo aka “Red Devil” was Rosรฉ, getting them dead-drunk. By late January, Felicia was the first one to disappear. My doctor’s eyes watered as she said Ruona, we cannot find it! Me, I was just shaking my bumbum, all day saying – bye, Felicia!!

With weekly chemo, the clinic had a radio permanently playing old school music. I would sing and bob my head. Music is my weakness.

Do you know that by this time I was busy drinking chemo like cocktails, Aunty Esmya had been banned in the EU pending investigation – a whole year earlier.
Because it was/is also destroying women’s livers too.

Chei! A pure case of #HadIKnown

Funny enough, I always felt Esmya would fuck me up. I made a tweet 3 years before my diagnosis with breast cancer, when I was talking about why I chose to have a hysterectomy.

Why I’m saying all this, sewing this thread?
I nearly entered stage 4 cancer.

DESPITE being in a country with the best care worldwide.

BECAUSE I almost let a doctor silence me and my intuition.

I only got through chemo working and being me because I saw other women like me, albeit all Caucasian, who were willing to share EVERY step of their journey.
These women are on and "My Flat Friends" on Facebook

I got through chemo because I shut out my family in Nigeria – with good reason. Their worry would affect me. I had no answers, starting as being classed stage 4, until the tests came back, almost three months into treatment. When it was shown there was no spread, and I did not carry any of I think 16 cancer genes they tested for, I realised that not seeing the Whatsapp forwarded messages to drink soursop indiscriminately, to eat pineapples at 6:45am everyday was stuff I could do without.

Which brings me to the serial forwarders and unsolicited advisers saying cancer is punishment. You do realise that you yourself may be walking about with cancer, right? You do realise that cancer will happen to whoever it will and will take whoever, moneyed or not?
Early detection and awareness is our best weapon, not fear-mongering and outright stupidity to proffer daft advise. Months after the fact, someone said I need to be closer to God…I legit ghosted because I treat diseased body parts and stupid people alike – CUT THEM OFF.
Like, wasn’t it God who made it that I was in the right place, at the right time for treatment without having to go penniless like others I am not at all better than?
God was not the one who made my doctors dumbfounded at how my hair grew during chemo, abi? God was not the one who made it that despite the years, not one lymph node was affected, and I was a total response to chemo, such that even the tumors when cut and tested were dead cells with zero cancer in them? Right.

Speaking of chemo, please don’t be afraid.
I never threw up once.
I actually added weight during chemo that I am still trying to lose hayghood.
Then work wise, I would shift chemo to go and work and continued doing my PhD from my bed.
I know of women who these stereotypes affect – who leave treatment and care too late because they are afraid. Please don’t be. Information will save you.
Look at me, during chemo, and after radical mastectomy going to award ceremonies.
There is nothing a good wig, faith and positive thinking cannot do. Yes, even with stage 4. There are women living ten years after stage 4 diagnosis.

For now, all I have on my radar is how to raise awareness and dress up my new self – I am discovering literally that I am more than my body parts. Yes, I sometimes think of my gorgeous breasts, now long decomposed in some medical waste site, but I think of my being here with my family, and my work. To be honest the occasional physical hang-up is often all in my head. I still get catcalled. If I didn’t love the German so, your girl would have easily gone on at least 3 dates, given the amount of hollering that happened when I rocked up to my Emmys nomination ceremony.

So sis….what are you afraid of?

Being told you have cancer?

Having a mastectomy?

Going through chemotherapy? Having one breast or no breasts?

Yes, it is okay to be afraid, but you need to realise that you are the only one who has the cancer inside. Your chances of dying (and treatment costs and treatment time) are greatly reduced if you know quickly.

Early detection also means you may not go through all stages of treatment, even.
And even if you end up having to decide on a mastectomy, Sis…is being dead really better than having a flat chest?

Understand your family, church, advisors are coming from a place of sociocultural norms they were raised with and hold on to, but remember that if you are going to die, you will die alone.

Therefore, make sure the decision you take is for you, your mental health and quality of life.
You can reach me on the dedicated Instagram page I started… @ablackcancerpatient because I do not want my Twitter to be all about cancer.

I had cancer. Cancer doesn’t have me''.

*Thank you for sharing this story with us Ronnie!!!


  1. Oh wow! Wow! Some doctors though. But she is fiercely courageous.

    1. Thanks for shareing, Ronnie.

      B4 close of work today, this post will be swamed by bible passage quoters and ndi "it is not my portion" declerers.

    2. Yesterday, in one of Stella’s comments to a post, she mentioned the ‘Nigerian-doctor-wahala.’ In Ruonah’s case, it was a German doctor that put her in this disastrous situation that made her go through this irreversible consequence. May God help this lady. Things that happen in Nigeria also happen in the so-called advanced countries like Germany. Let us all note this. Stella fit no release this comment o.

    3. Very touching article. I've learnt alot from here today. All women should get tested for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Very important.

    4. Thank you very much Anon 11:28
      Now nobody is saying ‘oyibo doctors sef’.. but if it was a Nigerian doctor in this story, the comments would have been filled with chants of ‘Nigerian doctors are useless’

  2. Oh wow!!! This is a huge encouragement to so many of us. “Understand your family, church, advisors are coming from a sociocultural norms they were raised with and hold on to, but remember if you are going to die, you will die alone ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฟ
    Till date, some people don’t agree to blood transfusion. Some don’t allow CS, they’d rather die than go through with it.
    Thank God for exposure and may God protect us all from this deadly cancer and all other diseases.
    Life is worth many chances...

  3. Wow i read from beginning to end, I may test myself after childbirth.

  4. Ronnie,Thanks for sharing

    You are a strong woman Ronnie.

    I'm glad you won cancer

  5. Nawa oh. I had to stop reading, rushed to the toilet to check my breast. its well

  6. I read everything but I'm still confused about this. ...she got cancer cause of Esmya? One has to be careful with the medications we take.

    I have hairs on both breast, I'm a very hairy person so I shouldn't be scared right ? Hmnnn.

    1. Read again. Hers grew in a space of 2weeks of that medication. Yours is natural.

    2. A lot of drugs have terrible side effects, I am currently dealing with one.
      I take Amitriptyline for severe migraine headaches and I have added 12kg within a space of 5yrs. How many people will I keep explaining to when they start chanting you are adding weight everyday. I try my best to exercise daily and eat healthy but weightloss is slow.
      Until I travelled abroad they now want to change my treatment which will cost me about 100k monthly. But its better than adding weight.

  7. Hmmmmmmm. Some doctors have sold their souls to the devil

  8. God bless you for sharing. I really admire her strength and witty ability.

    Does it mean that soursop and pineapples are potentially cancer-inducing?

    1. Me too! The soursop is claimed to reduce the risk of cancer.

    2. no that is not what she research has yet said so as soursop is still one of the fruits that help fight cancer...pls go back and read again to understand what she meant. she is just trying to empahasize she jolly well did not need all the unsolicited messages that flooded her whatsapp.

  9. Nigerian doctors need to do better. When you try to tell them about your personal health challenge they trivialise and generalise it. old sickness comes in new forms every day. Listen to your patients please. There are always unique cases.

    1. This happened with a German doctor not a Nigerian doctor. Let’s stop being quick to knock down our own

    2. This was in Germany

    3. anon 11.04,
      read well ooooooo.
      Now that you know its a German doctor, what do you have to say???

  10. Wow. You are a strong woman.

  11. Oh my God!!! This is the most positive cancer patient/survivor story I have ever read.
    I love you Ruona and I'm so happy you fought bravely, won, and still stay winning.

  12. Wow wow she's really a strong person. Thanks for sharing your story.

  13. And oh baby girl issa savage!!! She made this otherwise serious issue very light and easy to read.
    I treat diseased body parts and stupid people alike-CUT THEM OFF". Quote of the year๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  14. Wow thanks for sharing Ronnie

  15. She is a STRONG WOMAN๐Ÿ’ช

    May her healing be permanent in Jesus name...

    Always trust your instincts(Guts), whenever you feel something is not right, most times you are on the right track...

    Most doctors are just book trained especially Male doctors... A female doctor(Gynaecologist) can relate more to your symptoms cause she might have undergone similar situation...

  16. my sis was diagnosed of breast cancer this year and has successfully had treatment cos of early detection...i did my own mammogram and nothing found. thank God

  17. And I was given Esmya for 6mnths in Sweden without knowing its side effects ๐Ÿ˜ฑ!!!! Though my Uterus and cervix was cut off cause Fibroid did not shrink.

    1. Oh dear! Sending you warm hugs๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—.
      You're one of the super women

    2. Ewo ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. You ladies are Strong Women ๐Ÿ‘Œ✊.

      Thanks for sharing dear.

    3. @Enkay,

      How do you feel after removal of uterus and cervix. Do you enjoy sex and can you exercise after? I am planning to undergo the surgery and will appreciate knowing how it feels afterwards. Thank you.

  18. I no even get the zeal to type, my family still dey mourn one of ours from breast ca. God help us. She was reduced to nothing, the pain, the pain she went through, the very unpleasant side effects of chemo and radiation, her body wasted away, her mind lost, could not recognize nobody till she passed on.

  19. I love her strength and courage!
    Most Africans especially Nigerians are easily misdiagnosed in Europe and US. Some of these Caucasian doctors don't even know how our body system work.

    Please, Nigerian women, stop using hair chemical on your hair. A new research was recently carried out and the results are not in our favour. Those chemicals can cause breast cancer.

    Go for test... In this country, after thirty-five years, a woman is advised to go run mammogram tests, in some municipality, it is free.
    I run test every year, any kind of test I can think of.

    It is very important to keep oneself updated and also share vital information to help others.

  20. Thanks so much for sharing Ruona!!!! This has further increased my resolve to stop sweating over the 'small' stuff in our everyday lives. There could be much bigger things to worry about. Let's rather live everyday in thanksgiving for being alive and in good health. Someone somewhere is struggling physically, spiritually, psychologically and emotionally.

  21. Oga ooo!may God continue to protect us

  22. Thank God for her and thank God she shared. She is creating awareness I just examined my breasts. Early detection is key. My friend's mom is undergoing chemotherapy. The tumors removed with her womb were cancerous. Might send my friend this link for encouragement.

  23. Thank you for sharing Ruonah, God bless you. This has reinforced to me that I need to better advocate for myself with my doctors.


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