Stella Dimoko Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE


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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative -UPDATE


Hi Stella, .

Opening to ex about feelings. ..

After reading people's comments , l managed to gather strength and opened up my feelings during one of our whatsapp chat . I fought hard on how best to bring up the subject so l jokingly said since we want to go into business partnership it would be best if he would introduce me to his better half so l could watch his response. He didn't give any reasonable answer then I pushed further in a joking manner and said l wouldn't be surprised if he was married with kids then he suggested we focused our chat on our business conversation. That was the end of our chat on Tuesday night .

 I politely sent a message Wednesday morning-just basic apology for interrogating him with personal questions and went on telling him that the only reason l was asking was because since our last meeting I've realised l still love him and would want to get back together only if he wanted to. He politely answered that there was no need to apologise and nothing else. I then reminded him of the issues l raised in the text of me still having feelings for him and wanting an answer from his end . He replied back saying there is nothing to answer-he can be tough like that. He then went on saying l broke the relationship then am taking about feelings and that he is not that stupid . 

By this time l just accepted my defeat and didn't want to continue with the whatsapp texting . I just reminded him to be easy with his words . I told him I'm heartbroken but will move on . All that happened last Wednesday and Thursday evening he sent a message saying he wants me to know he has a child with some body but it's a thing he doesn't like discussing with anybody . To be honest l wasn't surprised because I noted a picture of child on his phone screen saver during our reunion and l even congratulated him but he denied the child saying it was his sisters. 

There was picture of a lady carrying a baby in his phone and when asked he said it was just random picture forwarded from whatsapp group. Not sure why he was hiding . Though l remember sometime last year he sort said about his then girlfriend being pregnant , the same girl he said they had broken up prior to our reunion. So with all this l sort of asked if the child was the the same one on his phone and whether him and the baby mother are still together. He replied saying he was not going to discuss anything about this matter and thought l should know. I then respected it and left the conversation. On Sunday he texted simply asking about the business plans we talked earlier during the week and the loan l promised to give him-he does give back its just that part of his business it's not working out and want some help . 

We are open like that he also help when l need help so it's not matter of him using me . I didn't want to sound bitter so l reminded him our agreement that l would give him next week. He then went on narrating about his day bla bla. Come Monday morning l found a missed call from him , he then asked if l could book a flight for him to travel .

 I was a bit confused on why he was asking so l told him to send the details of destination and time .upon questioning the reason for journey he simply said the child he was taking about passed on early morning-he was sick .The child and mother live in neighbouring country to his. I didn't want to ask anything after that as l could sense brokenness from him and somehow he managed to buy ticket without my help . 

I simply sent him my condolences and reminded him of God's love and plans for him . I really feel his pain As of now l have sort of accepted my fate with him . From look of things he isn't interested but only for business partnership and our friendship maybe he wants to observe me . With time l will heal though not easy.

*I don't think you should even bother,he doesn't sound like he wants to get back with you so let him be,don't even do business with him...stay away and don't lend him any money...just tell him you didn't get what you were expecting....keep him far from you please....


  1. I think you should take Stella's advice.

    Elizabeth Bathory.

    1. Stella can’t be right all the time. Dear poster do business with him only if you know it won’t affect anything. Learn to separate business from personal issues and you can lend him the money because he also lends you money. Focus on strictly business with him and if it’s meant to be he’ll come back for you and if its not you’ll move on with time. Just take it easy on yourself, I know how it feels to be rejected and the guy is probably going through a lot right now so try to be empathic. Thanks.

    2. Please take Stella's advice and stay far from him. No business, no lending. Find your healing and move on.

      I know you won't take tha advice o because I have been there and I know how it feels but if you were smarter than my 23year old self, you will take Stella's advice and stay far from him.

    3. Anon 18:21, from the post it's clear that there's no business truly. The guy is a narcissistic user. The poster is a desperate thirsty female who is single AF. The business angle is the age old way of implementing Okafors law. Poster your ex who may be married with kids or dating with living or dead kids asked you for a loan. Use your brain. All this soap opera over a man who doesn't even like you. Smh.

    4. If you really wanna heal, don't do business with him. Stay away and move on.

    5. Poster listen to stella on this .

      Also, no baby died!! Believe this. Why did he not book the ticket himself? Why is he telling you. So he looks for a way to bring the child’s death. Poster move on! Leave liars where they belong on the wait list for hell fire

    6. His son didn’t die. He just wanted to use you to borrow money and travel. Please use your head!!!! Have you seen when a man is in love with a woman??? Nothing can keep him away!!! He will be the one coming for you. Please leave this man alone. If you must do any business, get a written/legal agreement except you just feel like losing big. You can also lend him money but very small, not all. Let it not be that because he doesn’t love you you’re now refusing to lend him money. Don’t give him all so he doesn’t think you’re trying to bribe him for a relationship. Confessing your feelings was a bad idea. If he ever comes back to you, DO NOT ACCEPT. A man who loves you will still love you even if you break up with him. I have a feeling this man will try to PLAY YOU FOR MONEY and take advantage. Please be wise. My ex dumped me 2 years ago over gossip and lies and I still love him with my life. I haven’t been able to date or sleep with any other man, even till January this year, I used to send him mushy messages trying to make him see how much I love him but you know what??? I found out he was dating other women, sleeping with other women and I got a reality check. I ignored the hell out of him. He realized I was actually a very loyal woman and now shame won’t let him talk to me, just stalking me everywhere and trying to know what I’m doing. I chose myself and never looked back. I look good, I’m running my business, I’m laughing, I’m happy, I still miss him and love him to the moon and back but I will never let a man dictate my mood. Whenever he decides to talk, we’ll see how it goes but for now we gonna die in silence. Please move on. Let him see you happy and smiling because now you have given him the idea that you’re desperate. Pulling away will definitely tell him you respect and value YOURSELF.

    7. My dear please take Stellas advice and delete this guy in your mind, body, soul, phone contact and all. Don't fall for his trap, he will use you so bad and dump you ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพ‍♀️.
      This isn't going no where but will bring you pain, pain, heartache, heartache, heartbreak and more heartbreak.

  2. Stella no na. poster lend him the money, if he has been helping you when you need help. But don't push the relationship further, just let it go and still continue with your business plans

    1. What that saying about business and pleasure again?

    2. Poster I am very sorry for you o, you're still acting like a love struck puppy.
      This guy right here will most likely capitalize on your feelings for him to play you like ping pong.
      Just know that HE IS NOT INTO YOU ANYMORE, and if you are being honest with yourself you should know that going into business with him now is a very bad decision, the guy seems to know your my my button and where to press.

  3. I'm with Stella on this...

  4. Please be careful now that he is emotionally down because he is vulnerable. You are already vulnerable. Yes, I say this because, you took the first (wrong) step by asking him to marry you.

    He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Prov. 18:22

    Yes, THE MAN FINDS HIS WIFE. Adam found Eve and knew who she was
    and not the other way round.

    Shame! Shame! Shame!
    Yes, shame that a woman went her way to seek a husband's hand in marriage.
    Shame that the same lady who is "a very strong Christian" was not patient to seek God to know
    if this man is for her?
    But please I do believe that God who loves you will work this out for your good, since you love him.
    If the lessons from this is all you get, then you are richer in wisdom okay -inugo?๐Ÿ˜˜
    Ndi uta can shoot all they like ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. I didn't read to the point where she proposed to the guy or am I missing something?

    2. you sound vain, lonely and unhappy...

    3. @Mystery Woman

      " I then reminded him of the issues l raised in the text of me still having feelings for him and wanting an answer from his end . He replied back saying there is nothing to answer-he can be tough like that. He then went on saying l broke the relationship then am taking about feelings and that he is not that stupid . By this time l just accepted my defeat and didn't want to continue with the whatsapp texting . I just reminded him to be easy with his words . I told him I'm heartbroken but will move on "
      Please deny everything else but not that she did propose inugo?
      You think it is an easy thing for a lady to utter those words?
      Where is the dignity of a woman? ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข
      "vain, lonely, unhappy"
      Wawu! You went to town with this ya insults. Thanks for all your insults inugo? ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    4. @The Mystery Woman You dont know ANG...She keeps referring to arrows shot at her yet she is always missing the point..Mrs Perfect, you behave as if you were uploaded in heaven and downloaded here on earth..

    5. You have a whole lot of problem whoever you may be.
      What part of her write up states that she proposed marriage to him?

    6. Ang, she never proposed marriage to him, she told him how she felt. That is not proposing marriage. Even Ruth, went so far as to let Boaz know that she wanted him to marry her, so what is wrong with her showing her interest? It is still the man who finds the wife, sometimes the one he finds is the one who even tells him to consider her.

      Dear Poster, thank you for coming back and updating us. I pray God will heal your heart and lead you. All hope is not lost for you, the right man will come, someone who is God fearing, who loves you and will wait for marriage before having sex with you. The wait may feel long and the journey painful, but God is faithful and I pray in Jesus name that you will not be put to shame. Please come back and update us again when God provides you with a spouse, blessings and love to you.

    7. Thank God Naomi in the Bible didn't reason like you. If not, Ruth might have died a childless widow, unknown to us instead of the wife of Boaz, great grandmother of King David and ancestress of Jesus that we know her to be.

    8. ANG, if I post my digits in SNM and a guy reaches out to me, we connect, court and get married. Did he find me or I found him?

    9. Ahaaaaaaaa!
      Everybody has become Naomi and Ruth
      Did you also read that Ruth lost her husband foremost
      She was supposed according to the law to return to her own people?
      How many of you married Naija sisis if your husband dies (not a wish please)
      will follow your mother in Law and say;
      Ruth 1:16 But Ruth replied, "Don't urge me to leave you or to turn
      back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay.
      Your people will be my people and your God my God.

      I have quoted my own. Can any of you "Ruths" quote where she proposed to
      Boaz? Did she not make herself available and Boaz found her?

      You all quoting bible, are the same people that chant "judgment" when I quote it.
      You ndi Pharisees select the Scriptures that tickle you depraved tastes.

    10. @18:38
      Yes I will answer you specially
      If you post your digits and a man finds you, he found you
      You did not propose.
      Let me ask you my ajuju n'ese okwu
      How many dudes have you turned down when they called you and
      you got to know that they are earning "Nigerian graduate salary"in
      the civil service?
      Okwa ajuju ooo. Answer my sincere ajuju now that I've answered your own
      I wish all true Nigerian girls will be found by good dudes on sdk blog

    11. Kindly permit me to remind with you all the reason why
      Ruth had to follow Naomi back;

      Genesis 38:8
      Then Judah said to Onan, "Sleep with your brother's wife. Perform your duty as her brother-in-law and raise up offspring for your brother."

      Deuteronomy 25:5
      When brothers dwell together and one of them dies without a son, the widow must not marry outside the family. Her husband's brother is to take her as his wife and fulfill the duty of a brother-in-law for her.

      Ruth 3:13
      Stay here tonight, and in the morning, if he wants to redeem you, good. Let him redeem you. But if he does not want to redeem you, as surely as the LORD lives, I will. Now lie here until morning."

      Even at that, Ruth did not "propose" like falsely alleged by
      most of you. Please do not take us back to the Old Covenant. None of you
      will like to ever be coerced to marry your BIL.
      Remember also that when they presented this issue to Jesus in the New Covenant,
      he told them "you are in error because you do not know the Scriptures nor the power
      of God..." Matthew 22:29

    12. You all will be surprised this ANG is one lonely old woman that regrets her choices in life. A happily single or happily married woman can't be this disturbed.

    13. ANG is not single, lonely or unhappy.
      She is simply often over-zealous but gives sound advice sometimes.
      I think she grew up in a church denomination that preaches more of doctrines of judgement and condemnation more than that of love and grace.
      Deep down, ANG loves Naija girls and wants them to be saved but doesn't have the right approach to reach them.
      ANG, I'm not saying you should not call a sin what it is but sinners already know what they are (in their consciences ) . What they need is the cure/solution which is salvation that Christ offers through his unconditional love for all.
      It's only those who reject Christ that condemn themselves.

  5. That was a wrong advice Stella. Please don't take that advice

  6. Stella said it all. There's no need doing business with this man, he will hurt you to fix himself (temporarily though). If I were you, I will do as Stella said; not borrow him the money, block his number and move on far away from him. Stop feeling sorry for this man that, he just lost a child (this could be a lie or true) it's none of your business. You are not his mother or a therapist to help him go through the pain. Don't let a hurt man hurt you. Your own man will come.

  7. Yea, this guy doesn't seem to be keen on having a relationship with poster, so move on.
    Don't even push it via business. You will stake your money and regret afterwards.
    He has something going with his baby mama. How sure are we about the death of the baby. He might just be playing with your mind sensing you want to do business with him and at same time still having feelings for him.
    Please move on.

    1. If he could lie about the baby and the baby mama, what makes you think he us not lying about the death of the child now. I agree with Posh, he still has something going with his baby mama and he does not want to jeopardize his relationship with you because of the business. He does not want a sexual relationship with you and its better you stay away so he does not hurt you in the long run. I think you should go ahead and lend him the money since he does same for you but don't get into a business with him. He is too secretive.

  8. Poster, move on already.
    He is no longer into you.
    See how he treated you harshly with his words.
    He is such a terrible liar. How can you deny your kid?
    As for the business, I told you before to not get into it with him. You will only have regrets.
    Don’t let desperation make you do things you aren’t supposed to do.
    Chill, your own man will come soon.

  9. This poster must be related to Khafi. After all the advice, you went ahead to confess your feelings? Just know that by doing this, you've set yourself up to be properly used and dumped by this man, financially and otherwise. Take Stella's advice, please and stay away.

    1. Exactly. I remember her 1st chronicle and many of us advised her to stay away from this guy. Poster - You went ahead to confess your love to him when it was so clear he wasn't interested. Now you've heard what you wanted to hear. But it's still good sha coz now you know where you stand with him romantically. On the business side, I'm on the team of still stay away from him. He doesn't sound trustworthy with all the lies. If you both were so close, then why did he lie to you? He's got major issues going on in his life than you are aware of and you shouldn't have any kind of investments or entanglement with such person, personal or financial.

  10. You see it was best you asked if he was still interested.
    You know where you stand and you should let the feelings die.
    But I think you doing business with him might trigger back the feelings.
    Just do whatever you think makes you sleep better at night and think with your head not your heart.

    Ire o!

    1. Your first and second paragraph ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  11. Dear poster,

    Please you can always help him whenever you are buoyant to do so, but don't expect anything in return. Keep your friendship mutual. Your own soul mate will locate you. A man should be the one to come after you.

  12. Let him and the friendship go. There are people we are meant to love from afar. He sounds like someone who has a lot of baggage to unpack.
    Stop sharing things with him, if you too lonely get a dog.
    Do no business with him either and cut down on the things you do for him.
    Make sure anything you do for him are things you could do for an ordinary friend or stranger.
    Heal and heal alone.


  13. If he could lie that d child was his sister's, then he could as well lie about the demise, don't you think?

    1. I don't think he can go so low as to wish his son death. Poster forget about having a relationship with him. Borrow him the amount you can let go, so whether or not he returns it, you can be pleased.

    2. Thank you BlackBerry. I also think the child's death is a big fat lie. How convenient? He accepted the child to be his this minute and the next the child passed? The man might be a psycho but this poster doesn't know yet. Poster move on!

    3. Seconded. The guy has issues. Be his friend if you're not the my type who is emotional and sensitive, but if you are, you're better of keeping away coz you'll continue to be hurt when you see him with or hear him talk about other girls.

  14. Abeeeg poster free that guy relationship wise and business wise. If not he will sap you dry before dumping you. His allegiance belongs to some else now, so put some respect on it and cut him off completely. That's the only way you can heal wholeheartedly.

  15. HE DOES NOT WANT YOU! END OF. He also lied about a whole child. If he can do that he can lie about anything. AGAIN I REPEAT. HE DOES NOT WANT YOU. MOVE ON!!!!!

  16. Someone who can go to the extent of denying his own son๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ
    My dear open your eyes, at least you've taken the bold step. You've seen his reluctant response. Going by this response, I don't think he wants to keep any romantic relationship with you. If you trust him enough to do business with him, please keep it at the business level and don't even go beyond that. If possible, you guys should have a written/legal agreement before going into the business. Keep your emotions far away when discussing with him to avoid another episode of tearful chronicles.
    Even if he asks you out, still be careful.

  17. Baby girl he is not that into you..He doesnt want to you back, he is not even trustworthy especially about the child and please don't do any business with him cause you will hurt yourself the more cos you are emotional and vulnerable at this time..You need to really cut off from him and move on..No mushy mushy calls cos he will see you as being desperate..Baby girl another part of your story I didnt like was..Yeah you wanted to start the conversation on an easy tone but the joke aspect lingered for too long..You should have gone straight to the point face to face..You sending it on whatsapp was a NO NO..I like to look you in the eye so I know you are for real but in all this is my mantra ''May the love you seek find you and reciprocate, a love that you dont need to bother or have any doubt about who you are to him"...Please just take this as lesson learnt in 2019...2020 you will come out stronger...All the best...

  18. I agree with Stella

  19. I disagree with Stella's advise. Give the man time to heal girl. He just lost a child, probably the child was sick before this so his priority may not be a relationship right now. Just be a friend to him. That's what he needs. Be a friend in his time of need! Ask him what you can do to help at this difficult time, maybe take care of the business front and give him space to mourn. Check up on him. However don't do this because you expect a relationship. Do it as you would do to any other friend. By your own admission he is a good business partner. Continue your business and moreover pray about it. If he wasn't that interested he would not start telling you details about his child.
    Whatever happens, you have an answer to your question. If he doesn't love you, you will find someone else.
    However please note that men do things slowly. He may be sizing you up, and wondering if he can trust you again. Believe me if you abscond at this point, he would know that you were never serious.
    My best advice is that just be his friend, expect nothing.No lose money over emotions.
    I made the first shot at my man. We'd been great friends for a while.As we progressed as friends, I knew that he was the type of man I wanted. And he was single too.
    I made my shot. He didn't reply immediately. But I stayed cool. Because relationship or not, I knew we were always going to be friends. But the very next week, he was the one who opened up to me that he felt the same way. He had wanted to ask me out, but I beat him to it. He didn't say anything at first because he wanted to see my reaction, how I handled his lack of a response. And the rest is history. He is my bestie !!! Best relationship of my life. Our introduction/wedding is in March 2020. And I'm 37!!! So is he.
    So girl be patient, don't rush to discard a person just because they don't feel the same way you do, and don't give up too just because things don't go your way. Keep being a good friend. Believe me love will find you when you least expect it to.

    1. I really feel you.

      From her last chronicle, she sounded like the man was a good friend and business partner. I wonder why people are advising her to cut him off as a business partner?

      Poster, a man must not feel for you the same way you feel for him, it doesn’t make him a bad person. And yes there can be platonic friendship between male and female, as long as the woman is in complete control of her senses.
      Don’t push the relationship thing further, allow him to heal from the loss of his child. He may come back to you, but if I were you, I would not put my mind there at all. As long as he has proven to be trustworthy, I don’t see why you shouldn’t continue to do business with him

    2. Your situation and hers are not the same. Please Poster don't take this advice

    3. Adabekee the problem with this poster is that she doesn't come across as someone in complete control of her senses or emotion where this man is concerned.

    4. @Dainty T, I don’t think she is all that senseless when it comes to this guy. TO be honest, I think it’s her age or maybe she’s not meeting guys as good as she thinks he is that’s why her body is pushing her like this. Remember she let him go before?
      If indeed she is indeed unable to control her emotions, then maybe she should let him go, friendship and all

  20. Give him the money and assume its a charitable donation(you know him well enough)
    You are vulnerable and desperate(Go NO CONTACT) Trust me,its hard but thats all you need now. Read about NO CONTACT and see how it works.
    I have been there, so I know it is a difficult place to be but trust me, you will be fine but you have to be DELIBERATE about it and "dey your dey"

  21. Please listen to Stella and cut all the ties you have with him

  22. In my line of business I have learnt you don't just let go off people.
    So my dear,lend if you have esp you said he has been helping you when I was down
    He is going through stuff and he is the type that will not settle down on time.
    Marriage is not his thing.
    Let him be

  23. Aunty lover girl, leave this guy alone, he doesn't want you again. You broke up with him before now, you just wake up now with feelings for him
    You think he's stupid right? I'm glad he put you just where you belong, inside the trash can.
    If I be the guy, I for just gbensh you well before sending you away. Rubbish.

    1. I've always said it and from the look of things will continue to say it - you are a mean and hateful soul. You have an evil tongue and heart. God help you

    2. Uptill today I still dey pity the woman that married this Don if a guy,very mean and wicked soul.His tongue is more sharper than razor blade,i wonder how the wife cope.Tufia

    3. Don
      People are not commodities to be used

      Be careful your actions for there is GOD

    4. You're absolutely right dear

  24. you all are just wasting your time advising this poster, she will still f^ck the guy. which one is "i can sense he is broke and lending him money" from your last chronicle, i don't even expect your conversation with him to be this long, ask simple question , get your answer(if no) cut all form of communication with him and focus on moving on. 30 years thinking like a naive 18year old teenager.

    1. Very foolish girl. See her defending him everywhere. Mtchewww

    2. "She will still fuck the guy"???? You think say everybody be like you? Give your advise and drop your pen stop the conclusion.

    3. Don't mind the confused aunty.

  25. Adam did not find Eve, it was God who presented Eve to Adam after creating her from Adam's rib.

  26. Poster STAY AWAY TOGETHER WITH YOUR MONEY, forget the business and do not lend him money.
    If you do this whole relationship issh will linger, one of you might use the other & its likely to be him using you. You don't want to get hurt & loose your money as well. At this stage you both are in trust is likely to be betrayed,Stay away to be safe.

  27. According to you, there was nothing spectacular about the relationship with him while you guys were dating. Isn't it illogical to now crave mediocrity? Darling, can't you see that your mind is playing tricks on you? Mark my words, if you guys give it another try, it wouldn't last. You will be the one to end it and wonder what possessed you to give it another shot.

    Justify it all you want, honey. I probably would do the same if I were jonesing for an ex and wanted him in my life regardless of the role he would play, but the truth is he, being your choice of a business partner, will only bring calamity and regret. Isn't it curious that you can't see how he lied about his son and baby mama puts his integrity into question? What, exactly, about that spells TRUSTWORTHY? Don't you have a standard when it comes to forming alliances and partnerships in business? Honey, you can't be objective while being emotional.

    Keeping him around under the guise of business is even a disservice to your womanhood. Just look at the demeaning way he now treats you. How can he be frosty and still be asking you about the business and the loan you promised to give him? Subconsciously, you know you're being used that's why you quickly tried to defend the loan and the fact that you aren't being used. Why bring up the issue of being used if you are really confident?

    Please, honey, I reckon it's not easy to move on but you have to, for the sake of common decency and feminine dignity. You can't move on when forming business partnerships with a guy you have feelings for. The best way to move on from a partner you still have feelings for, is to cut off all forms of contact and nurse your wounds. There's no magic wand to dramatically wave around to banish your feelings for him. I'm sorry but it doesn't work that way. You can't stop wanting him just because he doesn't want you. As a matter of fact, the reverse is the case. Cut off completely and let love find you.
    e-hugs and kisses.

    1. I agree with you about the poster cutting off all ties and being objective. I would however say because of his kindness to her in the past she should GIFT him any amount she can afford for old time sake and because of his late son. Poster, you revealed an important clue which you conspicuously left out in your earlier chronicle- he had the picture of a woman and his son on his phone. If there was nothing more between the woman and himself, it would just be a picture of his son. That is all the information you need and even you know it evidenced by the fact that you left out the issue of this family picture in your previous chronicle. Thirty is not a disease or a reason to be desperate for a man who you won't swim across the ocean for. A man who won't own up to his child but is open to kissing and hugging you is not the best you can do or the best around. His friends also know of this kid and "wife" but opted not to tell you but you are the first person he wants to borrow money from to see his family? C'mon where's the respect? Don't take steps that would keep you a chronic chronicle writer. He has a family and like some men, he is looking to sow his last wild oats. He is serious about his son's mother and is very venerable at this time. In years to come, it would be told how you tried to steal the fiance of a woman who just lost her child. Get a dog, cry, heal and start preparing for the best of men and looking out for him. You have distracted your self with this management course for long enough. Be may be a good guy but he is not your guy. Take your business elsewhere since you can't separate your feelings from it. Wish you the best.

    2. @20:06, the best part of your comment "You have distracted your self with this management course for long enough."

  28. poster i will advice you lend him d money, after all you caused the break up

  29. I remember a lot of people including myself told u to leave this alone and let the past be past but I guess the heart wants what It wants.

  30. It's today I cut cap for the women on this blog. Men hope you are reading and learning. Just know no woman Worth's the stress of loving, caring and friendship except your mothe,sister and daughter. Wife na management. Women are selfish creatures. Stella see advice you dey give person forgetting she mentioned he does the same for her even after she broke his heart. I just keep imagining how women think oo. God help you beings called women

    1. Everyone is selfish in a way. Even the guy in this case is selfish. She has to guard her heart and if she doesn't look out for herself, then who will?

  31. My advise. Please avoid him, he will bring you more issues. I have a similar story to share, am trying to put it together. Up till now(2years ago) i have not been able to recover the so called loan from him. As i speak i have termed it "bad debt" cos i know i will never recover it.

  32. We asked u to leave him that he has someone else and u didn’t listen but went ahead to ask him silly questions and now we we are telling u cut him Kidd nd don’t lend money and u won’t still u know

  33. Nobody died, I repeat, nobody died.
    You better block him and move on, else it'll end in tears.

  34. Poster i have a feeling you will not accept your fate, you better don't borrow him huge amount of that you cannot dash him. But put your feelings in check, guy man will take advantage of your feelings for him and finish all your cash, if you can assist him with little cash while you move on. If he ever comes back for a relationship do not agree.

  35. Pls lend him d money
    He may be of help to u tomorrow,talking from experience

  36. POSTER!!!!! You are too desperate to get MARRIED!!
    Don't let your desperation BLIND YOU!
    Single at 30 isn't the end of the world.

    This man is MARRIED!!!
    The lies will keep coming if you don't cut of all contacts with him. Business, no!

    He is 43 and you think he is still single?
    For anyone you've not seen for 6 months, you need to be wary - trust but VERIFY!

    I totally agree with @Amaka Hundeyi.

  37. Lol,i pity you poster. My dear leave and forget that guy immediately. I tell you he is no more into you and he may come back when you back off.that is what they call emotional abuser,comes professing love when you are no more taking his bulshit and run when you start loving him.He doesn't want you anymore and he is a big scam.Watchout when you lend him money. Don't ever

  38. Forget him! i repeat FORGET HIM!!!!!


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