Stella Dimoko Comedienne Wofai Announces She Has A New Whip...


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Sunday, December 08, 2019

Comedienne Wofai Announces She Has A New Whip...

Comedienne and actress, Wofai is ending the year in grand style as she announced on her Instagram handle that she has a new whip but did not say if she gifted herself or if someone did.....


  1. That's a G-Wag, congrats Wofai, when you start your restau/slash carry out w/o a grand opening & no plate to showcase, ah them laugh you so bad. When you dey burn hand for fire, na only you know it pains. Ehen you dey crack your brain to create small small comedy skits, them think say you dey waste time. You wee not come and kee yoursef, splurge as your hand reach & as you like.

    1. Welcome here Wofai.

      How market?

    2. G-wagon still de reign? Im asking for my neighbour.

    3. Wofai you still came here to hype yourself. Okay ooo finger burner, Afang cooker, palm wine tapper, Bush meat Hunter congratulations.

    4. Pls I am a bonafide anony on this blgogu, you hia?. I am not Wofai okayyyi. I wrote that stuff up there @09:25. I remember so many lambasted her on this blog for the launch of her Afang Soup restaurant. While she was minimizing cost rather show off with a grand opening that would have cut a big hole in her start up funds.
      Sighs, SMH, little minds, when some one's comment dosen't go y'all way, y'all assume its is the person on the post.
      Mostly you all think there is nothing like hard work and resilience?
      Lazy mofos, be there and be day dreaming, don't start from small beginnings. Lazy youths, slack brain cells that cannot even think of a small plan B option. The Nigerian economy is going very very capitalist, Businesses, small, medium, big ti take over. The civil service is already on lock down. The government cannot handle the population growth, it's going to get worst. That's why there is this mess up with Jamb, where they want keep all the graduates if every body goes to Uni and graduate .
      The Private sector is the one that is feeding people. You can create yours, by the time you know it, you too would have employed one or two persons. Stop looking at your 1st, 2nd classes, whether lower, middle , upper or even sideways degrees. Use your head, the internet is there, use it to learn, pray for ideas!!!. Even if its knitting, you can perfect it till you start exporting. Learn different trades, do not dwell on your diplomas. The times have changed!

    5. Martin pls I need my username back

    6. Hahahahaha anon na wetin?? Lol @ palm wine tapper.

      Mk me self do open restaurant.

  2. Congratulations wofai. Your afang shop is really paying.

  3. Congrats, am sure Nduka and Titus won't have peace.

    1. Lol as in Sandra go pepper them ..hahahahahah

  4. My Instagram timeline doesn’t show the number of likes.

  5. This life.... make I give una gist.
    Remember this babe in Unical that year. She was sucking up to Ellanulyn unto 'my big friend show me the way'. Hehehehe.
    Then they started that comedy skit stuff. Now she used it to blow more than Ella, at some point she now snubbed Ella and they even quarelled sef. But they reconciled sha.

    Now she just dey blow dey go. Where the money is actually coming from, we can't quite say cos she is combining everything. Lol. I'm happy for her, though. Real rise of the underdog.

    1. Wow!
      You see in this life, I have learnt that consistency really pay off at the end of the day.

      Some people we meet on our way in life is actually, the ladder for our getting to the promised land.

      Congratulations Wofai.

  6. She looks angry in the first pic, lol

  7. Congrats Wofai! I love watching you on My Flatmates...More blessings...

  8. This is a good one.

    But let's be realistic except she got contracts to cook for multinationals consistently, that restaurant business can't buy her that car in such a short while.

    Its just like Wanneka screaming hair business got her 2019 wagon.

    When blogs accused her husband and her of money laundering she deleted all the videos and pictures of her beside the car.

    Wanneka we know you make money from hair but admit it, your rich hubby is a plus which is not a bad thing.

    Let no one come here and tell me about some stupid skits.

    No one makes better skits than maraji and Klinton cod. Do they look like they are pulling out a wagon out of their pockets anytime soon?

    You can do whatever you like to get a car. You can even lie that the car is yours when it is not and stand in front of the number plate like your life depended on it.

    My analysis here is for those who's hearts will start palpitating when they see read the post.

    Always learn to analyse news using logic, (not out of spite or hatred) before you compare your hustle to anybody's hustle.

    Dey your dey.

    Dey your lane.

    Keep your head up.

    If you can afford to feed your self, pay your rent and still get change left for this obodo Nigeria you are doing well, darling.😘

    1. Nwanneka's husband is not rich!..
      Its nwanneka that is the bread she dey marry that guy if you dont know...
      House na she buy!..
      Cars na she dey buy!...
      School fees na she dey pay!..
      Feeding is on her head too..
      Nwanneka and Ehi sayaveth dey run coded runs together!..
      If you know,you know!..

    2. AnonπŸ‘Œ

      Queen where ve u been?

    3. Queen and boss, you say πŸ™‰, hair boss of the world is sponsoring everything, what ig will cause in this Nigeria eeeh. Las las, as long as you can feed yourself, pay your bill's and still have change, just be thankful.

    4. Very true anon. That your last paragraph is the ish.
      I can afford my rent, feed myself and some others, and still have jara left, I'm goodπŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. She bought this car in September and just decided to show it off now... I'm so happy for you and Miriam.

  10. Congratulations to her,God please bless me too


  11. My salary is 15M per annum and I have been running a food business on the side for over 2 years that earns me at least 4M monthly ( about 2.3M is profit). I moved back to my parents house, gave up luxury buys and out myself on a tight budget and have been able to save up only 37M in two years... and please my boyfriend gives me money and pays for my travelling o.
    Does Wofai have two heads? This babe should open a masterclass beecause what's really happening.

    1. Friend there’s a msg πŸ‘†for u by anon 10:13. Goodluck.

    2. And you think 37m is not good enough, that's really great to me, some people own restaurants and still can't get 350k after settling Bill's every month.

    3. Madam you have saved 37M in 2 years, you are doing absolutely fine! Believe me when I say finer than a lot of these people you are admiring on instagram.

      Better dey your lane and face your hustle in peace.

    4. Please what type of work are you doing,that earn you such amount?...please help a sister.


    5. N15m+ (N2.3m×12)=27.6
      15+27.6×2= 55.2m - 37m= 18.2m
      So you spent 18.2m while living with your parents in 2 years??
      You still have alot of cutting down to do my dear


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