Stella Dimoko Customs Say Border Closure Is In The Interest Of Nigerians....


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Saturday, December 07, 2019

Customs Say Border Closure Is In The Interest Of Nigerians....

Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) says the closure of the country’s borders is in the interest of Nigerians....

Joseph Attah, Deputy Comptroller and Public Relations Officer of the NCS, in a chat with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Friday, encouraged the public to be patient as it was for the greater good.

He said: “Well you cannot get to a destination If you don’t want to endure the journey. Nigerians are desirous of an economically viable country, a secured nation.

“Therefore certain actions have to be taken, partial border closure is part of it, because a secured border is a secured nation.
You cannot open your doors to all sorts of things that can compromise your economy and security.

“Especially when you have neighbours who at will, want to engage in activities that will make effective policing of your border difficult.
So you take decisions that will call them to order and bring situation to perspective so that going forward we have a better border security and create enabling environment for local businesses to thrive.”

Attah noted that most decisions taken by the service were based on the best interest of Nigerians and the overriding need to maximise revenue for economic development.
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I am beginning to think this border closure will be a Blessing in disguise for some...see everyone producing rice upandan and using our home chicken and turkey.......fine things are little more expensive but its better...those countries will normally import from will be the hardest hit.....


  1. The NCS, last week claimed to have made #15b per day. Where have they been channelling the money to. No meaningful impact on the masses. Everything na still the same.
    The closure is at your own (&APC) interest jare.

  2. In their (Custom officials and APC government) interests. More money in their pockets, more money to loot.

  3. They should make the rice cheap,i dont understand why Nigeria rice will be more expensive than the foreign when border was open

    1. You and I made it expensive dear, our greedy nature. Please leave FG out of it. Even lake rice produced by Lagos state should be 14k originally but agriculture office staff are you and me. The same way some still steal in your company and mechanic ripping you off,workers stealing from church, your colleague changing figure, your cousin cutting your throat from transactions. These problems are from you and I. Until we change our orientation about life, not even prayer will change that. Oyinbo don't need to attend church to do things right. I am not saying there are no corruption in the Western world but accountability is part of them. It starts with you and I. Have you witnessed bus drivers changing price cos of rain, ABI Balogun market sellers selling at ridiculous prices during Xmas, even though the rain has nothing to do with the driver and prices for import remains same but my people take advantage of everything because of the greed in most Nigerians. Let this change start with you. Maybe if we do a call out on YouTube and other SM, farmers may reconsider and government eventually stepping on to. My two cents

  4. Rubbish talks... My problem with them is that what did they put in place to replace what they have taken from us? Did they make a way for us to be getting local rice cheeper to afford?


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