Stella Dimoko Man Who Filed For US Visa With Fake Invitation Letter Has Been Jailed....


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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Man Who Filed For US Visa With Fake Invitation Letter Has Been Jailed....

A Nigerian Visa Applicant, Lukman Owolabi Ogunsuada, 38, has been sentenced to jail for presenting forged letter of invitation to the officials at the United States Embassy in Lagos to secure B1 and B2 Visa categories.

The convict was jailed by Chief Magistrate N. A Layeni of Apapa Magistrates Court after he found him guilty of the two count charges of forgery preferred against him by the police at the special fraud unit, PSFU, Ikoyi, Lagos during the trial spanning about three years.

Magistrate Layeni sentenced the convict in count one of the charge to one year imprisonment or alternatively to a fine of N100, 000 and 200 hours community service or to a fine of N20, 000 in count two of the charges.

Layeni said the sentence would run concurrently.

Police prosecuting counsel, ASP Wewe Adegbayi had informed the court that the journey to jail started for the convict on 11 October, 2017 when he went to submit a letter of invitation to the officials at the American Embassy in Lagos to process B1 and B2 Visa categories.

Adegbayi said that when the Embassy officials scanned the document, they discovered that it was forged and they held the convict and sent a distress call to the Commissioner of Police in charge of the Special Fraud Unit, Lagos.

The CP dispatched his team led by DSP Lawal Audu to the Embassy to arrest the convict.

According to him, during investigation, the convict confessed to the crime and said that he used his phone to edit original letter of invitation and inserted his name and submitted it to the Embassy officials thinking they would not be able to detect that the letter of invitation was forged.
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  1. He'd have been sentenced to 10yrs in US prison, then granted the greencard, im sure he wont mind

    1. What? USA won't put in prison and still grant him green card. Even if you are a green card holder and you commit an offense, they will revoke your green card, send you to prison, then deport you, after your term.

    2. @1502, please stop spreading misinformation here.
      The United States, does not automatically revoke Green Cards because a Permanent Resident committed an offense. You have to commit a total number of four to five felonies before a revocation is done.

    3. Liar, in US commit one felony as a immigrant you are deported. Unless small miracle happen

  2. You're a mumu man! You allowed all those travelling agents deceived you. Say bye bye to other countries too

  3. Chei!... 'I must travel abroad' syndrome...

  4. Oluwole IV don commot your leg.

  5. Using Fake Invitation Letter hmmmmm He Really Has Mind ooo.... See where going to the Wrong Route has landed Him..

  6. an invitation letter isn't needed for a us visa

    1. Exactly. Unless it's an invitation letter to a conference which will be easy to detect if it was forged.

    2. It is needed abeg...from the person inviting for a vacation or wedding.

    3. Invitation letter is needed pls I used it to apply for my USA visa and it was granted to me.

    4. But why will he forge and invitation letter from an individual? Most Nigerians have someone abroad who can truly invite them. Also how can the embassy scan and detect that an invitation letter is forged if it's coming from an individual? He probably forged an invitation from an institution or a conference for it to be detected as fake via scan.

    5. 20:15

      Invitation latter is not needed to visit the USA , please get your facts right unless someone is inviting you or you’re going for “event “
      You can apply for a visa without invitation letter .
      All you have to do if you’re working and you’ve been in the company for a while , you are to request for a No objection letter from your company ,arrange your statement of account , it’s always advisable to have a genuine statement of account ,your passport US visa size , all the necessary ties you know you have tim your country (depending on what country you’re applying from ) you’ll go on their website and fill out the forms , make sure your forms tally with what you’ll say to the Visa officer .

      A lot of Nigerians tend overstay on their tourist visa or end up doing fraudulent things
      If you know you’re interested in immigration why not do it the right way ? Check for schools that are hiring trainees , check inquires about Hb1 ,J1 visas , or fo study etc instead of coughing out millions of Naira on a tourist visa why not do it the right way ! Immigrate legally .

  7. This is not nice at all ,serves the man right , let him go and cook off in prison


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