Stella Dimoko Nigerian Woman Jailed In The UK For Fraud


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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Nigerian Woman Jailed In The UK For Fraud

Olusola Owoeye a Nigerian who living in the UK has been jailed two years for declaring that she was homeless and rented out her house..She received up to £114,000 illegal money in a period of five years.

The 49 year old mother of three bought her own house using fraudulent mortgage plan, rented it for £820 before reporting to her local council that she did not have a roof over her head and was given a flat.

She was found guilty of three charges of fraud following a four-day trial at Woolwich Crown Court last month.
She was subsequently jailed for two years by Judge Jonathan Mann QC, who told her: ‘There is only one reason you did what you did and this is because you are greedy. For you this was money for nothing.’

From Daily Mail Online (UK)


  1. When Nigerians "go abroad" they carry
    this same crime and fraud luggage.
    You need to hear discussions of Nigerians when they gather; about how
    they defraud "oyinbos" and how "foolish" the oyinbos are.
    And they will be the very first to
    talk about "god" and church.
    Hypocrisy is intercalated in the Nigerian psyche. Too bad.
    My habit is to stay away from Nigerians
    until you prove them to be uninclined
    to crimes.

    1. You are just talking nonsense. Who cares about you? Nigerians don’t need to be with you to progress or confirm their Nigerianness. Just your inferior complex and washed colonized mind disturbing you.

    2. Don’t generalized all Nigerians abroad. If you are in the mixed of people like that, it tells a lot about you. I live abroad, I hv never heard Nigerians I am with discuss such. You must be drawn to people with fake lives whilst the reason u hear such rubbish discussions.

      Thanks and hv a merry Christmas and a non judgemental, non generalization 2020. ✌️

  2. Honestly, when I read this sort of news, it breaks my heart.

    Nigerians do the most abroad, from cheating a system that tries to cater for their welfare to committing fraud, stealing details, subletting, lying to the council, receiving benefits they are not entitled to, insurance fraud to manipulating their electricity reading, It is not fair at all.

    All these atrocities is the reason they keep tightening their immigration laws.

    1. True at your last part. That was how I made a mistake in my form though I had indicated it in my letter. These people still slammed me that I was a liar. Meanwhile I was only going for an official work. Even if I want to relocate abroad I make sure I do it the right way. I avoid getting in trouble in my own country, na another man own I will now go and commit? God forbid.

    2. Same reply to you.

      Nigerians? You mean all? Best to say “some Nigerians.” It’s a minority please.

    3. Obviously it is some, do we need to break that down like we are in kindergarten class??

      I live abroad and I will never get involved in anything shady or dishonest. I know loads of people who earn a honest living too so definitely it isn't every Nigerian. I wonder why some of you get unnecessarily touchy.

    4. Then write some Nigerians and stop tarring everyone with the same brush. I wonder why some of you can't take simple correction.

    5. Excuse you, I will write whatever I want to write and how I want to write it, thank you!!!

    6. You are just ranting and making useless statement here yet excluding yourself of the right to write whatever and however. Your first comment only pictures Nigerians as criminals only. There isn’t any in case of a good Nigerian that you pretend to be. Always finding ways to bash Nigerians at every instance just because you managed to earn one penny as a colonial entity with washed thought. Is it only Nigerians who commit crimes in these places? Even their citizens do. You people will never talk about that but find excuse to exonerate them. If their system isn’t as corrupt and criminal like Nigerian and Nigerian people as you say, why do their banks, border financial agencies allow laundered and stolen monies into their countries and banks? Go clear yourself of your insecurity as a Nigerian living abroad than this rant comments. Your ID is an obvious proof of your insecurity.

    7. 20.06 has shattered the table. Couldn't have put it better 👌

    8. Didn't read all this gibberish, merry Christmas dear, it's the season of love.

    9. nigerians do not do the most...why do you think indians have taken over london? na dem do pass, they are virtually taking over london.

  3. see the chikinli amount in 5 hard years

    UK forever stingy, always stingy

    1. Did you just call one hundred and fourteen thousand POUNDS 'chikini' money?😐😐

  4. Bet Nigerians don’t know how much they mess up the entire country up. I work at a Law firm where the lawyers keep saying ‘it’s probably one of those Nigerian scam’. No apologies.
    How do you cheat a system that’s trying to help you? How?

  5. The lover of money.....


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