Stella Dimoko Presidency Reacts As Newspaper Changes Buhari's Title To Major General


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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Presidency Reacts As Newspaper Changes Buhari's Title To Major General

The presidency has released a statement as its response to a Newspaper editorial which strongly criticised President Muhammadu Buhari’s disrespect for the rule of law.

The Newspaper in an editorial published on Wednesday highlighted some of the instances where the Buhari administration had violated court orders including the treatment of former presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore.

In the editorial the newspaper said it would henceforth refer to the president by his last military title when he ruled Nigeria as a military dictator.

The presidency in a statement by Femi Adesina described the Newspaper’s stance as a ‘testimony of free speech’ under Mr Buhari.

Read Mr Adesina’s full statement reads:

''A newspaper says it will henceforth address President Muhammadu Buhari by his military rank of Major General.

Nothing untoward in it. It is a rank the President attained by dint of hard work before he retired from the Nigerian Army. And today, constitutionally, he is also Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

All over the world, just as in our country, a large number of retired military officers are now democrats. It does not make those who did not pass through military service better than them.

Rather than being pejorative, addressing President Buhari by his military rank is another testimony to free speech and freedom of the press, which this administration (or regime, if anyone prefers: it is a matter of semantics) has pledged to uphold and preserve''.


  1. More like Tyrant Buhari. A leader knows he is subject to his people, this one doesn't.

  2. He tactfully dodged the real issue; why did Buhari's men keep Sowore in detention after the courts asked that
    he be released? 💰💰

  3. But na general him be na from all his actions

  4. Bunch of bullies, Adesina don't try twisting words here, you shameless lot

  5. One day Nigerians will wake up and all these will stop.. Just one day.

  6. they better be careful before the govt charge them with something.e no dey hard our govt to fabricate things like the newspaper company is a front for money laundering or something else.dictatorial govt.stupid.

  7. Stop speaking english mr man, bubu no pass waec, full stop.

  8. You people are just waking up because the general has started replacing Tinubu's men with his fulani jihadists . Nonsense and ingredients

  9. Soon, Femi and all others supporting nonsense would become victims and they'll run to the citizens to fight for them but would meet a brick wall.. then they'll understand why you don't fight your 'family' to please outsiders who doesn't mean well.
    It's so disappointing that elder who are supposed to be wiser are making fool of themselves. Throwing all your conscience, generation and country under the bus cos of few crumbs.. how much does your soul worth.. is it worth it?- this would be answered soon. Foolish people always learn the hard way, the wise ones learns from history and others.. to think that history is even in present as with the case of sowore and VP-'osibande'.. but maybe he thinks his own case would be different.
    I'll sit back and enjoy as everything unfolds

  10. whatever may be the case,
    we still owe him respect as the first man of this Country.

    insulting, embarrassing and degrading him is uncalled for. its get to show how disrespectful we are as a people.

    Criticism is good when constructed in a civilized manner.

    1. What is degrading in what the newspaper did? How civilized is the said president.? #birdsofafeather.

    2. He is important more than Nigeria constitution? He brought it upon himself by disrespecting the rule of law,He hasn't receive negative words like Jonathan or Trump.

    3. What are you saying? President my foot. Then he should act as such. Has he been harassed the way he and his cohorts disrespected Jonathan and his office at the time? Now he's looking for respect. Mtchew! Trump should have killed himself na. Nonsense!

  11. Replies
    1. useless , brainless girl. Tell us what your governor and local government chairman is doing to better the lives of the people.


  12. The fools up there....pathetic. Oga I pray you read this again alone in your quiet time. And 4 years from now...God help us o


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