Stella Dimoko President Of Zambia Reduces His Salary To Cushion Effect Of Fuel Price Hike


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Sunday, December 29, 2019

President Of Zambia Reduces His Salary To Cushion Effect Of Fuel Price Hike

President Edgar Lungu of Zambia has reduced his salary and that of his senior cabinet ministers.

Isaac Chipampe, Lungu’s spokesman, announced this in a statement, saying the decision was taken to reduce to cushion the effect of higher electricity tariff and imminent price hike.

According to the statement, the cut in the president’s salary and those of senior ministers is in the range of 15 to 20 percent.

“The price of petrol gained 10 percent to 17.62 kwacha ($1.27) per litre on Thursday, while that for diesel fuel rose by 9.6 percent to 15.59 kwacha,” it said.

” The cost of electricity is to soar by 115 percent starting January 1.
The money realised will go into cushioning the impact on the vulnerable in society.
The money realised from this decision will go towards ameliorating the impact that the increase would have brought on the masses.”

The statement said the Zambian president said he is aware of the suffering of his people as a result of the tariff hikes.

He expressed confidence that the economy would rebound in 2020 as his administration has put some measures in place to achieve that.

He said the measures include reducing the number of trips made by senior government officials.

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  1. When I hear of things like this, I try to look out the window and check if Nigeria is still under same earth as these other Nationd who's politicians make these sacrifices. Our National assembly needs 30bn for renovation despite knowing that the President wants to borrow funds.

    1. Money borrowed for them to embezzle, we will soon be alright

    2. My dear eeeeh, I just weak!
      I had to read this post 4 times, to make sure that it is actually an African country.
      What we have here in Nigeria is looting and embezzlement galore!
      Motion without movement!
      Giant for mouth!

      Biko I just don't want to have headache this holiday, lemme continue sipping this chilled palmy, I cannot come and kee myself on top Nigeria matter, not possible At all!

    3. It can never be Nigerian, it can never be buhari.
      Lord help us, amen

  2. An exemplary move, unfortunately his contemporaries wouldn't emulate him.

  3. same applies to me in my home,i reduce the volume of my sperm when am about to release so my wife wont give birth.

    1. Is this a sarcastic comment, shade or a funny comment? I sense sarcasm, IF you were being sarcastic, I would like to be your friend but you have a wife and I have a husband, and unfortunately in the Nigerian space, there is nothing like a platonic relationship between people like us so scrap my

      This holiday has got me so relaxed. On another note, I saw this serial husband(Solomon Akinyessi?) on TV. This hotel wey I dey just dey make me watch all these mumu movies but they are refreshing in a way, it's being long I watched old Nigerian movies.

      Nigeria will be great again, I just pray it will be in my life time. I and ny kids are born and bred here. We have no other place but this country and do not wish to be an "abrodian", I no sabi hustle. Nigeria (praises to God)has blessed me so much that I dont stress my self but I am doing very fine...

    2. Oga, instead of reducing the volume of your sperm, why on earth can you not just use a condom. By the way, as you have decided not to let your wife get pregnant, l hope you tell them the truth when your family starts talking about her failure to bring forth babies. Mean man. You know fully well how women worry when they don’t get pregnant. If only she knew.

    3. Una can jump? What if they already have kids and the guy doesn't want more? Some women get pregnant at the sight of a prick. Oga you sef, go have a mastectomy if you already have kids and don't more.

  4. What's big deal? President Buhari and his vice took 50% salary cut on resumption 2015. How much is their salary? Yeye dey smell.

  5. Bubu, does not even need to collect any salary. Dude is triple dipping. He gets paid as a retired General, gets firmer head of state salary too and again as a serving president. He only needs to get one. After all, the tax payers, pay for his feeding and everything else.
    They need to stop all tat wardrobe allowance crap too.

    1. ****Former Head of state.
      ****All that wardrobe allowance

  6. @ Cinnamon the sperm guy meant the approach is useless as reducing sperm spill in preventing pregnancy. It brings no effect. Hope you understand?


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