Stella Dimoko Actor Gideon Okeke Writes Memo To Film Makers Who Owe And Pay Peanuts To Actors


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Saturday, January 04, 2020

Actor Gideon Okeke Writes Memo To Film Makers Who Owe And Pay Peanuts To Actors

Actor, Gideon Okeke is angry with the the way film makers exploit and underpay actors while making a huge chunk from their work.

This is sad!!!
Gideon, please find a side hustle alongside acting so that you can take care of your family!!!


  1. Acting doesn't pay... If the actors are complaining, what will the crew members do? Some of these crew members are treated with little or no respect. Imagine a wardrobe personnel been paid 150k to provide clothes for a movie of over 150 scenes. Wenti be 150k sef? Some go even prize you 100k and still no pay the complete money... Production assistant are paid between 5k-15k(they suffer most oo)... Pardon the errors joor.

  2. Side hustle to the rescue,Dont mind those who make their fans believe all their wealth are gotten from acting

  3. The Female Actress Are Buying Cars, Building Houses... While The Male Actors Are Lamenting Where Is Their big god bikonu...Gideon is good Actor.. May All Ya Debtors Pay-up In This Twenny Twenny.....

  4. Gideon is a very good actor. Does he still get roles?

    Gideon, you're an Igbo man and I have hardly seen a lazy educated Igbo man. Start a side hustle immediately, that's if you don't have one already.

    You're a married man and you need to be earning good morning to help keep your home.

    1. good morning, lol. *money.
      I agree with you.

    2. Thank you Anonymous 😂😂😂😂


  5. Beautiful write up/rant.
    My heart goes out to him honestly, working like an elephant and eating/being paid like ant can be really painful especially for one who is so skilled and can be called a 'master'!

    I'm still rooting for you, Gideon never give up!

  6. I wonder why he didn't end up with the mother of his daughter.

    1. Ode, is that the discussion here. Mtchewwww

    2. What goes around comes around one way or the other.

    3. Just as she was good for fu-k and not marry, so is he good for work and not pay.

  7. Sincerely yours,
    soley acting in Africa can never put food on your table, you need a strong side hustle.
    Fortunately Gideon is not of the female specie, that can easily be gifted.

  8. And this guy can act well.
    He is good at his craft,its so annoying that NOLLYWOOD doesn't appreciate good actors.


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