Stella Dimoko Actress Ajoke Silva Talks About Still Being 'Active' With Hubby Olu Jacobs...


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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Actress Ajoke Silva Talks About Still Being 'Active' With Hubby Olu Jacobs...

Veteran Nollywood actress Ajoke Silva who was a guest on TVC, the view , talked about her intimacy with her husband Olu Jacobs

The interview:

What are you working on, what's going on, what's happening in your life today?

Right now am working on a script called Ada the country and it's going on at the museum center 3pm to 7pm everyday till Sunday, and every time am asked about it I always say I feel so fortunate to be working on it.
It's been written by a lady called Titilope Sonuga, who has written the kind of scripts that reminds you of why you came into the industry in the first place

How do you feel about this new energy that we have in this our industry?

I think I work with young people who have a yarning for excellence so someone like Lala, that girl she wants everything must be so, she will push and push and get it as near perfect as possible. I like that kind of energy

I think a lot of persons want to know what your favorite color is? Your everyday routine, why do you take so much coffee?

I take so much coffee because I have low blood pressure and one of the advice I was given by the doctor was that before I get out of bed I must drink a cup of coffee, so my husband always brings me coffee in bed (laughs)

I think I asked you this question the last time, do you guys still do the do?

We do the do in a way that is appropriate for our age now.


  1. Replies
    1. There is this old man of about 70 years that comes to buy Viagra in my pharmacy. He always says "na madam get this night". Lol.. Whenever I see his wife I just picture them having sex

  2. Yes o, it should be done in a way that is appropriate for their age. Make person no go wound himself untop do!

    I love both of them!

  3. Good actors.
    But intimacy with my husband is not what I will write or talk about on air.
    This is the origin of a lot of cracks in marriages; putting everything on the internet.

    1. She was asked a question and I think her response was a smart one. On the side, why do we cringe at the thought of oldies being sexual active? They are a couple and as long as there ain't no medical ish on either, they can pleasure away...

  4. I love older couples who still do the brings intimacy and closeness.

  5. That really cracked me up! You see Joke Silver, Bimbo Akintola, Jennifer Eliogu,Nse Ikpe, Dakore Egbuson..I could listen to these beauties all day long.

    1. OH love me some Jennifer Eliogu I love her to pieces

  6. What else were they expecting her to say

    At this point in their lives,na to take am jejely
    No late appointment for this one

  7. you asked before and you are asking again .....

  8. I really like both of them. Their passion for their craft and industry is very inspiring. I still crown Olu the best voice in Nollywood, and Joke is a very good actress with great nuances in her characters.

    As for their continued intimacy that too is an inspiration for new couples and something we xan an all look forward to in older age. In Nigerian culture where polygamy and cheating is rife among men, to read of an older man who still take pleasure in the body of the wife of his youth is very red refreshing. May they live to enjoy greater pleasures together.

  9. Madam Activity

  10. I watched this episode, Morayo asked the question, and Joke replied they still do the do, according to their age limit.


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