Stella Dimoko Actress Mercy Aigbe Encourages Victims Of Domestic Abuse With Soothing Words...


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Monday, January 20, 2020

Actress Mercy Aigbe Encourages Victims Of Domestic Abuse With Soothing Words...

Experience is the best motivation to teach......
Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe says your scars will turn you into a star someday...


  1. Okey-dokey. And go back to same toxicity.

  2. Jalabia episode...

  3. Mtcheeeeeeeeew!
    When you were cheating and rubbing it on your husbands face you didnt know abi? Youre here forming victim. Shallow brain

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Infidelity gave you scars and please don't tag yourself a strong woman anymore.

  5. Let us hear word abeg Mercy.u and I know that you are not a saint. U want 5 mins of fame? Oya collect

  6. Why do they have to tie their hair and look shabby when telling their story of domestic violence?

  7. Mercy how can you stumble on your own picture,you have it saved on your own phone,in your phone gallery,you can always view it whenever you want,which one cum be you stumble on it again mscheweew,don't worry we understand,it's been a while you trend,that's what you actors do,always looking for drama to put out there,why not let the matter rest this is 2020 and we want to believe you moved on from that your woman beater of a horseband since.Bia Mercy why didn't you stumble on that your photpshoot red dress and bring the red dress gate again,i mean the red dress that fashion designer borrowed you that you didn't return and caused the bride that actually owns it not to have her dress ready for her wedding,afterall that will be a better one to use since your birthday was recent and the red dress too was used on one of your birthdays,abi how una reason am dear bvs?

  8. Thank you Mercy.

  9. Domestic violence is as real as heaven and hell (whether you believe in it or not). i used to think people were telling stories to attract sympathy until i got married to a pretentious "saint pastor" that showed his real abusive self just five days after our wedding. i was in that traumatic nightmare in silence for two years because he had succeeded to convinced everyone around us to see him as a good man who cannot hurt a fly, until i started reorienting and reinventing me to who i am. Now, many lives are being transformed daily through me. there is more to life to live for. Marriage is good. It"s not an end but a means to an end. Most of those stories are true. watch out for anyone that show you love without faults or mistake because "he has made a promise to be the best husband/wife to you..."

  10. I am happy that Mercy bounced back and I wish her the best going forward. In this life, who no go love you no go love you. I think she was trying very hard to protect the ex's public image with the jalabia incident thinking it would make him change and keep his inner beast in check but as we now know, leopards don't change their spots. Even after everything she endured, he tried to assassinate her character calling her a cheat when he was the one doing all the cheating. I'm glad she is alive and not blind.


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