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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative


Please Stella help me post this...

I met a friend of my boss for the first time at the club. After dancing, Oga asked me to go to his hotel with him but I refused and we ended conversing at that point. Oga has been bringing up the hotel ish since then but I'm really skeptical about it..He's completely different from the guys I've been with. 

He's quite older than I am and more experienced..I rarely do older and more experienced guys-they tend to put me on my feet and I get so conscious of their age...When a really attractive one strikes a conversation with me- I choke up and start sweating...At the club, I couldn't even look at my boss friend in the eyes- I was so shy...

I like going out with guys my age or younger because I relate better with them..As a result, I have never had a serious relationship because these guys are usually not ready for one. And I know I'm not getting any younger.

About my life, I am 28 years but I am completely naive about sex and guys...I've only had sex with one guy and we had sex twice before I broke up with him cos of guilty conscience...I don't drink or smoke...This was my first time of setting foot in a club or drinking alcohol...

I graduated from school two years ago after so many challenges but God has been good to me. I got a job and currently reside on the Island..I am privy to attending events and meeting people as a result of my relationship with my boss...

This is my problem...I like this new guy but I feel he is in a relationship and just wants s#x...Do I ignore him totally or I should continue with small talks? How do I relate with guys on the Island who are older and more sophisticated than I am? How do I get one to fall in love with me? How do I get more confident when dealing with them? I need help...

Ewo...............Where are those leaving on the Island oooooooooooh...Please come and share tips...
For those who do not know 'Island' is in Lagos but you can still share meeting men tips if you know.


  1. Well i think your assumption is right.....he seems not to be ready for a relationship

    1. Girl, he is way smarter than you and likely only wants to have sex but I would advise that given that he is your boss's friend, please don't go there. If the situation were different I would tell you to go take the bull by the horn. Yes, I mean, date him with your mind made up that he is gonna dump you but you are there for the experience. Trust me, experience is good. Don't be too protective of your self and just view it as what will be will be and enjoy yourself. I made that mistake and almost wasted my entire youth holding back and protecting myself from nothing till I was 35! Please, don't be like me. I wish I was more daring in my 20's.

    2. He is a married man poster.

    3. Does it mean we don't have umu Chineke again? Advice for married men, you wanna destroy yourself? Leave older men alone youhia.

    4. Sapphire

      The truth is you regret what you THINK you missed
      If it didn't happen then perhaps it wasnt time nor were you ready

      People have emotions and some don't care about it, poster please never enter a relationship with the mind of being dumped or holding on to rubbish ( we die here)

      Why do that to yourself?
      Pray hard and consistently
      Understand that much older guys than you ( 40+ ) are MOST LIKELY MARRIED!

      Leave that drama alone

      You need to know that he told you what he wanted upfront ( hotel = sex)

      Drop him like its hot
      Smile , be polite and firm when you see him but lockup

      Simply because a vulture is older doesn't make it suddenly an eagle ( so its not by age)

      What sort of man do you want?
      His qualities and character?
      Know your dealbreakers!
      Stick yo them

      Go to YouTube watch videos about improving confidence

      Smile, shoulders back
      Dress well and stylishly ( no ho vibes )

      You will be fine
      Be very competent at your job
      Keep building your capacity as an individual

  2. Someone is telling u to meet him in a hotel and you are wondering if you should give it a try? Go na shebi that is what u want us to tell u. You have only slept with man man so you dont have too many spiritual baggage yet. So that grown man has seen it and wants to tap ur destiny. Alot of ritual big men on that island. Pls stay away and let work be work.

  3. "And I know I am not getting any younger..."
    That line is the desperation line.
    And you "know that the guy is in for sex..." so why are you still thinking about him?
    Do you want to give him the "fork-nication?"๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Okwa ajuju
    Why not trust your instincts and why not stay away from office and office associated romance?
    I ask this sincere ajuju because the sisis are usually the ones that get their fingers burnt; they lose the dude (if they ever had him in the first place) and they lose their jobs.
    ighotago -you understand?
    Ajucha m ajuju o -I have finished my ajujus o.
    Make you seek Jesus and find peace in him inugo? ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. Island peeps,over to u
    Everyone with their preference
    Listen to ur instincts, after that close ur legs
    Go out to malls,eatery and fun places,u will surely meet good guys there

  5. Your boss's friend, he's older let's say 40s, n you feel he's in a relationship, yes, he's even off the market, since you are so naive, most older men are married with wives in another state or abroad n they be living single...28...29...loving older 30...31....loving older but they just wanna hit it, 35...36...๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I started laughing even before I finished reading.
      How can this poster not know that man Isn't single.

  6. Two chronicles today. Thank God the chronicle folder is no longer empty. You probably made a mistake posting two.
    To the poster- has this person in question asked you out or he's just flirting with you?
    Please don't mix business with pleasure. I won't advice you to go out with your boss's friend.

  7. Funny poster. What's so special about the island guys? Do they have similar behavior?
    Why are you focused on just the island guys? You sound naive and dull.. sorry to say but that's the truth.
    Not all older guys are sweet like that, you can meet a younger guy and hell be just as as sweet. You have to attain a certain level of maturity to deal with older guys. You seem to have low self esteem. Work on that and you'd see how well you relate with guys.
    Start with friendship, be nice, smile always and carry yourself a queen ๐Ÿ‘‘


    1. slutty chic you are such a bloody annoying judgmental irritant..she lives and works on the island so where else will she be meeting guys if not on the island? so how is she focused on just the island? una go read and start commenting rubbish without reading well. mumu

  8. 28 and be forming naive. That's why it's good for girls to experience things while younger. At 28, you should have known some kind of things. I'm same age as you and I like older men. This man wants your cookie+he is very married. I know you like him but can you deal with the emotions if he just wants to sleep with you only? Mind you, after sleeping with you he might want to continue being with you. Can you handle side chick position? Life is too short o. Decide now

  9. Be deceiving yourself. Just ask us how to get a sugar daddy to notice you. My own is that, you should not do osho free.

  10. Know what you want and go for it, if you want a serious relationship and you think the guy can give you one,then go for it. However always remain yourself, irrespective of whom you are relating with, don't form or act what you are not.what will be will be.

  11. How do some people lack discerning spirit?

    I've always had this intuition about men, once I sight you, my spirit will just tell me if you are looking for something real or seeking to waste my time .

    I remember when I was single, a young man decided to change our friendship to relationship. As he was wooing me with all the powerful love words, I just kept staring into his eyes.

    At a point, he told me to stop looking at him, that my stare was unnnerving.

    Egba mi!! was I supposed to look at the ground and draw maps with my feet because 'almighty' him was asking me out?

    Na there the wooing end.

    Young woman, face your job and do not sleep with anyone before you get more than you bargained for.

  12. Mimi aye ooooooo,kosi eniti olemi.......

  13. Please don’t date your boss friend pls. It will only end of sabotaging everything you have worked for. If you need to pls don’t go to bed with him because a day will come he will talk about you to your boss. Your boss may not like the idea that you have something to do with his friend and that may be the end of your good job. Look for someone else thanks

  14. No babe. After all your struggles to graduate, you want to tank your career at the very beginning. So you think you should be entering the workforce with a sign on your back saying you're available that way? There is no strong MeToo movement in Nigeria o. A guy who toasts you in front of your boss has taken many others from the same boss-they probably swap staff loosely. You won't be the first or last to be summoned to a hotel room. After he's done or while you guys are still in a situation-ship, your boss may want a taste of the pudding- hope do you say no? Who else is lined up? Be truthful- is this guy married? Because for him to honestly ask you to his hotel room on the first day, he isn't thinking of anything serious- while you are thinking of wedding and introduction, he just wanted an orgasm so assume nothing. Do you need the extra office gossip?

    You seem too desperate to be hitched and this may affect your ability to be objective about your options. If you feel guilty about having sex, you'll read too much meaning into things and not really enjoy intimacy.

    Stop seeing sex as something you give a man but as something you do as you want and because you want to and don't attach strings to it. Not having sexual experience does not mean you should be ignorant of how life works or be desperate to get someone to fall in love with you. This is like the village girl who comes to Lagos looking for a rich chief. The people living on the island are as terrible or fantastic as those living in Maiduguri. Set your standards and know the lines you don't want crossed then be yourself and socialize responsibly. You got a good job right out of school. Don't blow it because you want to latch on to the V/I life. If you don't scheme yourself out of the equation, you could be one of those hosting parties for naive young girls to be toasted at in a few years or decades.

    Work on your self confidence so you don't see any man or Island resident as doing you a favour.

  15. A man tells u to meet him at the hotel nd u tho I he is serious? Na sugar daddy wey wan fuck u

  16. My starting stop with the inferiority complex.

    There is no difference between you and those island people. The only difference na their packaging.

    Don't be shy to talk to mature men and don't be shy to set your boundaries if they want you to do what you don't want to.

    At the end of the day what will be left will be you and your integrity if the man fucks up. You will have yourself to blame if you lost yourself to gain a man.

    The best solution to your shyness is to converse with men without the intention of dating. C9nverse with all types even those who are not your spec. This is how most players build confidence.

    Read books.

    Read why men love bitches and the Art of Seduction. These books will let you know that there is really nothing special about anyone. People just learn seduction and interpersonal skills to get what they want. You too can be like that.

    Stop putting marriage or your age in your mind or else you'll fall into the wrong hands.

    Lauren Sanchez was 49 years old and married with kids and she was still able to make the richest man in the world fall in love with her. (Don't steal someone's husband.) I only said this because at this age most women have given up on their looks and their charm. Lauren is not beautiful but she has amazing charm. You can watch her videos on YouTube.

    You need to work on your confidence, seriously. Work your dressing, walk, talk, look people in the eye when talking.

    You can be a confident introvert with principles if you work on yourself. '

    1. I absolutely love this comment.

      And whoever you are, I love you too.

  17. With your nativity, this man will fork you and not spend shishi on you.

    This is a married man.

    Everybody is just trying their luck.

    There is a girl in his WhatsApp message he has promised 100k while you he want to use your nativity to get your toto on a platter of gold.

    He will just be posting you.

    The worst thing you'll do is get pregnant for him.

  18. mama,triplet๐Ÿ•ด๐Ÿ•ด๐Ÿ•ด25 January 2020 at 17:59

    i beg go and ask regina daniel

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. Poster you just met a man in a club and next thing you are talking about hotel and he has a relationship blah blah. Have you even ask him the basic questions what he want from you, weather he is married or what he want from you. Why not stylishly talk to your boss about his friend to find out what the guy is up to. If you are far how will you understand and fall in love with someone. Stop concluding things when you have not try or be friend to a person. I like older guys because I feel they understand me and can keep a mature conversation, if you are not comfortable with older people why force it. Make sure the guy is single and not someone's husband or man.

    1. leave her alone, it was the man who asked her to his hotel room not the other way around. let her do whatever her spirit tells her to do

      poster go ahead and fuck the man if you wish, just have it at the back of your mind that one day you will be married and become an old cargo like these ones up there, hanging around blogs and harassing younger, finer ladies who are now fucking your husband.

  20. Nigerian ladies are such hypocrites. I've noticed that the younger ones here are always sending chronicles about older, rich men (other women's husbands) whom they want to fuck, and the older married ladies are always advising them against it.

    Though am sure they go ahead to have sex with such men anyway. But don't we all know that the now-married ladies were also having sex with other people's husbands when they were younger, but now they are married they don't want younger ladies to fuck their own husbands.



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