Stella Dimoko Comic Actor Mr Ibu Gives Tips On How To Become A Successful Comedian


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Friday, January 31, 2020

Comic Actor Mr Ibu Gives Tips On How To Become A Successful Comedian

Nollywood's comic actor Mr Ibu is really very funny and every time i watch him act,i crack my ribs.......You?

Anyway in this small Interview,he gives tips on how to be a success in his day Job......

Hear him: 

Number one is that you have to be real and natural in whatever you do. Do not try to force anybody to laugh, do your thing and interpret whatever God has given to you. Do not look at anybody’s face; just do it and go away. Don’t even turn as you go away. Be natural and be flexible because if you are rigid, you will not achieve anything.

Number two, your level of pronunciation is very important if you will be successful in comedy. You can play with words but make sure you are audible and your pronunciation is accurate in any word, and your voice is very important. Don’t forget to dress like the character you are portraying.

“Another one is your movement. Your movement should be calculated and on point because comedy is an art that involves every inch of your body and not just what you are saying.

“Finally, your facial make-up is important. Don’t ever argue with your make-up artist, no matter the bill. These are the keys to success in comedy. Play by these rules and you will be successful.”

For Mr Ibu, comedy runs in the family.

According to him, he inherited the talent from his late grandfather. “My grandfather was a greater comedian. He was the best I have ever seen in my life. He died in 1971 and he influenced me a great deal. As a child growing up, I stayed with him and I learnt a lot from him.”

What is his happiest moment as a comedian?

His response: “I am happy with comedy every day. It is only when you perform and people don’t laugh that you are sad because you begin to wonder, ‘am I really a comedian?’
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  1. I like him too, he's a natural one.

  2. His looks alone and the way he does his eyes and mouth always make me laugh. Not all the lines are funny, but he delivers them well.

  3. Sorry I didn't find him funny, maybe because i am prejudiced against him because of a repulsive report I got about him got from someone who is quite close to me.

    1. Repulsive report that you have not even confirmed by yourself to be true. Your only confirmation is that it came from someone supposedly quite close to him. SMH


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