Stella Dimoko Kenyan Pastor Kills Wife And Commits Suicide Over Church Ownership


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Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Kenyan Pastor Kills Wife And Commits Suicide Over Church Ownership

A Kenyan pastor, Elijah Musiko in Mombasa has committed suicide after stabbing his wife with a knife hidden in his clothes and using the same knife to slit his throat right before church members in their co-owned church; Grounds For God Gospel Church.

The couple were said to have had a disagreement over the ownership and leadership of the church which prompted the wife, Ann Mughoi to change the deeds of ownership of the church to her name and excluded the husband despite being founded by both of them.

Musiko had reported the husband to the police in 2017 after she alleged he planned to kill her but the police found no evidence. The parents of four separated and lived apart but still pastored their church together.

The matter of church ownership was also presented before the elders of the church to resolve but he committed the fatal act before they could come to a resolution.

The police found a seventeen page suicide note on him after his death.

From Daily Mail Online


  1. Replies
    1. God loves people so much, He wants them to repent, else He would have come tey tey.

  2. OMG. RIP to both of them. Church is God's property. This one is for business. Why fight except you are not called by God to work in His vineyard.

    The devil is really out to destroy. Lets not give him that grace to destroy Gods children

  3. Service to God and humanity is my religion,no time for drama and hypocrisy!

  4. The atrocities i hear of how some men from different African countries like Kenya and South Africa treat their women eh! No wonder their women fall for Nigerian men thinking they are better.

    Is it an African thing? Even our black american men treat their women somehow! May God protect the African woman!

  5. The Police have a hand in her death. They dismissed her allegation that the man wants to kill her. See how children have become orphans. It's no better here in Nigeria. Police will tell you "It's family matters" until someone dies.

    Every allegation of threat to life should be taken seriously please

    1. Not entirely true Anonymous 12:40.
      There is one on ground in the Police now in Lagos.
      It started in Ejigbo first before they threw the pastor in Kirikiri.
      He is also fighting with the wife over ownership of their church.
      The wife called in Police and they asked the pastor to sign undertaken to leave everything.
      He refused and they took the matter to court. Now the pastor is in Kirikiri.
      Heard he has been granted bail.
      If these self-acclaimed pastors are not after money, then why are they dragging who owns the church

  6. Marriage scares me these days. If not of the internet and exposure to some people's marriage, i would have assumed all marriages are like my parents. Till today, they have one of the best marriages i have seen. Zero cheating, zero domestic or emotional abuse. Together and strong in times of wealth and in times of need.

    I just assumed all marriages were like theirs until a friend pointed out that they had the best marriage she has seen.

  7. Just speechless...

    End time churches everywhere...

  8. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul...


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