Stella Dimoko Man Who Disappeared 12 Years Ago Miraculously Found Living In The Bush...


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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Man Who Disappeared 12 Years Ago Miraculously Found Living In The Bush...

A touching testimony from South Africa of reconciliation and restoration after years of madness, homelessness and family separation has been shared on TB Joshua’s official Facebook Page.

According to the testimony shared by Geogina Gumindega, she had visited Joshua’s popular church in Lagos, Nigeria in October 2019 and received some ‘Morning Water’ – an item believed to be ‘anointed by Jesus Christ’. 

Geogina subsequently learned of a heart-breaking situation from one of her close friends whose brother had mysteriously disappeared for twelve years after leaving Zimbabwe for South Africa.

According to the lengthy tale, the man – whose name was given as Leon Ayamu - “left home without the blessing of his parents and also ran away from a woman who had just given birth to his daughter.”

The situation deteriorated in South Africa to the point that Ayamu “started to live in the bush” and fell into mental degradation.

It was so bad that he was “surviving solely on fruits and vegetables” with “monkeys for companionship” in his homeless state.

His discovery was nothing short of miraculous! “We ministered the Morning Water on his sister at 11pm on December 7th,” Miss Gumindega explained. “At 9am on December 8th, she saw her brother by the roadside on her way to the supermarket,”

“God had put him in the right place to be seen by his sister who was not even looking for him that morning!”

The family were apprehensive “due to his rude and violent nature at the time” but “managed to convince him to follow us home”.

Thereafter, Joshua’s ‘Morning Water’ was ministered to Ayamu and placed in the water in which he took his bath.

“After this first bath, he went on to sleep for six hours that afternoon. According to him, he started to remember his family and actually miss them after waking up from this sleep!”

The path to mental stability had begun as the dishevelled man told his family “he began to crave human companionship” instead of merely staying with animals.

A matter of weeks later, with plenty of prayer with the ‘Morning Water’ and tender care, Ayamu “has regained consciousness, accepted Jesus as his Saviour and watches Emmanuel TV 24/7!”

Reflecting on his old life, the restored mad man said it felt “as though he lived in the jungle for only a month yet, in reality it had been over a decade!”

He has since reconnected with his estranged family members in Zimbabwe, “apologised to his parents for his rebellion” and broken free from an addiction to codeine and marijuana that fuelled him in the bush.

However, Ayamu’s tale is marked with disturbing and sordid details.

“He confessed to having suffered physical and s#xual abuse from other men who took advantage of the vulnerability of homeless and mentally ill people,” Geogina revealed, explaining that at times he would “wake up with male semen all over his body”.

Gumindega hoped his testimony would “challenge our perspective of the kind of help we give to vulnerable people in his former state.”

Pictures of Ayamu’s condition when he was discovered in the bush and his current state a month later after returning to normalcy were equally included in the remarkable testimony to authenticate its contents.

With the abundance of such ‘testimonies’, TB Joshua’s church continues to attract followers from around the world, with official immigration statistics revealing six out of every ten visitors to Nigeria are bound for The SCOAN.


  1. I don’t even know what to believe anymore these days. Human beings have become too manipulative. The part about the male semen all over his body though.

    1. How did he remember the 'male semen all over his body' since the said he was mad?

    2. @1958, a person who’s truly crazy, will not even be able to tell day from night. This one come remember make semen join. I just tire.

  2. NONSENSE.. not until he beheads one of the , they will know the way to a psychiatric hospital.. Fools

    1. So, this bush now na the road to the supermarket Abi. Hmm I fear o

    2. 08:39, exactly! How is she passing Bush to supermarket?

  3. Hmmmnnnn Africans.....i give up on you people,how can i change my race now? Well maybe in the next life,aaahhaaaa kilodeeeeee

  4. How did he remember that he saw semen all over his body, can a mad man remember the things he does when he was mad? Ajuju

    1. Not just any semen oh, but male semen.

      Will only believe all these fables when they go to real places like yaba Left and 'heal'all the mentally unstable persons there, under the obseveration of real medical Doctors there can/could attest that truly those healed were actually real patients and not audio!

      Until the above is done, lemme continue sipping my lemon water, cos I am not buying this Tori!

    2. Is there female semen? Maybe it was monkey semen. He was mad doesn't mean he suffered amnesia. Regaining his past doesn't mean he will immediately discard his immediate past. What he chooses to share is up to him.

  5. with God all things are possible

  6. Are you in the situation before? How did u know that mad man can not remember anything at all.

  7. Lies from the pit of HELL! In SA a mad man roaming the Bush anyhow????

  8. Good. Now he can pay all the people he is owing money

  9. His madness never serious, for him to remember male semen, let him come Akwa ibom and see

  10. So it's this small bush was where he was living with monkeys?
    He even remembered the way to the bush after being "divinely" placed by the roadside to be seen by his sis.
    The Family was also worried by his
    "violence". So many loopholes.
    For you to understand this "kind" your brain need to be on higher frequency than theirs

  11. So how much is the morning water for gullible people that are interested.seems that's the basis of this

  12. If that so called water is for sale, God will punish you the buyer and you the seller. Awon Oniro oshi

  13. Abeg, how come he was homeless for years but had money to go for a hair cut? How come his hair is not tangled? How come his clothes are not rags, just dirty? In fact I doubt this story from start to finish, it is just another of those false stories to lure some new people into this cult, sorry I meant to say church.

  14. Enter your comment...
    wehdone sir
    codeine and marijuana in the bush
    monkey dey buy am for an....


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