Stella Dimoko Media Personality Toolz And Hubby Celebrate 4 Years Tradiversary...


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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Media Personality Toolz And Hubby Celebrate 4 Years Tradiversary...

Media Personality Tolu Oniru and her husband Captain Tunde Demuren celebrates 4 years tradiversary today,January 30,2020...



  1. Congrats. God bless your home Captain Tunde and Tolu.

  2. Happy happy to Toolz and Cpt. D.
    Grow in to a ripe old age together.

  3. wow! 4 years have passed. I remember the drama between the Olumofins and Toolz's friend that year.

    4 years don pass and i'm still single while both women are married. Chai! Na to shut up for other people drama be that.

    1. Hahaha 😂😂😂, sorry, your comment makes me laugh, lol.

      Marriage is not an achievement 🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️

    2. I read this comment a lot, and I wonder about the source. Do you really believe this statement or you use it as consolation?

      Two are better than one!
      If God saw it wise to create a woman for a man, who are you to tag his intent a non accomplishment?

      Marriage is an achievement.

      The fact that those who do not know it's true purpose abuse it does not make it less than what it stands for.

      If you truly desire marriage and pretend you don't just to fit in an ignorant crowd, just understand that you attract what you truly desire.

    3. I had to comment for the first time because of you. Thank you HRH. Getting married is a huge milestone in the journey of life. It doesn't mean your life is incomplete without marriage but if you marry right, then your journey towards achieving other milestones would be alot of exciting especially knowing you have someone to share and celebrate your successes with. The need for companionship was put in us by God and whether we deny that marriage is important or not, we cannot deny that we desire companionship. Deciding not to formalize your union and calling the other person a 'partner', 'live-in-lover', 'sex mate' or whatever doesn't change the fact marriage is a milestone we would love to achieve all things being equal.

    4. My own is those people that should come and be dictating to others how to live their life, if being single makes you happy good, if being married makes you happy good. Men desire marriage as much as women only they don't show it as much as women, and the finances too. I walked out of a bad marriage, and wanted to remarry oh and people have been making stupid remarks as to why she wanted to marry, can't she just raise her two kids like we are not doing that already . Please leave others to do what makes them happy as long as they are not hurting anyone in the process. The poster above wanted it and is unhappy she don't have it, don't tell her how to feel. Right from the beginning I desired marriage and God probably knows my feeling which is why am not lacking good suitors even after divorce and two kids. My prayer is that God should help me make the right choice this time and not majorly based on money.voice out your desires to God and damn the naysayers. Livenyoyrs and let them live theirs

    5. HRH, I have similar beliefs with you concerning marriage.

      My comment to the anonymous was a sarcasm, the reason I was walking away.

    6. Ms. A, thank you for clarifying. I clearly missed the sarcasm. Lol.
      Anon 16:07, aptly put.

    7. @Ms A and HRH, I'm anon 13:15. Enjoyed reading your comments. Feel free to laugh, Ms. A. No hard feelings. Even me sef dey laugh myself.

      Just remembering the big drama and like play like play, four years have passed and i'm still single. I believe a SUCCESSFUL marriage is an achievement and that is what i pray for.

      Was hoping to have gotten married and had my kids before i'm 30 but lo and behold, i'm over 30. No husband, no kids. If anyone had told me that this is what would happen, i wouldn't have believed them as i'm one of those people would call "good girl". But see life eh. No be by like that. It's according to God's favor, not what you do. Besides, nobody is "good" except God as Jesus said.

      May God show me favor and bless me with a successful happy marriage in his own due time. AMEN

    8. 18:49. Amen. I believe with you and pray you receive the desires of you heart.

  4. Tunde's smile is follow-come.
    Happy Anniversary to both of them and may their marriage stand the test of time...

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Tunde & Tolu

  6. Congrats. 4 years is a long time in entertainment in Nigeria
    Why do I always find the husband's smile as fake?

  7. Just like yesterday. Happy anniversary to them.

    1. Truly

      Especially with the noise that followed her white garment thanksgiving pictures

      Like yesterday

  8. Check out how her hubby was just shining his dentition😆

    Happy anniversary, God bless your home!

  9. I've always loved Captain's smile.
    Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple.


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