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Monday, January 27, 2020

Monday In House News

I am just here,observing what needs to be observed!!!


Why do ladies find it difficult to take a guy out, but would jump at one such offer from a guy? I find it appalling that in 2020, we are still this way. We want things that do not favour us to change, yet we'd rather stick to the norm in terms of those things we benefit from. 

Tomorrow we Will complain of the guys. No wonder they take most us less serious. Everyone needs being cared for. When I asked my then friend if he would like to hangout with me that weekend, 15yrs ago, little did I know I was taking a future husband to our first hangout. 

Nothing is as it is: change is persistently constant. Ladies should learn to embrace it and tweak it. Nothing I dislike more than ''status '' very old fashioned.

God bless you for this comment,whoever you are.....
Though some might not have to take out,some would rather die than do it...The mentality of some Nigerian women is like a bad electric shock!



Should I go for my (maternal) cousin's wedding? When my dad died, she didn't call. Her mum was the only sibling who didn't come to greet my mother. She gave a silly excuse. Well, before my dad died he would swear to us that this particular aunt is a witch. I usually have weird dreams about her too. Anyway, I miss my other cousins and my mum is going for the wedding. Should I go?

So if she a witch,why is your mum going?
Has it not occurred to you that your dad hurt them by branding her a witch and that is why they stayed away?dont end up inheriting other peoples enemies oooh.In Nigeria everyone is branded a witch when there is smart....I see no reason why you will not attend the wedding.... if you want yours to be attended....


She needs to wear braces for about 2 years and this problem with be fixed...make she no carry teeth go give doctor wey go use hammer comot all oooh.



Hmmm.. Stella dis life is a pot of beans but no matter what stay strong and never be suicidal.Let me tell u all a lil story abt me..

My mum was leaving with her parents in d age 17 she got pregnant with me.her parents were devastated,she refused to name d man dat got her preggy.that made her parents angry and dey treated her badly during her pregnancy.after 9mnths she delivered me..a girl.she refused to name me.maybe cos I wasn't a beautiful I grow d not so fine me became grandparents don't even carry me as a baby.. still my mum didn't disclose who my father grandma always referred to me as "bia ihe a" Asin come this thing whenever she wants to call me.
One day we woke up and my mum was gone..she left home..she left me.I was 4.
I stayed wit my grandparents as their errand girl..I was very hard-working and sharp.i was doing almost everything in the house. I wasn't in sch even thou I wanted to,they didn't enrol me.

Gradually my grandpa started liking me..he'll buy akara akpu for me when coming back from d village market,he started calling me "nwam' one day I had a fight wit a girl that was making fun of my not to good looking face,I gave d girl d beating of her life..

I was a very strong girl.The girl cried to my grandpa to report me.wen grandpa asked wHat happened she said o ihu enwe a kurum dis monkey face dat beat grandpa shunned her immediately and praised me for fighting her.he now called me osundi owendi and that's how I got a name.

So so your mama take pick race leave you there?have you heard from her since then?



The following items are for sale at giveaway prices. Only interested and serious buyers should send WhatsApp message indicating the item to purchase.

Dinning table with 2 chairs @ N30,000

Double/single seater cushioned chairs (without the throw pillows)...N20,000

Center table...N10,000

Two wardrobes...N20,000 each

Center piece (or it could be used as a TV stand).... N10,000

A set of 3, 2 seaters and 2 single cushioned chairs.... N80,000

Six pieces of throw pillows.... N200 each

An old cupboard hung on the good state.... at N5,000

Kitchen cabinet has one door off it's hitches... it's still relatively new... 

will sell at N15,000

Two plastics water storage (one big and one smaller)....N5,000

Generator Fireman 2.7kva.... N50,000

Generator cover.... N5,000

Standing fan...N10,000

Water Dispenser @ N20,000

Tall sized two door fridge/freezer...N50,000

Medium sized fridge...N25,000

Gas cooker and cylinder ...N15,000

New Electric kettle ....N2,500

TV stand....N8,000

42" LG TV ....N50,000

All items are in good condition and some item prices are negotiable.
Contact Seller via WhatsApp only: 0803 336 2917 or 0803 488 6743



Looking for what to gift your man for Valentine?
Are you a man in need of chinose?jeans?shoes?shirts?ready-to-wear natives?
Do you want to make money this season?buy all items in WHOLESALE!
Let's get you whatever you need FOR MEN!!
Call/watsapp: 07030493148


Honda end of discussion (EOD) going for 800k and it's negotiable.

contact. 08083827858



The following items are available for sale in Yaba, Lagos. You can reach me on weeknights or weekends through 08032727772. See prices and pictures below.

1. Haier Thermocool bedside fridge/freezer - 15k

2. Large wooden sitting-room cabinet with lovely brown polish - 30k

3. Grey coloured sitting-room rug for someone looking to save costs on house fittings - 5k


Cake your imaginations with Sisi Brownie Cakes, by putting a smile on the faces of your loved ones on their special day as we have cakes in different flavours and types ranging from strawberry,vanilla,chocolate,fruit,velvet,and even marble cakes which could be in buttercream, fondant or whipped cream based on your heart desires. 

Contact us via call or what's app on 08051162411 Location is Lagos as BV get a dozen cupcakes on all orders



A medical outfit in benin city is in need of an Accountant and a front desk
fficer. he/she must possess a Bsc/HNd in accounting or relevant
fields and should have great computer skills( If they do not possess
great computer skills, they should please not apply because this is a
VERY crucial part of the interview. 

Candidates should send their CV to



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•All valid gift and ecode



Container for sale.

Measurement: 21 by 14ft plus 5 by 5ft extensions.
Price: two hundred and fifty thousand naira (250k) slightly negotiable
Location: Yaba, Lagos

Contact: 09025558690
Its can be use for office or store.


Location: Abuja
256 units of POULTRY CAGES available for sale..
A unit contains 120 Birds/Chickens/Fowl

It's very durable, void of wears and tears with 25 years guarantee.

Price: 140k per unit
Kindly call: 08037311417/08096335381.



I need the contact of the blog visitor that talked about doing postgraduate courses abroad and how to access grants. I got an opportunity so would need a mentor to guide me not to miss it.
You can contact me on 


Contact us for different designs to beautify your home and office space.
Wooden blinds
Venetian blinds
Vertical wooden blinds
3D panel
Turkish curtain
Throw pillow
Location: Abuja
Instagram: Js_consortium
WhatsApp: 08121455546




  1. In house news is here. God bless all the sellers.

    Good afternoon everyone ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

    1. SDK and our pa tanks for d data, very greatful...may God bless you

    2. Poster that needs recommendations for dental clinic you didn't put location.

    3. Swag we are based in d north.. KD precisely. thanks

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Haba,why so rude?your sense of entitlement is so high!!

    2. so true... on 2 different occasions now 4 data giveaway.. by jan 6 or there about and also few days ago.... she didn't acknowledge or reply my mail

    3. That you didn't get doesn't mean it's an audio data giveaway. I got mine with other numerous Bvs who acknowledged theirs this morning.

      Granted, Pa doesn't reply mails. Maybe this is her own policy. But saying the data is audio, that one is a big lie.

    4. Wow. Your sense of entitlement is appalling. Dont forget that you are the 'beggar' here ooo. Stella is really trying oo. On top her data again. Hian!!!

    5. Jeeeeeez
      Really ?
      On someone's freewill
      I wonder what God hears when answers to your prayers are delayed .
      What a shame.

    6. OMG!
      Stella you're strong o. If someone can post this here, I can imagine the type of horrible and hate mail you receive daily.
      Iya Nimi, you're not a good person.

    7. But when you received data then it was not audio. You are just a very rude begger.

    8. You need to work on yourself. This post is so so rude. It is not your right

    9. So you've even received data before? Na wa o

    10. This person is really horrible,considering you've even received data give away before yet you used your fingers to type this kind of message to Stella,hmmmnn na wah for some people

  3. Hello blog fam
    What's the difference between chip unlocked, factory unlocked and normal iphone?
    Is it advisable to buy a chip unlocked phone?

    1. The chip unlocked
      I think there is a chip slotted into the sim tray and once that's inserted you cannot use another sim.

      Factory unlocked means the phone is unlocked from the factory and u can use whatever sim.

      I'd advice you buy the factory unlock .
      This is the little knowledge I have .

    2. Don't even think of buying chip unlocked

  4. Don’t live life thinking about the past. Learn from your mistakes and live to realise the full potential that the Almighty has blessed you with. The journey is important but the end is even more crucial. Pray for guidance and strength always. May He grant us the best outcome!

  5. Good afternoon people of God.
    Household items clearance sales, no location?

  6. I greet una my fellow housemates..hope ur day is going on well? Welcome IHN
    Good sales to all d seller
    Only God knows when Mtn will rectify this their epileptic network,it's so takes forever for a page to open,some of my apps don't even open at all!

  7. Someone talked about Nexford University in yesterday's chronicle. Please enlighten me on it as I'm really in need of furthering my education.

  8. Ihn don land,good afternoon bvs,please pa chose me for data give away,this will make it twice i applied ,still no show,i have been a bv since 2017,one love.

  9. Lord pick my file27 January 2020 at 14:10

    This journey of trying to conceive is tiring.
    My little sister staying with me has being dreaming of carrying my baby. I see how she admires my neighbor's Younger sister carrying her nephew. She bought some baby unisex clothes and said "this is what she/he will wear on first day on earth. Then I opened up to her that the doctor said my tubes are blocked. Siince then, shes being crying more than me. And my husband and I don't have money for IVF.
    Pls how can I unblocked Fallopian tubes?
    And the shame when you are in the midst of married women and everyone is talking about their child/children no be here. What about the gossips? I just tire.
    I'm so depressed right now.
    Pls where can I unblocked my tubes,i don't have money for Ivf

    1. Babe don't cry God will do it at His time.

      Have you heard of castor oil massage and serrapatase? Go to YouTube please.

      You got some replies on the DIY IVF post too.

      You also need a relaxed mind to achieve positive result. Don't be anxious. Be good

    2. Do you believe in miracles???

    3. Lord pick my file27 January 2020 at 17:27

      @Swag, thanks. I replied person
      @mum, yes I do

    4. Someone shared her testimony with me, blocked tubes, fibrod. And God has answered her naturally. But she was taking care of herself medically

    5. go and buy Kandikrush. u will need 4 bottles before u can unblocked your fallopian tubes. each is 5,000naira . try to google it and read how it works

  10. Finally found a redeem church here. Bye bye Anglican!!!

    No offence to Anglicans but Gosh I have never attended a more boring service or maybe its just the white people's own sha. Maybe. Even to sing hymn, they will be singing without singing (if u know what I mean). So slow, so sluggish, so low, you won't even know that they have started the hymn.

    Anyways, I eventually asked my husband why there was no Nigerian like church here and he was like there's Redeem na. I told him that he was lying that I had scouted online for pentecostal churches and found NO English speaking one.

    I decided to specifically search for Redeem specifically and boy, was I glad to find one. Not even far from me, just 15mins by bus and I had been busy wasting my time going to Anglican (I call it wasting my time because I actually gain nothing as I just go make e no be like say I no go church).

    Yesterday I went to the Redeem and I've never been happier attending church. Praise and worship, choir ministration, preaching, prayers, all that I'm used to etc. Men, and I was surrounded by young Nigerians, phew! I only find d old ones at the Anglican Church. Even though, there was still the hold ur neighbour and pray for him part (I totally hate this) but I will definitely take it over attending Anglican Church again.

    And oh, next week is the annual thanksgiving (rice and stew very plenty). I will wear my native inside winter jacket. Don't currrrrrrr.....

    I'm just happy

    1. Good you are settling in fine,congratulations ma'am !!!

    2. Different strokes! Ran back from Pentecostal churches to an Anglican. I feel fulfilled there with sermons filled with pure love not all these prosperity and competitive Pentecostal churches like Redeem, Winner, Christ Embassy.

    3. Hahahahahahahah Anglicans are coming for you ooooo or not!!!!

    4. Awww,there's nothing wrong in wearing native inside winter jacket, we rock our gele and agbada and our heels inside Canada winter sef.

      There's only a slight difference, inside church you would feel like you are in Nigeria, be your self and enjoy God.


    5. Which country are you in?

  11. SDK thanks for the data.
    Blog PA and Isaac thank you.
    God bless you.

  12. Why is it so difficult to forget someone you loved especially if the relationship ended because of you?
    It's been 14 months and he's still all up in my head
    I miss you B, but I really need to stop - I wonder how and when though

    1. You've been tied to him through fornication...for the Scripture says that the two shall become one flesh. Repent and get your acts together. When Jesus sets you free, you are free indeed.

  13. The teeth is called an overbite and corrected with braces. Thanks Stella for posting the postgraduate course request.

  14. Dear Stella, we lost a bv. I met her here and we have been friends for a long time even though i never got to meet her but we relate like we have known each other all our lives . Her name is bimbo, mother of 2 little children. I just noticed my messages to her on whatsapp were not dropping and her line switched off since December. I traced her office line and called today, they said she is no longer working there. I begged to tell me how else i can reach her and they asked who i was to her. Only to be told she died in an accident in December. I was shocked and couldn't even say anything. I have been going through our previous messages and still cant believe it. May God have mercy

    1. This is just so sad,may her soul rest in peace. This life is just somehow sha.

  15. Wow.. That Honda EOD 800k๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

    800/20 months that's uhmmm..40k

    Are you thinking what am thinking?

  16. Goodafternoon!

    This Monday doesn't feel like a monday.

  17. Taking my man out?

    Yes, I will only take my DH out. And that time he was my fiance also.
    But before he proposed, take him out?
    Mbanu...The man finds his wife and finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. Proverbs 18:22
    If Sisi ask a guy out and him agree, he go belittle her for his mind.
    Look, we ladies have dignity and we should not cheapen ourselves out of desperation to get married by a dude.
    You must not agree with me but you should shoot reasonable arrows

  18. I was raped and deflowered by an armed robber many years ago
    I thought I had gotten over it until yesterday; I cried bitterly and I'm not just myself today
    God heal me

    1. Sorry o. But You gat to talk to somebody. That is the beginning of healing. If you can call on sdk, please do. You need to unburden your soul and forgive and move on from that past.

    2. Wow
      May God heal you .
      Really sorry about this .
      Sending you warmth and strength.

    3. Oh my gosh!
      May God heal you.You should talk to a professional too.

    4. Yea that feeling comes once in a while. Usually I drink lots of alcohol and cry till I fall asleep or forget.

      Talking to people about it doesn't help sometimes. So base on personal experience I recommend you deal with it as you dim fit. You will be fine dear trust me.

    5. I'm so sorry dear.pls pray to get over it.sending u lot of love๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    6. God will heal you, I feel so sad. The good Lord is your strength

    7. Sending love and hugs. Plz try therapy. This too will pass.

    8. I'm so sorry. Just pray over it, there nothing God can't do. I'm so sorry

    9. What you are going through is a form of PTSD

      please go to YouTube and type in healing for rape or recovery

      Resources abound
      You are not alone
      The way you are feeling is normal

      You will get better in time
      The release of emotions is fine

    10. OMG! May God heal you totally. sometimes talking about it to someone very helps.

    11. you need to seek help an d confide in a godly person

    12. I'm so sorry you experienced that. Please try reading The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel A. van der Kolk. It would explain why you feel this way and help you develop the told not just to cope but to rise above that horrific experience and you lead you to post traumatic growth. I wish you only the very best. You survived and will even thrive.

  19. Welcome IHN.
    Good afternoon y'all...

  20. Mourn with those who mourn... rejoice with those who rejoice...Romans 12:15-18

    God did not attach a condition to mourning with somebody.
    My ajuju n'ese okwu be this;
    Why be say anytime my (Naija) sisis want to deal with somebody them go brand am "senior winches? And she go begin pursue them for dreams???"

    1. Her father branded her aunty a witch. The sisi simply carried on the tradition in respect of her father.๐ŸŒš

    2. @Kamikaze

    3. The world heard it. The air heard it, the walls heard it, the devil heard it and capitalized on it to use the person face to pursue in the dreams

  21. I have a baking addiction27 January 2020 at 14:18

    I bake the best biscotti ever,it's yum yum...Have a nice day everybody.

  22. Thanks so much SDK for the data giveaway, got mine.
    I also appreciate u,SDK blog PA..God bless u grateful

  23. This year my God will surprise me and people will congratulate me in jesus name ,Amen.

  24. Envy ruined my peace of mind earlier this month. I don't deserve more than what I have. Never again

  25. Thanks very much for the data giveaway ma, more blessings...

    Beautiful items up there...

  26. Thanks SDK for posting my car advert, I really appreciate you and God bless you.

  27. The poster of the neatly used household items, put ur location na...

  28. The people selling today are very honest people, both the car and house items. Unlike the other ones

    1. Those throw pillows you want to sell, na wa o, cant you dash them out? It should go with the chair.

  29. Who else is looking forward to the upcoming reaiity TV show coming up on the 9th of February on dstv channel 198?

    I sha can't wait.

  30. Please wat course can I study for my post graduate program as I studied mass communication in d polytechnic

    1. I studied Mass communication too. It depends on your area of interest. Do you want to go into Broadcasting, Advertising or PR

  31. Good afternoon everyone. Is been a while I commented on in-house news.

    Enjoy the rest of the day.

  32. let me just pour out my heart here,there is nothing like peace of mind,I started working as a loan officer with one of the big microfinance bank in Nigeria July,2019 in which I can say I have lost my peace of mind,the monthly target is not for the faint hearted couple with the field work under sun,one dare not seat in the office except you have a customer file you are working on,they don't owe their workers but target job is a serial killer,I feel sad any Saturday when going to work because I cant even have a day rest.
    I held on for long with word like "don't leave what you have,wait till you have another before leaving"I am ready to face the best out of life,this job makes me question why I studied hard in school. Hoping to resign this week

    1. Be brave and resign. Put in more effort in your job search and you'll get a better one.
      I hate it when people say "don't leave until you get another". All the best hun!

  33. Good Afternoon ask bvs

  34. Yh there's obviously nothing wrong with taking a man out either boyfriend,fiance or husband(not those aka ARADITE/GUM men).trust I know how to get my money whom much is given,much is expected that's my watchword

  35. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Relocation sales is here

  36. Eayah sorry. May God heal your heart, body and soul Amen.

    It will never be well with the robbers. My dear healings again Amen

  37. Wonderful afternoon all. Happy selling.

    Osondi Owendi I enjoyed your story and the love you are getting back. Continue to love yourself and don't allow anyone to put your self esteem down

  38. Thank you so much Stella and PA for the card. God immensely bless you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

  39. Why am I not getting data giveaway, what am I not doing right hnmmm *sad*

  40. Poster, the mum ran away, pls don't feel bad. Let happiness radiate from you.

    So just now valentine is almost here. Ok o.

    Bvs, una good afternoon.

  41. Me envy person, I can't .you don't even know the trials they are facing.

    1. It has been a while. Welcome justyswt

  42. Thank you Sdk for the data,i am so grateful Ma.May God bless you more,amen.Thank you PA for choosing me

  43. This Osondi and owendi gist got me. I laugh and fell from my bed. Stella bvs are really crazy.

  44. I take my man out, I also spoil him. I surprise him during his birthday, Val or any other day. I do not wait for him alone to spoil me, if I am shopping and find anything that is beautiful that will fit him I will quickly pick it for him or ask him to make choice. Dude knows that i a spoiler when it comes to that, I also take him out for dinner or lunch no matter how little the money could be. There is nothing wrong to spoil any man, for now I am still alone but if I finally find love I will still spoil that guy.

    Aunty that is asking if she should attend a wedding are you not fed up with holding people in your mind, are you still ready to keep malice? Haba free yourself from all form of malice, your dad is no more and you have to associate with your cousins. Go to the wedding, meet your cousins and gist catch some fun, this life is too short.


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