Stella Dimoko Rihanna’s Team Responds To Shaggy Saying He Turned Down Album Feature Because He Was Asked To Audition


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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Rihanna’s Team Responds To Shaggy Saying He Turned Down Album Feature Because He Was Asked To Audition

Rihanna received Online bashing recently after Shaggy claimed he turned down a chance to be featured on her highly-anticipated forthcoming album he was asked to audition..

He had said
“They approached me for the Rihanna project, yeah. There’s a lot of great people involved but for me I didn’t need to audition to be on the record, I’ll leave that to younger guys.
From what I hear it should be good.”

An alleged representative for Rihanna reportedly spoke with the Jamaica Irie FM morning show to share the singer’s side of how things happened.
The Rep says..
“We are working on an album, not a talent show, so why would she (Rihanna) require Shaggy or any other artist to audition?”
After Rihanna had already gathered all the material for the album, Shaggy contacted her asking to be a part of the album. She explained to him that the album was pretty much completed and they were just working on mixing, mastering and deciding which songs to actually use. 

However, she invited him to submit some materials so she could see if it fits with the flow of the album. That was by no means asking for an audition, it was more going out of her way to get him on the album.

We hope Shaggy will come out and let the fans know the real truth because we all know that the media in general and especially entertainment media cannot be trusted. They will twist someone stories in order to get the most viewers.

Rihanna loves the people of Jamaica, she loves the fans of Reggae and she loves Reggae music as her career has proven and nothing can or will ever change that.”


  1. "she invited him to submit some materials to see if it fits with the flow of the album"..

    That's an audition to me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Thank you very much. That sound like an audition to me too.

      Who's Rihanna again?!
      Shaggy all day, all night without auto-tune

    2. In my opinion, Rihanna had a right to see some materials first if he asked to be in the album (he's not done hits in years now)

      This is a loooonnngggggg anticipated album. She needs that album to be *perfect*, else the media will roast her!

      I will only be mad if she asked for the *material* rudely because shaggy was an icon in his time.

      who asked for a spot in the album is where the real truth lies las las!

      If Shaggy asked to be featured, then his media outcry is bad!

      But if Rihanna asked him to be a part of the album because of his unique voice and still asked for *materials*, then she's veryyyy wrong!

    3. 14:51 I get your point but i think Rihanna's camp acted the diva because Shaggy was the one that reached out to her.

      They said the album was pretty much completed so was it necessary to goad him by requesting for his *material* knowing full well that he is a solid artist?

    4. Unique voice, and not done hits in years. 🤔🤔 doesn’t make sense. Anyway, did he stop singing? Nope. Has he featured in other musical projects? Yup yup. So that means he ain’t rusty musically. Yeah. Truth be told, Rihanna disrespected him. Make a whole legend audition.

    5. 15:42, you sound like the typical naija *I am an elder and have a right to poo anywhere I like and get accolades for it*

      You equally made no sense to me with your nasty reply.

      @Perxian, I get you. The thing is we all were not there. It all depends on how the *material* was asked for.

      Everyone is on her neck for this album. She wants it to be perfect.

  2. she invited him to submit some materials so she could see if it fits with the flow of the album.....hmmm for someone that had ft with beyonce, sia, kelly rowland, nicki minaj, Enrique Iglesias and many more

  3. Shaggy for Audition,very disrespectful 👎

  4. I think this narrative is more realistic than Shaggy's

    1. Of course it is more realistic to you because its from Rihanna's camp

  5. Na wa...o to sunmit materia is to audition na

  6. Sounds like a bloody audition to me.

  7. Oga, don't audition let pride deal with you

  8. Riri what do you call this explanation in one word?

  9. Sadly these people brought this "insult" back on my thought line.
    I repeat someone sold a knock off brand, Caribbean spiced rum to dem team and the team owner.
    Highness gone south.
    Just apologize to Shaggy.

  10. If this account is true, then it's not Rihanna's fault. Album was near-done when you reached out to her. If there was nothing to add you on, it makes sense to bring your own mix/music/lyrics for them to see if it flows with the album.

    That's why Beyonce forces everyone to sign an NDA, you can't be leaking what goes behind the scenes to the press.

  11. Wow, they wanted this man to audition even from their own narrative here.

  12. I don’t see anything wrong in what Rihanna’s camp did.


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