Stella Dimoko Sunday Spontaneous Post....


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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Spontaneous Post....

#namaste #sunday #keepingitholy #newday #newweek #foodie #loveworks #loverock

How far?
It is a new day and you have the right to dictate how your day goes......try staying positive if all around you is negative and gives the wrong vibes....

I don't know who needs to read this but I need you to know that Jesus loves you more than you will ever know and that love will never die...

Those of you who are Blog visitors and want to advertise for free,can send me their adverts per email.....

Where are the Sunday preachers?Please post positive messages for those who want to read them.....
God bless your day!

E go be  ✌

Lots of ❤ and πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹


  1. Rhapsody Today!!

    His Incorruptible Life In You!!
    2 Corinthians 4:10


    "Recall the experience of Paul on the island of Malta in Acts 28. He was bitten by a venomous viper, but he wasn't hurt; he didn't shout or try to cast out the poison. He didn't even pray or quickly recite some Confession. He simply continued what he was doing as though nothing happened. The onlookers were perplexed as they had expected Paul to swell or suddenly drop dead as a result of the venom. But when that didn't happen, they concluded he was a god (Acts 28:6)"

    "Paul knew he had the incorruptible life manifested in his physical body. That life came in the salvation package.

    " You might ask, what am I going to do to live this kind of Life"

    "The divine life in you came at no extra cost; if you have Jesus, you have it"

    "What you need is the awareness, the consciousness of your identity in Him, and His Incorruptible Life In You"

    Today's Confession!!

    The supernatural, immortal and incorruptible life of Christ is at work in me; therefore, I live above sickness, disease and all the depravities that affect the human nature. I'm an associate of the God-kind, manifesting the glory and virtues of divinity, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

  2. Good morning everyone, may we have a restful Sunday.
    In the presence of Joy there is fullness of Joy. Come, let's go to Church.

  3. I saw it here in London12 January 2020 at 08:00

    Stella, this my new moniker is prophetic o. I heard a vivid dream that I was onboard a flight to London to deliver a speech. I was adorned in corporate ensemble. I almost missed my flight cos I left my luggage at home to book the flight, then ran back home to pick em up. Met up with the flight by 12 noon and we took off. It was real cos I felt the plane go up( have never experience that but felt it in the dream). Las las, I will truly see things in London for real o. Londoners, biko fill me in with details about rent and visa, This is it!

    1. Oh, so na this Naija you even dey with us and you dey tension people for here??🀣🀣🀣

      Happy Sunday, May your dream come through ❤️❤️

    2. I saw it here in London12 January 2020 at 08:40

      Cookie, na naija o. 😁😁😁😁

    3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. I saw it here in London12 January 2020 at 08:01

    Stella, this my new moniker is prophetic o. I heard a vivid dream that I was onboard a flight to London to deliver a speech. I was adorned in corporate ensemble. I almost missed my flight cos I left my luggage at home to book the flight, then ran back home to pick em up. Met up with the flight by 12 noon and we took off. It was real cos I felt the plane go up( have never experience that but felt it in the dream). Las las, I will truly see things in London for real o. Londoners, biko fill me in with details about rent and visa, This is it! But na Canada for sure pass sha.

    1. You are very foolish! When God gives you a vision/message YOU MUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT TILL THE MANIFESTATION! I had two daughters and had ‘closed shop’ for seven years before God whispered to my spirit to go and buy a bag and start filling it up with baby boy’s clothes, I almost didn’t do it because I did not want a third Caesarian section but God had His way and His word came to pass a year after ‘the message’ came I had a very big baby boy. My son will be ten yes old this year. I NEVER TOLD A SOUL about the message. Only my hubby and I knew. God moves in secrecy working behind the scenes till He is ready to bring you out for the world to see. A lot of you squash your miracles/breakthroughs because YOU JUST CANNOT KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT. Sorry I sound harsh , it’s because you people don’t wait for God to announce you. E ma nbe ( una too dey jump)

    2. *years old

    3. Anon 08:33 you are right in a way, I remember going into covenant with God to give me better job. I was praying and fasting people who saw me will ask me if am I OK coz I lost some weight but I kept it to myself and he has done it.

    4. Hmmmm. Word @ anon 8:33.. I have learnt to keep my mouth shut a long time ago

    5. The problem I have with this correction is that it is harsh. Imagine starting with "You are foolish" on top of that an exclamation mark. Though you made a very good point, that was not nice at all.

  5. "Anonymous11 January 2020 at 15:20
    Same situation I'm in.. Guy is sexually active we talked on Wednesday after seeing a movie when leaving it old him to call me when he gets home, be said that's if he doesn't carry one girl on the street to cure his urges..... I don't know if he's cheating but I know it's not easy after all the foreplay to go home and sleep like that. Even me sef I touched myself that night to cum."

    A guy said he had no time for relationships. Whenever he had the urge, he'd bring in a girl, have sex and pay. He said it worked for him. I tried to make him see the danger in it, but with statements like the one above, you're forced to understand men like him. You have a partner, the both of you are horny, yet you refuse him sex then go home to masturbate! Such callousness! The most selfish, wicked and dissimulative women in the world are domiciled in Nigeria. You have no business being in a relationship with a sexually active man if you aren't ready for sex. Sex is a BASIC human need. It is just like the food you eat. Without it, you will not operate at your optimum. Yes, conji affects the stability of the mind. As a human being, you must get horny. You cannot kill conji with prayers. It is not possible and will never be. Denying your partner sex based on some stupid religious shit is tantamount to depravity. It is unethical. The most iniquitous part of it all is that these same selfish women expect the guy to spend his hard earned money on them. Why exactly should a man waste his time, energy and earnings sustaining a relationship when his sexual needs cannot be met? Stop using sexual deprivation to coerce a man into marrying you. You are his partner for crying out loud. You have a responsibility of meeting his sexual needs. Damn!

    1. Responsibility of meeting his sexual needs without being his wife?

      How about you guys apply some self-discipline instead of sexing like rabbits?

    2. So a guy can only spend his hard end money on a woman that satisfy his sexual needs,no wonder the said men get heartbroken. You think sex is everything in a relationship? Don't worry follow sex and u might end up with a cheat as a wife

    3. Ceaser which is meeting his sexual needs. He should go marry. Nonsense ingredients.

    4. Ceasar, are you married/in a relationship?

    5. 95% of men that agree to "No sex policy" are getting it outside... sorry take that number a notch higher, 98%.

  6. Day 1 of 4 of Programme for Waiting Parents (Is There Not A Cause -1)

    There won't be any miscarriages nor barren women in your land. I'll make sure you live full and complete lives. (Exodus 23:26 MSB)

    God is not man, one given to lies, and not a son of man changing his mind. Does he speak and not do what he says? Does he promise and not come through? (Numbers 23:19 MSB)

    For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven. (Psalm 119:89 KJV)

    Yet, there are a lot of times when a situation looks like it is more real than and defying the Word of God about that situation. And there's always we're ignoring or not seeing at all.

    For some, it's a curse (including self-inflicted ones), or an evil covenant involving you or an ancestor or even your spouse that has manifested as barrenness or continuous miscarriages (Joshua 6:26; 1 Kings 16:34).

    For some, God (not Satan) is restraining you from having children. There are a number of reasons this can happen. Er and Onan - sons of Judah - were actually killed by God. Though we weren't told exactly what Er did, the Bible says he was wicked.

    Some have a family history of wickedness that is like a family trait, you're just wicked for the sake of it. It comes naturally to you even when you're not actually gaining anything.

    1. Day 1 of 4 of Programme for Waiting Parents (Is There Not A Cause -2)

      For some, your wickedness is in how you treat(ed) the wife of your brother or cousin. If you're in this category, go and find that woman and make restitution - else you will die without children. Some of you need a blessing from the mother-in-law or spouse you are treating anyhow. As much the Will of God as Rebecca was, she was barren for 20 years - then Isaac (her husband) prayed to God for her. Those 20 years, they were living in the same place and seeing each other everyday. Even if you behave anyhow, is that the kind of spouse you'll treat anyhow - the person that has your blessing in their mouth?

      Some of you are wicked to your spouse in hiding something crucial from them. From low sperm count in men to no womb in some women, to other things.

      Michal - daughter of Saul was barren till she died because she was cursed after despising her husband for praising God. Some of you have put your mouth on someone that you shouldn't have - you saw someone going through a Job season and added to their pain by saying rubbish. "Touch not my anointed" isn't just about a pastor who is genuinely serving God. Isn't it odd that Job was even more righteous than the friends talking against him and they were actually accusing him of sins they had invented? For some, you put your hands on someone or something you should have left alone - Abimelech who feared God, genuinely thought Sarah was Abraham's sister, took her and every female under his roof became barren.

      With some, it's in the way you treat(ed) other people's children in the absence of their parents. And some, it's because you drank water and looked away when your mother maltreated a maid or your sister-in-law. Or you pretended you didn't see someone being falsely accused of theft. Even if the person didn't know what you did, God saw you and He didn't forget.

      Pain has a voice that is louder than spoken words and it doesn't enter voicemail. When Cain killed Abel, God didn't tell him that He saw him. Abel was already dead, so it's not like he prayed.

    2. Day 1 of 4 of Programme for Waiting Parents (Is There Not A Cause -3)

      Disobedience to God through failing to follow His promptings or instructions, lack of accountability with previous assignments, involvement in occultic and other demonic practices, carelessness with your own body can either cause God to punish you or give the devil a legal ground to oppress you.

      Then, there are some whose children are held back not because they're being punished, but it's just not time according to Heaven's timeline.Till Jesus Christ was ready to come, there was no need for His forerunner - so Zechariah and Elizabeth had to wait. In fact if you're in this category, the devil will be very quick to offer you his own alternatives.

      The first thing to do when trying to resolve a situation properly is to find out the real issue. Some years ago, I needed something crucial for my business and I kept getting told it was impossible. After two months of hitting roadblocks, I was finally frustrated enough to ask God, "I know this thing is possible so why do I keep getting told it's not?" "Because you're asking the wrong question" was the reply I got immediately. I followed God's instruction about exactly what to ask and was stunned when I got what I'd been told (more than thrice) wasn't available or possible. If you don't know what the real problem is cos you're guessing, focusing on a distracting symptom - you'll go round in circles, spending time and energy to acquire what isn't a solution.

      Prayer Points (@1pm & 12 midnight)
      1) God, Creator of the universe, You said You will show me secrets. Please reveal to me the root of the issue that is making Exodus 23:26 look like a lie in my life.
      2) My Father and my God, open the eyes of my understanding to see and know what You need me to do to rectify the problem.

    3. Further reading
      Gen 20
      Gen 25: 20 - 24
      Gen 38
      Isaiah 55:6
      Jeremiah 33:3
      Anchor Scripture - Exodus 23: 25 - 26

      Anchor Song - Hallelujah (Dunsin Oyekan) @ end of each prayer session throughout the programme.

      1) You MUST be married to take part. Married means your brideprice has been paid, or you paid brideprice if you're a man, or you have a registry marriage certificate (and no deceit involved like green card or bigamy), or you married in a licensed church.

      2) You're not to take part if you are:
      - trying to get pregnant for a man you're not already married to
      - fornicating to get pregnant so that a particular wo/man will stay with or marry you
      - horrible to the wife of your brother or cousin or you already helped to pack her out of her matrimonial home (you'll worsen your case)
      - if you're the child of a woman who is/was a bad mother-in-law to anyone (this programme will destroy you cos you're not getting a child from God out of this)
      - not bornagain and don't want to be
      - involved in juju, witchcraft or New Age that you have refused to walk away from.

      3) Break your fast with prayers @ 1pm in your timezone. Then, at midnight, pray the prayers you prayed @ 1pm. When you're done praying, take communion (a piece of bread with water that YOU blessed) and anoint yourself. Your spouse can anoint you IF you're doing the programme together. If you're ill or on medication, eat and take your medicine at the time your doctor said.

      4) Buy bread, water and olive oil you can afford, bless them yourself & DON'T take it to or from any church, pastor or prophet. Bottled, satchet or dispenser water is fine. Nobody apart from your spouse (that you didn't steal) should know you're on this fast.

    4. 5) Face God with what is paining you and don't allow anyone or anything take your eyes off your goal. Time will tell if I'm the one that Heaven sent with your answer, or you need to look/wait for whomever your own is. I do NOT meet or communicate with anyone off this blog. I'm genuinely not interested. Apart from valuing my privacy, I'm a SERVANT of God on an assignment. Servants go where, when, to whom and with what they're sent. Some of us MIGHT get some latitude with how but we DON'T get a choice in the rest (what, when, who or where). If not, I won't be on a gossip blog. And I wouldn't have agreed to anchor the last programme cos to my logical mind, the timing was wrong. You'll understand when in 2020 and beyond, you see or hear (completely new or old and refined) voices of servants of God, being released from different wildernesses - literally for such a time as this cos God can't be stranded. And He isn't called the Master Chess Player for nothing. Some of us will be more subtle or fierce, you'll find some on your secular jobs/businesses, but the commonality will be that we no go look face. A lot of you are confused cos you're used to those who are supposed to be servants behaving like superstars who need human validation, instead of who sent them. Or you have Stockholm's Syndrome from being under servants of the devil. Why would you think it's normal to go to anyone who needs consultation fee "for them to hear God"? I'm not (auditioning for the role of) your BFF who cares what you think of her. Or whom you need to defend. I can't answer prayers or give children, oh! So it'll be unfortunate if you're actually one of those God had in mind when He started stirring my heart about this, but you "die in the wilderness" cos you allowed yourself be distracted by the antics of any frustrated demons or worthless witches - including the ones on here. You'd best believe there are witches on assignment on this blog.

      6) Don't harass your boss or neighbours and say you're praying. Shouting isn't what will get you answers. God isn't deaf or moved by shouting, don't exhaust yourself for nothing.

      7) Any questions about the fast or issues(s) treated today, feel free to ask below.

    5. Amen! I'm joining this one.

    6. I live in an evil compound.
      Nothing I do work out. When things are about to click, it ends up failing like there are 10 steps, I pass the 9th, getting to the 10 is a no no. I have suffered to many disappointments in business. Too many. I call it "near miss". I pass a door in the flat, turn back immediately, cobwebs will stroke my face. It happens to my wife too. To eat and pay for bills is strictly by God's grace.

      It's been down hill since I packed into the compound in 2015. Lost my car 2 months I packed into the compound. My rent is due in March but want to leave before the expiration. It's tough, real tough.

      With my wife, have gone for deliverance at Mountain of Fire church multiple times. It's really really frustrating.

    7. Thank you @Real OA
      I'm participating in this one.

    8. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

    9. Wow! This is wonderful. May God open the wombs of all who will partake.

    10. 8:46
      Pls leave that house. Just leave to anywhere even if it is one room face me I slap you. It is Bette to leave now before worse things happen. Thank God no life is lost in your family. Such houses cause pains and regrets.

    11. Amen πŸ™, I'm in for this. God help us, Amen πŸ™ .

    12. Thank you the real OA. May God bless and perfect all that concerns youπŸ™πŸ’—

    13. I've had 3 miscarriages consecutively. Before each one I had weird dreams - passing blood and sex in the time the person had both male and female organs.Was going to join this fast but hubby hurt me with his words a few days ago and I even had thoughts of separation.I thought, why should I bother myself about having another baby(I have one).


    “But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?” Luke 14:28, NLT

    One day a man set out to build a boat. He had never taken on such a task and was excited about the new venture. He would name the boat after his late wife, and it would be made of the best materials around. But before he built anything, he sat down at the table, drew out his pen and pad, and determined how much he would need. He wasn’t rich by any means, but he didn’t let that discourage him. He knew all he needed was to count the cost, and the Lord would provide. After much hard work and depending on the Lord for provision, he built his boat and sailed across the ocean.

    So many of us are full of dreams and desires. We want to go here, go there, do this and that. Yet, we haven’t counted the cost, and if we have, we let the cost discourage us from moving forward into it. If you’re going to do anything for the Lord, you must first sit down and determine what is required. Maybe it’s starting a women’s ministry, opening a small bookstore, taking on a project at work, or traveling thousands of miles to see your sister in another country. After you’ve determined that it is something God wants you to do, sit down and count the cost, and then trust God to provide.

    Prayer: Father, I thank you for your wisdom and grace. Help me to learn how to count the cost. Help me not be discouraged by the cost, but trust you to provide all that I need. Lead me by your wisdom and show me how to possess what you’ve put in me to do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
    Daughters of the King Devo

  8. Good morning people of Sdkville

    The heat in phc is on another level. God help me o.

    I wish us all happy sunday

  9. Please who knows a really good tailor within aguda/lere that can make a dress for me within 3 weeks? I've been searching and asking

    1. Must it be that area? What I you get a good tailor in Ikotun? If you wish contact me on WhatsApp-09077981300

  10. Guten Morgen my town people,

    Happy Sunday to you all.

    Peppa how are you doing?

    Phoenix hope you're good.

    Hugs to everyone. Love you all. Cheers.

  11. We buy bad inverter battery/0810710517712 January 2020 at 08:04


  12. A beautiful Sunday morning to you all beautiful people!

    God bless the works of our hands.

  13. A pastor's job is not to post positive messages but the truth (which may not always be positive). Motivational speaking is being mixed up with Preaching these days.

  14. Goodmorning bvs.
    Its going to be a wonderful time in God's presence today.
    Please try and attend any bible believing church near you. In the presence of God there is fullness of Joy.

  15. Happy Second Sunday in the year 2020.

  16. We survived last week without falling into depression because of the end of holiday enjoyment, we are fully ready for the year now. 2020 bring it on... I'm ready for all the blessings.

    Good morning sweeties.😍😍

  17. Thank you for a brand new week. I love you Lord. thanks for all you have done and bless more. Thanks Stella and blog visitors.

  18. Thank you Lord for your grace.
    Up and thankful

  19. On yesterday's Saturday's gist.

    Yes some of us are not differentiating being strict and abuse. This is because most Nigerian parents who are strict have in one way or the other abused their children.

    @Jetli or whatevea. I don't know why you were pissing all over the post yesterday with your yeye judgments just like Ang. It was irritating, jet adviser. We don't need you to come judge us with your nonsense advise or wateva. Sympathize with victims and keep moving. Most Nigerians are judgemental and have this 'I am the best' mentality. That nonsense should stop this 2020. This also goes to all other persons with itchy fingers that feel they are the best and must come type trash under someone's comment.

    1. Anon, BV Jetli was giving good councel albeit all over the post. I didn't think they were judgmental at all, maybe the setting of the comments rubbed you the wrong way.

  20. Good morning everyone, Thank You Lord for his infinite mercies, Last week Sunday I was admitted, here I am hale and healthy.. It's been God... Have a great Sunday everyone.. According to Stella E go be ✌✌✌

  21. Good morning house
    Happy Sunday to everyone

  22. My ever helpful bvs,

    Good Morning.

    Please any recommendations for a sore throat apart from ginger tea?

    Please help me.

    Thank you.

    1. Good morning.
      Honey - take it constantly, it soothes the throat. Drink lots of fluids.

    2. EV and Dreza, thank you!

  23. Thankful heart,I pray the journey I’m about to embark on be positive and I pray for Gods grace to see me through

  24. Good morning beautiful people and happy Sunday,

  25. The time zone in the east is faster than other places in the wonder i have not been sleeping fine. now i sleep and cant get enough, i also get tired because while in the east the clock runs faster than lightening. Before you know somebody is tapping you to wake up for morning prayers. Thank God I came back yesterday.

    1. Lmao...If this ain't the truth. That morning devotion own na him dey tire me pass

    2. Morning and night devotion in my house. e tire me pass

  26. Please before I forget... if you know you see very well. As in very very well please come and advertise in tomorrow's IHN.

    I think the last time I've sewed anything was 2009 after my tailor will just be sewing rubbish and collecting money on top.

    Location Abuja.

  27. Happy Sunday y'all.... I wish upon us all God's grace and blessings this new year and beyond... Our testimonies are on the way.. Believe

  28. There is Hope
    Gather courage
    Recover all

    Do not be the reason that someone goes off track

    Bridle your tongue
    Stop peppering in your ignorance
    Leave trolling and stalking
    Stop bullying
    Please receive light into yourself and leave darkness, vindictive, bitterness fueled attacks on others

  29. Happy Sunday everyone... This tweeny tweeny if anybody do u shege not considering the r/ship between you two then there is no need for that r/ship stopping you from doing same shege to that person. I've been used by families over and over again and this year I've vowed to dish it out as I was served... So yesterday an aunt that has been monitoring all my WhatsApp status upandan (we haven't said hello since 2018). She'll be among the first viewers oo but will never say even an 'ameen' to a prayer. I just uploaded a friend's birthday pics and the next thing I know my other uncle called me asking me to remove whatever nonsense that was on my status. I was surprised cos he's not even on my contact list I don't even know if he's on WhatsApp sef. He went on and on asking me that if I want to be hugging men I should bring husband and I swear I hugged no man. Well he really got to me since nd I had to cut the call. Definitely I knew she must have called him. Cos she did something similar 2016 when I was modelling for a friends clothline and she saw the pics and called my grandm directly that i wants to bring shame to the family pictures that I even showed my dad and I went to the photo shooting with my bro. Well I just went and gave her a piece of my mind and I blocked her after making sure she read all my chats. Today I'm staying indoor incase a family meeting will be called and I'm not arnd. Yeye people thinking they have a say in your life. Everybody should just face their fronts.

    1. Block all blockables especially those that do not contribute meaningfully to your life. No time to check for time this tweeny tweeny.

      All the best

    2. Pls take it easy. Handle them with wisdom, they are your elders whether you like it or not. You can distance yourself from them or pass a message across without appearing rude or arrogant. These people can do anything to punish an erring child, pls be careful.

    3. Yarinya leave that your kano and come stay with me in Lagos kin ji?

    4. Dreza I've been avoiding them the best way I can but I'll try not to be rude or arrogant next time. Thank you.

    5. Thank you anon 10:44 but I love this my Kano.

  30. Happy Sunday bvs

    I have been down with malaria, just recovering. Thank God for healing.

    Where is Bv harmattan?
    I just want to tell you that you are a scam in Ibadan. The heat is serious.

  31. So hubby says no baby no2,currently pregnant with baby no1 and its not been easy but God is faithful. Ist trimester doc said no sex,now on the third trimester and doc said no sex and bedrest. Bros is so horny and doing all the chores. I dey pity for am. So all i keep hearing is no more pregnancy,its now adoption.

    1. Suck his thing let him release. He will be OK.

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