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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wednesday IHN

......The face you make when it is raining and you are thinking of Amala and r
ewedu soup with gbegiri and goat meat with body odour...............

Have a splendid rest of the day!


Someone dropped a comment in today Spontaneous post that they are Suicidal..
Why are you suicidal?Can you mail me?I really don't like conversing with suicidal people cos i don't know how to handle them..I don't even know why I am asking you to mail me...Maybe its God pushing me to contact you so let me Obey!
Mail me!!!



So many people look up to me and think I know better because I look so serious and take everything well. I work hard. But truth is my life is far from perfect. I didn’t do well in my studies and people has been calling to ask me how far. I know no one wants to associate with failure. 

So I really don’t know how to answer them. I feel like dying since I saw my result and to take I made so much sacrifices for it. My life is not where I want it. I have fasted and prayed. I have abstained from everything bad not like I was doing so before. Life is not fair at all. No manual. 

Please tell me how to respond to people asking you how far your grades

My Dear it is not by force to be Intelligent and tried your best and it didnt work out...It's either you retry or look for a handiwork to focus on...Life goes on whether you pass or fail...
To those asking you,just be truthful,tell them it wasnt so colourful,dont lie cos you dont know where your helper will emerge from......
Dont be sad....



I'm looking for a GOOD and affordable fashion school in Abuja. If you run one or know any, please call or text 08138516650.


Make Money from Ankara Business.

Steps to follow if you want to earn up to 50k monthly from sales of Ankara/Asoebi.
1. Pictures of Ankara will be sent to you to advertise/post on your whatsapp status.
2. Customers pick, then order will be sent to us to process.
3. Once we confirm availability, you pay us the money for the order with the delivery fee, without your profit.
4. We send the order to you customer's location.
5. Your customer receives and acknowledge the order.
Please you have to be passionate, and willing to work with us, before you can reach your target.

N.B; Please always charge your customer delivery fee.
WhatsApp; 07037210981
IG; @ankaraowlfabrics
HB 67, kaura modern market, opp prince and princess estate, Abuja.


phone Accessories? We sell quality powerbank,Airpods,Phone Charger of various Brands,Smart Watch/Bracelet that checks your health Status,Car Mp3 player,Earpiece etc..

Our location is Lagos and we deliver Nationwide at affordable prices..



Please I work with a Security gadget company (McTino Ivory Tech Ltd) and we currently have vacancies due to expansion.
I would love for you to post it in IHN.

We seek to employ qualified and enthusiastic applicants to fill the positions below

1. Administrative Officer 2. Accountant 3. Marketers 4. Sales Representative 5. Electrical Electronics Engineer
6. Driver

Requirements: A Minimum of a Bachelors Degree and 2 years working experience in a similar role.
-Good knowledge of Microsoft Office.
-He/she must have integrity

Qualified Applicants should forward a copy of their CV to on or before 7th February, 2020

Note: Only Qualified candidates will be shortlisted.


Step into that owambe looking all peng with these classy, quality, comfortable and affordable shoes.
Please call/chat us on 07089721449 to place an order, you can also request for more pictures as we have varieties of office flat shoes,sandals, wedges,mules and more.
We deliver nationwide
Location: Lagos.




Very spacious 6feet container already converted to a store is available for sale.There are businesses around. It can be used as business centre, ice block factory, chemist, provision store.
All you have to do is little touching on the outside.
Price is 500K
For enquiry, call 08037311417



2.745 Hectre along the Airport Road Ibiaku Issiet. Few kilometre to Alwaibom Airport.
Proposed for Hotel Development and it's partly developed.
CofO available.
Price: 250M
For enquiries kindly call: 08037311417/08096335381.




Brand new NEXUS microwave oven for sale. Capacity is 20litres.
Price is 18k
Location is Ibadan
Contact 07083587849.



C320 Mercedes Benz
2004 model
Location: Benin City,Edo State
Price: 1,200,000 naira/negotiable
12 plugs engine
Complete papers with custom papers inclusive
Factory fitted air conditioner
ML spare parts compatibility
Sun roof

Contact: 08023328428


Here is your white 100% American cotton bedsheets and duvets for your hotels, guest houses and personal use at the best price ever.
It is the real deal.
We also supply branded or plain towels, curtains and throw pillows

We give guarantee.
Kindly call/whatsapp 09072300391
Ig: hf.cotton.bedsheets


 fairly used items for sale

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core 29k
Office table and Chair 20k
Huawei GSM landline (new) 7k
Location Port Hatcourt.. Call/Whatsapp 08068486181



  1. 5 days to go



  2. This microwave seller sef..from 23k to 26k and now 18k,

    1. Hello bvs, good afternoon to you all.

    2. microwave seller15 January 2020 at 15:29

      I'm not the one who posted the 23k own..mine was posted this week for the first time...this is the second time.

    3. Poster that failed please dont be discouraged. I was in your shoes 18years ago and i dont want you to make the same mistake i made by keeping it to myself. 18yrs ago my g.p was less than 1point in OAU and that means rustication, i left school jejely without telling anyone and without being rusticated,and with a very low self esteem.
      My decision cost me a lot of set back in life, imagine me graduating in 2018 just because i did not open up to people that could help me. I later discovered that a lot of my friends then and my mother would have helped. A particular friend father that is a professor was said to have looked for me after i left. I still regret not opening up till now and it hurts that am not where am suppose to be. I graduated at 34years instead of 21. I lost times and opportunities, who will employ a 36years now( i mean for a good job). Please try and open up to the right people, people that will help you back on your feet. Please time wait for no one so save it now that you can.

    4. And please change start from within you are not a failure.

    5. Anonymous 15: 43 You started well and spoilt it at the end...Why will you write yourself off like that? If you graduated at 34 so what?? Believe in yourself..Going to Uni is not for getting job only but to be a solution to other people's problem e.g job creation..Please you are not a failure!!!!

    6. Anon 15:43 you are a strong person. And many people are in your shoes but pretending to be 'Perfect'. The world belongs to people like you it is just time. I love you already

  3. Reminds me the first time I wrote ielts, I got a 6 7 7.5 6, I could not tell anyone coz e no reach n I'm scared to rewrite it.

  4. The sun here is very harsh I swear.... Very hot. I need something chilled to cool off. Thinking of a chilled Heineken beer. That's how I am gonna roll this afternoon.

    1. Teejay teejay enjoyment u biko.That was how SD was always disturbing us with eating cowleg and uha soup those days.carry go nothing do u o

    2. Anon 14:57 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ why are you so mean!

  5. Thank you Stella, you're a darling


  6. Re: Job vacancy

    Why is there no location in the advert?

  7. Good afternoon bvs, I'm glad I made IHN.... long live SDK... But wait ohhh, this sun is really hot here in Lagos

  8. BV, your school result does not define you... You not having the cut-off mark doesn't mean you're not intelligent or that you're a failure. There's something you are very good at, concentrate on that.

    BV Methuselah, did you still paid a very healthy visit to your daughter's school and gave a healthy look to the healthy boy that your daughter is having a healthy crush on? Please, update us😊😊😊 I came late to the comment section in the morning.

    Please, stop bringing down those that are virgin just to feed your ego. Being a virgin is a personal decision between an adult woman/man and God.

    Those of you claiming to be "virgin" and you indulges in all forms of foreplay, keep deceiving yourself; let me burst your bubbles, you're not a virgin. Sex is not just about penetration, it something beyond penetration.

    What else, I think I've got a flu. Ginger and garlic to the rescue.

    1. Ms A sweety..did u still "pay" not paid. you indulge not indulges.😍

  9. Yes oh, in house news is here. The person that posted vacancy, you didn't state the location.

  10. Lovely shoes and Ankara.
    Customers locate you all.

    Pls house,I need suggestions as to which skills one can learn between tailoring and hair dressing, since no job right now. I'm confused as to which to settle for, pls those that are into any of those should drop advise me. Thanks

    1. Depends on the one you have passion for.

      Like me, I have passion for tailoring from childhood but was discouraged by my mum. Sometimes I wish I stubbornly stood my ground.

      The hussle of life plus no good fashion school around me is why I have still not pursued that dream.

      For some people, its hair dressing for other its make up.

    2. Na u know wetin go fit you.
      I learnt tailoring but I think there's more money in hair dressing tho because the time u will use in making one lace dress, hairdresser will use same time to fix 4 or more weavons or wig and make more money without electricity and too much stress.
      It's still depends on d kind of customers u have sha

    3. Thanks Giddybabe and Anon. I feel like hair dressing will be more lucrative but will take more time to learn

    4. Everyoung, they are both lucrative but you need to be good at what you do.

  11. I hail una my fellow housemates
    Hope una day is going on well?
    Bv with suicidal thoughts,God will come thru for u speedily
    Customers fall on d sellers
    Lovely shoes..them no born me well to rock them tho! Chai

  12. Oh dear poster, failure is not a sin. I know it’s painful when you don’t get exactly what you worked pretty hard for. Don’t let it weigh you down.
    See eh, I have been through so much in life. I don fail tire well well, but here I am doing good by his grace. At first, I felt depressed and was too ashamed cos a lot of people were waiting on my result. It happened but I didn’t let their thoughts weigh me down. I had to resit.
    That you failed does not mean you are dull. And do not for a second think that those who made it are more intelliengent than you.
    If you can resit for the exams, try again.
    And as for people asking about your results, tell them you didn’t make it but you thank God for everything and move on. If some try to talk down on you, shut them up. You have to be bold. After all, who are they anyway? Did they train you in school?
    Some of us are not even working with our certificates, we learned different skills and are not doing bad at all.
    If you can try again, please do and never give up.

  13. Good afternoon beautiful people
    How is your day going?
    Thank you Stella for the advert
    Y’all should enjoy the rest of your day

  14. Hmmmmmmm met IHN today.

    Heels πŸ‘  πŸ‘ ... How did I offend you... πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  15. #singing
    I'm working in power, working in miracles, I live a life of favor, I know who I am...

    1. Take a look at me, I'm a wonder, it doesn't matter what you see now, I see His glory, I know who I am.

      One of My boy's favourite songs

  16. Don't follow God because of the things you seek to get from Him.. ..Serve Him because you love Him and want to know him. The blessings is just part is the package.✌

  17. Beautiful Items for sale. Thanks for the job advert. Suicidal Person, pls mail madam stells oooo. Don't even know if all these people thinking suicide are normal at all. How will you ever thing of suicide after overcoming life haudles and problems for years and still overcoming. You think taking your life will restore your peace and sanity? You think life ends here on earth? You think those that took their lives are peaceful where ever they are? My dear, please have a rethink. There is bigger hope when there is life. even bible says that a living dog is better than a dead lion. Its not better at the beyond at all. Stop being suicidal Pls. No matter what we all face in life, life is still worth living my dear. I love you ALL

  18. Didn't do well at school?

    Make I yarn my Naija Sisis.
    The Nigerian education system did a lot of people in.
    Many times, it is your natural talents and passion that will
    not only self employ you buy make you stand out.
    God has put a talent in you but a lot of my Naija girls are ashamed
    of taking up and refining their talents.
    For e.g. You know how to sew clothes and you like to do it. But you are
    ashamed to be called tailor because your friends are all working in banks etc.
    Mbanu. You can go to brush up your fashion talents and earn good honest bucks and
    not the one some of my friends earn with their toh🀐🀐🀐
    My cousin read engineering. Pressured by her parents, she went abroad and did masters in aeronautics.
    As sisi come back, she went to lagos and did a 6 months course on how to sew wedding gowns.
    Come and see this Sisi as she be hot kuli kuli now. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Na she dey employ graduates accountant o
    Ndi uta how una see am? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. We see am good oh..No sincere Ajujus to jukwa..Oriegwu o

    2. @Phoenix

  19. To BV that Everyone feels like a failure, everyone has failed at some point in their life, everyone is gonna fail sometimes.

  20. Just found out I'm going to be having a baby. Hubby traveled back to the US last night. I'm excited and scared at the same time...My contraceptive failed me o. We didn't plan to have our baby now but hubby is so excited.

    1. Congratulations, I am do happy for you.

      Thank God for failed contraceptive.

      I am dancing with you πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

      I wish you strength, courage and a positive mindset.

    2. sweetlurlacollections Lagos(bags,shoe&more)0708972144915 January 2020 at 15:46

      Awwwwww congratulations@14:37,im I happy for you.

      Thanks ma'am for posting my advert,God bless you more...

    3. Congrats. I am happy for you.

  21. Thank you Stella.
    Good afternoon people. Ola, your Ankara today na die, very beautiful.

  22. I'm looking for a fairly used pho e to buy. If that j4 can go for 20k I would love to buy it. But is going to be delivery before payment. I'm based in Warri.
    No vex ooo, na how d country be

    1. Please be careful when buying used phone.

  23. yGood afternoon member of bvn

    suicidal bv..the lord is your strength

  24. Sunny day.
    He has given me a new song. HALLELUYAH!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  25. See correct footwear.
    I love them.

    This year, I have decided to up my makeup game.

    Just bought liquid eye liner.
    Foundation is next on my mind.
    Will get them one after the other till I get them all.

    1. sweetlurlacollections Lagos(bags,shoe&more)0708972144915 January 2020 at 15:47

      Thanks Giddybabe

  26. Dear poster always remember that God can turn every failure in your result to favour. I came out with a bad result but it didn't limit me or stop God purpose for me life. I always tell myself that if God could favour David the shepherd boy to a King position. God can always place me in any position even if I'm not qualified. He is the God that qualifies the disqualified.

  27. Poster that failed hmmm never be ashamed to tell people that you failed..The professional course am running I failed a particular course..My colleagues asked And I told them that I didnt pass..I was even using it to sing at home and my family was laughing so hard...See ehn when you learn to laugh at yourself, people's opinions about you will never shake... Then I studied vigorously for that course..And I made up my mind and said '' I dont want a P in this course, with C I am ok...Guess what a grade C I got..I made the pronouncement and the universe responded..

    Challenge yourself that you will pass and state the grade or score you want to see..Secondly dont be ashamed to ask for help whether from someone younger or older..I remember my younger sisters that were grounded in that course, I was always asking them questions and they were always giving me the answers..Be humble and be open..You will pass it u hear..All the best..

  28. Good evening house .....Great work

  29. those shoes are beautiful.

    i love 1 and 3 but the pains i go through wearing cover shoe is not here. Let me just be looking from far.

  30. Retired Slay Queen or anyone else. Please recommend basic makeup/beauty products for a beginner. I just want my makeup(especially my brows) to look better this year.

    Eka Joy please stop calling Nigeria a zoo. It is neither good nor wise for you to do so. No matter how you feel about Nigeria, that's not the way to go. We are tired too but calling it a zoo is not the way forward.

  31. The bv looking for a good fashion school in abuja. Check Frankdavis ,they are in wuse 2.

  32. Beautiful items up there.....Good sales to you all


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