Stella Dimoko Actor Yul Edochie Gives Advice To Movie Producers Who Demand To Be Settled In 'Kind' Before Handing Out Scripts...


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Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Actor Yul Edochie Gives Advice To Movie Producers Who Demand To Be Settled In 'Kind' Before Handing Out Scripts...

Do you know anyone on this table?Forward this post to them right now!!!!....

I know many Nollywood producers this has wrecked if i go by the content of this post!!!


  1. That line if your promise a girl a job in exchange for sex shouldn't even come in. what is bad, is bad!


  3. But why should a girl succumb to sex for roles, desperation?
    The girl has the option to deny those lecherous men sex and
    move on with her dignity instead of waiting to swear on someone.
    Both of them are in the act of fornication.

  4. Are you supposed to promise a lady work in exchange for sex?

  5. When you use your body as a bargaining chip, instead of your talent.... expect the worse, cus millions of girls also have that body.
    Producers/directors also have alot of prostitutes throwing them a free pussy for roles, just the right avenue to the seen by the right customers, thats why its all become shitty...

  6. Everyone of the girls wants to be great and firmous like my bros will say. They do anything.

    That is wickedness on men's part that is why things never go well. Many sleeping with marine spirit ladies and pass curses to their wives and children.

    If God had demanded what we can't give, will anyone of us be alive?

    It is everywhere including offices

  7. I stated it here sometime last year when a similar post from another angle came up. In as much as ds post is talking about movie department, what Yule is stressing on , avails in all sectors of d work force & we all know ds. Go to govt agencies & private sectors, just name it ...Aviation, Media, Customs, Immigration, Sports commission, three arms of d Military, Police, Road safety, Banks, all d ministries , teachers commission, schools ,et al, (no exceptions). Before 60% of victims are employed, promoted, posted to their areas of choice, sent on course , both local & abroad, given admission, scaling through certain courses & exams, being picked to represent ur Political party or given appointments, I can go on & on, u either play d game or u lose what ever ur heart’s desire is. It’s d order of d day every where & it’s not stopping anytime soon.


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