Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Saturday, February 01, 2020

Boredom Eliminating Post


  1. Hahahaha at d calabash
    Cos we grew up seeing bad people using calabash to do evil acts

  2. The one with the calabash believes in offering sacrifices of blood either of animals or human, while the one with the cross insignia doesn't.

    One believes in summoning of spirits through incantations and conjuring, while the 'cross believer' prays to the Supreme Being for help and mercy.

    O gwu ka o ha m n'onu.

    1. Who are the skull harvesters and ritualists? Are they not same cross/Muslim prayer beads bearers?
      Hypocrisy is the answer.

    2. Was their no blood sacrifice in the Bible?

    3. Don, na too know dey make blacksmith short.
      Repeat after me: "there" not "their".
      You go dey alright Las las

  3. LIght and darkness can never be compared.

    1. Which is light? And which is darkness? How would you differentiate?
      You were born into christianity doesnt make other religions "darkness"
      Thats what most of you fail to realize, dont be so close-minded and biased.
      Religion is more of a geographical concept.

    2. Slutty chic i actually expected more...light and darkness??!!

    3. @Kenenye and 19:00

      Light = Christ and his Kingdom
      Darkness = Devil and his Kingdom
      If you have any problem with that, then think of
      the life you live. If you do what is right, you will love the light
      If your deeds are evil, you will be afraid to come to the light for
      fear that your deeds may be seen. Darkness and light do not coexist.
      You can be "born into christian religion" but you are not in Christ
      Salvation through Christ is not a religious experience, it is an eternal
      experience. If you don't have his Spirit in you, you can't know what it means.

  4. Hypocrisy na. For some weird reason we all think because we practice different religion, we are better than does who practice a different religion from us.

    Good thing I don't have a religion. I am just a child of God period.

    1. Religion has destroyed alot,i ask those Born b4 Xtian hypocrite all the time,What if u were born in a Muslim home,will u still carry jesus register dey judge everybody?
      Just like kids in motherless home, some were picked from North, East, South but because pple taking care of them felt dey look a certain way, dey name them either ibo or Yoruba names.
      Philosophers say Nothing is sure for Certain, We don't really know ,even wen we claim we do.
      But in Nigeria,is a World where sinners Judge Sinners for sinning differently.....

  5. If their heart/faith is in anyone of those for salvation (from sin, death e.g. accidents, sickness, etc.), they are all committing idolatry. That is total disobedience of God's first commandment in Exodus 20:1-4
    For salvation is found in no other name, for there is no other name under heaven whereby people shall be saved but Jesus Acts. 4:12

    There is another craze of people that claim to be Christians using their G.O.'s pictures as idols and invoking their names to protect them in danger
    Idolatry is when you put anything else before God.

  6. That's idolatry right there...

    How about those using their G.O's names instead of the name of Jesus?

    One testified how he called on his G.O's spirit to accompany him to an interview and he was given a job without interview and they clapped in that church whose headquarters is on the left side of Nigerian map.

  7. It's cos we are yet to accept traditional religion and their beliefs as a type of religion

  8. Have you also considered the process of procuring those items.
    Getting that calabash from a medium where they ate and drank (human flesh and blood of course)
    Is a direct initiation into the Kingdom of Darkness.
    The first two maybe ignorant but the calabash one has outrightly dabbled into satanism.

    1. Different God same Satan.

    2. And you as a Christian 'eat' the 'blood and body' of Christ by way of Communion, oops! It's not same thing at all!

      The religion being practiced by traditionalist is always referred to as AKA'primitive' 'diabolical' 'evil' 'black man religion' therefore his God is considered inferior.

      But once na white man, oooyeees, everything na posh and generally accepted, even their Halloween, we must celebrate it oh, after all everything white is considered 'pure' 'acceptable' 'good'

    3. @Don
      There is only one God. All those things you refer to as god are no god.

    4. Don do you worship Satan?

    5. You wrote "of course" like you're experienced. Tell us more please

    6. @Legal chic
      that you consider Halloween pure doesn't mean everyone does. I don't. it is Satanic worship
      And why are you typing on a white man's phone and tablet, wearing his clothes and living
      in his type of house instead of in a cave?

  9. Summary of the three:
    Romans 1: They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator--who is forever praised. Amen.

    1. That's your foreign religion.
      It's not better or above other religions.
      Your religion is not any superior to that of others.

    2. @Don
      Foreign religion, really?
      Why are you typing and reading on a foreign smart phone?
      Why not use ogene to do town crying to communicate in your native way?
      Why are you bearing a foreign name?
      And you are writing in a foreign language instead of in Yoruba or Ibibio?
      And wear foreign clothes and ride in foreign cars and buses?
      Have you ever entered a foreign plane or ship?
      Oh I even forgot that you went to a foreign educational institution in Naija
      instead of learning palm wine tapping and hunting with bow and arrow.
      Please you have no business on a blog that writes in a foreign language...

      Since anything about God is pain you this much, check if you have theophobia
      there is help available.

    3. @Don
      The gadget you are using to type is foreign. Same as the language.

  10. It still marvels me how hypocritical we are in this side. We judge people just because they sin differently. Here we see traditionalists as evils or devil worshippers even when they might be more righteous than we are.

  11. While I do not believe in any animal or blood offering to any deity, Africa cannot be allowed to become a Christian or Muslim continent. African traditional religion must be protected and the practitioners protected. There are hundreds if not thousands of traditional practices and beliefs that do not involve any blood sacrifices. The religious scholars should band together across the continent to highlight and protect the good and uplifting traditional practices and bring these religions to light so others can consider them as options to join just as they do Christianity and Islam.

  12. The last time I checked, tradition is still a religion. Whatever works for anyone. Same thing like a lady who took a man's pics to Shiloh or to the alter for prayers and another woman who took a man pics to the shrine. They both have one thing in common, for the man to look their way. How then do you judge these two scenario?

    1. @ TeeJay
      If your tradition is your religion, then you do not have the mind of Christ. Stop blowing hot and cold, belong in one place.

    2. Hahahaha but why do men never carry women's picture to anywhere??
      I'm a christian but can never take a man's picture to anywhere biko.
      You can't pray a man into loving you.

  13. Everyone believes their form of religion is the right path to nirvana/eternity, condemning the rest.

    1. Yes, different God but sake devil, demon and Satan.

  14. The question is which will you enter at night when stranded?

    A. pay a huge fare for the one with crucifix of christ or muslim bead.

    B. free of charge for the one with calabash ๐Ÿ˜

  15. Because Religious imperialism.

    Throughout history, When 2 civilizations meet, different aspects of culture synthesize but none fizzles away.

    *When the Aryans met people of the Indus valley, Hinduism was birthed. Aryans imposed their religion on their hosts. I don't know if any original Indus traditional worshipper exist, I am guessing they would be what traditional worshippers are.

    *When Arabs and Berbers mixed with Hausas, cultures synthesized. Settlers imposed Islam on hosts. The original hausa practising his religion was seen as pagan.

    *History replays: Europeans mix with tribal Africans, culture synthesizes, religion is imposed.


    The last knights of tradition are dying. There exist people who have sympathies for the old, mixing two, that's why the Igbo folk singer Seven-Seven said he goes to church because church-goers go to heaven and he worships traditional gods because traditional-worshippers eat enough chicken

    1. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ.. Your last paragraph..

  16. I really think the main issue is that African Traditional Religions have (wrongfully) become synonymous with jazz. So there is fear of anything traditional worship.
    I believe it’s possible to be a traditional worshipper without engaging in jazz, but the line is so thin that it’s hard to separate both.

  17. This is because a prophet is not respected in his own land.

  18. African man accepted colonialism in exchange to his religion, they introduced Christianity and moslem to the african man.And he reject his African tradition believes and accept the religion of the colonel masters, African man is being blinded by religion that we now believe that someone who does not practice our religion is a sinner

  19. That's what white man's borrowed religion has done to us here.
    Nigerian w no critical thinking, once it's foreign, it's okay but once it's their own, it's evil, diabolic.

    Even the educated ones are the worst.

    1. @Don
      So why did you borrow white man's
      social media
      Please do quickly and throw away all the things you borrowed from white man inugo?
      strip yourself, enter the cave and eat insects.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    2. It's only a dumb ass will think all what you listed up there are foreign things.
      slavery didn't let you know your history.

  20. Do you know the processes these traditionalist follow? All the blood sacrifice? It take 12 human heads to bury an Oba. Let’s not talk about the backwardness. Killing of twins, woman drinking her husbands dead body water, sacrificing virgins to save the land. So many crazy things. Talk to any convert and you’ll understand what I’m saying. Most religions don’t practice human sacrifice.


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