Stella Dimoko Cleric Granted Divorce After Catching His Wife With Another Man..


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Friday, February 28, 2020

Cleric Granted Divorce After Catching His Wife With Another Man..

An Islamic cleric,Ahmed Salisu has been granted divorce from his wife, Fatimo by an Igando Customary Court after he revealed that he had caught his wife with a man in a hotel.

The court dissolved the 28 year old marriage after the man revealed the extent his wife, Fatimo had gone to humiliate him before neighbours, friends and family

“My wife is unfaithful to me, she is dating different men in our neighbourhood and she has the guts to bring them into our matrimonial home.
“I once caught her red-handed with a man in a hotel.”
The petitioner accused his wife of planning to kill him so that she can inherit his house.

The husband said his wife lacked respect for members of his family, adding that Fatimo was always fighting them whenever they came to visit him.
“My wife detests my siblings; she cut my elder brother with a machete which landed him in the hospital.

“She fought with my elder sister and also shouted thief repeatedly at my younger brother, when he came to my house.
“My brother could have been lynched because people thought he was a real thief, but God saved him.”

The petitioner said his wife was violent and was always bringing out a knife, threatening to stab him at the slightest misunderstanding.
He said the development made him to leave the house in 2016 to avoid being killed.

The petitioner said that Fatimo fought him in the public and tore his clothes.
Salisu pleaded with the court to terminate the marriage because he was no longer interested.

Fatimo, on the other hand denied all the accusations and begged the court not to grant her husband’s wish because she was still in love with him.
The mother of four denied having any extramarital affairs with anyone.
“I have been faithful to my husband from the inception of our marriage; I was not the one he saw with a man in hotel, he mistook me for another woman." she pleaded.

She further revealed her husband was threatening to kill her, adding that he once pushed her onto a moving vehicle and was injured.
“He beats me at any slight provocation, I have been enduring the marriage from the beginning, but I don’t just want to leave because of my children.
“He left the house six years ago and refused to pick my calls; I have been the one shouldering his responsibilities.”

The respondent said she never fought with any member of her husband’s family and never called her brother-in-law thief.

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  1. Imagine his house or our house after 28 yrs...Selfish man

    1. Same way you're slefish too. Your money is yours while men money are ours.
      You women are not any better, if that's what you want to say. .

  2. That woman is a Liar!!!

    How can your husband mistook you for another woman?

    Let the cheat and lying wife go!!!

    1. The woman might not be lying. My father’s friend, came to the house one afternoon. He was visibly upset and started saying how he thought l was a good girl and he didn’t know l am rotten now.
      My grandpa asked him what was wrong. He started talking about how he saw me with a man in the roadside. That the man was squeezing my butt openly. He was so angry while reporting me to my grandfather. He didn’t think of how l made it home via public transportation from where he supposedly saw me. After he finished, my grandpa told him l hadn’t left the house all day. I was typing some documents for him. The man became confused. But if l wasn’t home, l am sure they would have believed him. I never said a word to that man after that.

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

    3. The woman might not be lying. I was sharing a flat with my friend(T). One day her friend(U) came visiting and she said she saw me somewhere. My friend(T) told her I wasn't the person she saw. When all this discussion was going on I was in my room while they were in the lounge. So it could be mistaken identity. Since then I just dey look(U) with side eye.

  3. I honestly think this man is the one with the bigger issues. He did not deny being violent. He did not explain refusing to be financially responsible at home even if it means giving their older children money directly. Instead of seeking Islamic divorce so his colleagues can pick apart his wild claims, he went to an already burdened court. Who are his witnesses about the hotel incident? What did the neighbors say about the alleged philandering? I think oga has found another amaria he can deceive and since he can't afford 2 wives, he opted for this drama.

    This man to me, is the type that would make you mad then claim he can't live with a lunatic. He pushed her to the point where she misbehaved publicly and the woman who had been enduring the beating and his financial irresponsibility started cracking and leaving some evidence. She endured for too long. Now, he has what he wants.

  4. Women have been cheating before the birth of Jesus. I have a friend that cheats and knows that I know but even when we are inside the room talking, she still find a way to justify it and believes inside her mind that she isn’t cheating. Even our mothers sef are not left out! It was just a taboo to say it but now that the world is woke, let’s say it as it is.

    Abi is it not this same blog that almost all women were confessing to cheating in the anonymous rant and women like to believe that men don’t know. Men know! It was just taboo to say it and cus of shame.

    1. Oh please. Men are convinced a lot of women cheat because of their own deceitful cheating ways. Both husband and wife sound awful and are best apart. Time will tell who is being truthful.

  5. Madam abeg pack your load and go... what kind of yeye love? He doesn’t deserve you ma, you are too good for him. After turning the poor woman to a lunatic with your terrible character, you turned the table against her. Fear men😑😑😑

  6. Whether she is guilty or she is guilty, the thing is not working. Let everyone go their separate ways. They are already using knife to threaten each other. Its better they are alive so the children will know where to find them. Why is she telling the court not to dissolve them. Person wey don clear since.

  7. It's like na horrible people ey stay this igando.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

    1. It is the area where the court is.

  8. This Igando every time... lol!

  9. Replies
    1. Ikeja court nor de release their own


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