Stella Dimoko Lady Calls Out Federal Airport Authority Of Nigeria Taskforce For Alleged Exortion


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Monday, February 10, 2020

Lady Calls Out Federal Airport Authority Of Nigeria Taskforce For Alleged Exortion

Please read and be the Judge between Lady calling out and FAAN Lagos,Offcials being called out.....

Her complaint is thus........

''Good day mama blogger. God bless you real good for the various lives you have been touching positively and also for using your platform to correct some abnormalities in our society. It is due to this that I plead to use your formidable platform to expose a negative activity being carried out by the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) taskforce (Lagos state).

On Saturday 8th Febuary, 2020, I went to drop a friend at MM1. Immediately, I drove out of the zone cos it's just a drop-off zone. About the time I drove out, my phone rang. I had my earpiece hung on my rear mirror. To take it, I'd to pull-over. I didn't off my engine, my windows were up and it wasn't even up to 10 seconds, these so- called FAAN taskforce just blocked my car. Next thing, this guy banged on my window. 

I rolled it down, he stretched his flirty hands in and opened the door from inside the car. Next thing, he switched off my engine and told me to get down for one of his hungry boys to drive. In all these drama, I remained calm. I moved over to the passenger side and the boy drove my car. He drove me to the FAAN compound, opposite MM2. I tried to explain myself to the man forming boss in the office. All explanations fell on deaf ear. He was even very rude. He kept shouting at me. 

Eventually, I was given a fine of #15,000. I resorted to begging them. After all said and done, the penalty was dropped to #10,000. Stella, they even showed me the ATM to withdraw money. 

At some point, I approached an office around there. I met a man and woman (both staff of FAAN). They claimed that the guys have just been exorting people and nobody has ever written a petition against them. They said all sorts of drama everyday. You need to see how they kept driving loads of cars in and exhorting each person with a #10,000 penalty. While there, nothing less than 10 cars were "apprehended".

 Imagine arresting a man who only slowed down to ask a pedestrian a simple question?! (That was the story of a uber driver whose car was arrested).

Loosing my 10k to these thieves was really painful but then, when are we gonna stop all these kind of rubbish?

I intend to write a petition and copy all the appropriate authorities (anyone with an idea of what to do?).One of those men in the office gave his name as Tayo (I don't know if it is his real name).

We really need to know if this is what FAAN asked these guys to do or they are acting beyond their powers. If it was a case of cars parked at a towing zone, they will be justified but how do we explain a man pulling over just to pick the hans free to pick a call?''

*Madam go ahead with the petition.


  1. Can good news ever come out of Nigeria?

  2. They increased the amount?

    These scoundrels have dealt with me too but i think they have the backing of the powers that be!

    They deflated my tires and after paying the fine i had to pay their inhouse vulcanizer at higher rates than the regular to pump my tires...

    You could pursue your petition but lets know how it went

  3. Madam, did you turn your flashlights on? Please, be honest with your answer.

    If yes, you can go ahead with your petition, if no, please, let the sleeping dogs lie.

    Those task force officials are not professional though.

    1. It is not about turning on the flashlights, he was wrong the minute he parked to take his earpiece,the ORDER says NO PARKING. Same at the arrival wing, twice last month I beat them to their own game,I had to go round on snailspeed 6 whole times, until our guest(a couple got stamped in,they delayed them to force some pounds out of their wallets but they refused). By 6th round I spotted them and opened the books without coming down.
      2nd scenario, I had to head down to The Mobil Drive_Through Filling Station on Airport Road to park,booked an Uber and went back to arrivals, see argument o, 2guys strictly on a business visa, some Immigration guy insisted they must not enter until he gets 'an approval from Abuja' haba. What nonsense approval? Thank God for free wifi as we got linked and calls to their superiors made them back down, they wanted to extort N20K from them,by the time I showed up one at the Cafe Lounge trying to speak their language disappeared.

      Mr Yinka sorry for the embarrassment and extortion but next time let the caller wait. There are more rogues than descent officers at MMIA.

      Ms A how you doin?

  4. Nija my country.If you can, Go ahead please

  5. This was the same thing they did to my mom. She was charged 12k those people are animals

  6. Thanks madam Stella for posting my case. My hazard lights were on (I guess I forgot to include that). My engine was on as well.
    I really need advice on how to go about the petition. Anyone with an idea?
    Meanwhile, I be man o, not woman.
    Thanks Stells, God bless you!

  7. I cried so hard 2years ago,my MIL was travelling,so I dropped her and the bags,gave her my handbag too and moved 5feets before I remembered there would be no money to pay car park,so I moved few feet's down,parked and a man approached to tell me if I want to park there its 2k,I said I was going to go to the park but I need to get my bag inside,he said they won't hear story o,I ran inside and got back less than 3mins to meet my tires locked,apparently the man was part of them and since I said I can't pay the 2k he called the guys to come lock,It was not even the 5k that was that painful but the guts to lock only mine among plenty cars both back and front๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

  8. That doesn't matter to them,I remember my hazard lights were on when they decided to clamp my tire.Nigeria is a funny place....

  9. This is exactly my story. I wanted to meet a traveler at the airport to drop a package for my hubby. As I approached the car park I remembered I hadn’t even called him to ask if I should just drive by at the drop off point or I should park at the car park and wait for him. Immediately I pulled off to take my phone, I mean immediately these guys just jumped in front of my car. They towed my vehicle to their hidden office and there I met a man who was traveling out but had a crisis in the car, the driver pulled over to get him his medications, they saw the drugs in his hands o, but they still gave both of us 10k fine. Wetin we no use beg them. I had to call someone to help me transfer 10k cuz I no get 1kobo that day to pay. Those guys are too raw, they do not listen to any sense of reasoning. Nigeria I hail thee.

  10. Government will not listen. Acting like they dont know these things are happening!

  11. This is very sad. Please go ahead with the petition.

  12. These thieves are everywhere and the Airport Authority are in the know. I have encountered them both at Abuja and PH airport. Those in Abuja are hardened criminals they collected 15k after my refusal and later begging for over 5hrs. One kind hearted madam even opted to pay for me but I said no that I must see the end of the matter, las las I gave them the money when it appeared that nothing is going to happen. I wish I had potent curse to place on those guys.


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