Stella Dimoko Man Shares Interesting Marriage Tips As He Celebrates His 16th Wedding Anniversary


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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Man Shares Interesting Marriage Tips As He Celebrates His 16th Wedding Anniversary

This piece of advice cannot be bought in the market...........


  1. Plenty wisdom on what he wrote up there. Happy anniversary to you and your wiffy. You are very right when you said look once but when youook the second time it will hurt your marriage, the second time is the cheating there not the first time.

  2. That number 3 is so true for most. It is when you are already married that you would start to see your spec. Varieties of good looking people but you can't do anything because you are already married. It takes the grace of God to have sense.

    1. May God continue to bless your home Mr and Mrs.
      Those are words of wisdom on marble.

    2. I have been married for over 15 years and every tip he gave there is on point. You will definitely need to go thru all those phases and not let them break you. Love and making your marriage work are decisions that should not be ruled by our emotions. A marriage that survives its first bumpy 5 years is likely to be long lasting but you must allow your self to work through those bumps and not ignore or suppress them. Men are very bad in communicating..that is one big challenge in marriages. They just want to roll on and not take responsibility or accountability so they rather not even discuss the issue. I always say though that both parties must want a marriage to work if it must .

  3. Good one!Very practical pieces of advice.

    I too have three adopted siblings.

  4. Aptly written.
    Happy Anniversary to the Udons.
    16years together surely calls for celebrating!

  5. This is a well balanced advice.. Happy anniversary sir.

  6. Wow, good for copying, laminate, paste & share.

  7. My neigbour needs to read and take a leaf from this dude.
    Woman is mean!!!


  8. Can’t even identify the maid here. Those that are supposed to see this, learn & change for good ,will not .

  9. Happy anniversary.
    Your points are valid.

    Just like us, 5 + 3others, it is tedious but God is Awesome.


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