Stella Dimoko Minister Of Works And Housing Fashola Says Nollywood Is Promoting Money Rituals And Kidnappings


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Sunday, February 09, 2020

Minister Of Works And Housing Fashola Says Nollywood Is Promoting Money Rituals And Kidnappings

Former governor of Lagos state and current Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola has called for a change of narrative in our home movies which reinforces the wrong belief that ritual killings bring money. 

The minister who was a guest speaker at the fourth annual public lecture /symposium organised by the United Action for Change and themed, ‘Security of citizens as a social contract' said such beliefs portrayed in our home made movies has increased the rate of kidnappings and ritual killings.

He noted that money was man made and not from God, so anyone involved in killing for money was pursuing a myth and not reality.

Fashola said , “Some people believe that if you get a man ’s head or a woman ’s body parts, they could be turned into money. It’s not true! And when you ask people who believe in it if they have seen it happen before, they tell you someone said they had seen it.

He called for a change in the art of story telling in movie production ,that instead of making money through rituals, producers should make the people realise that money is printed only through a machine.

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  1. You are so right Sir.

  2. Story!!! The bad economy has pushed the ones who are desperate to take a short cut!!! What about you politicians who steal money that people are supposed to use and access good education(if the govt had built standard schools), get a job( if the govt had built industries) etc. If you guys the so called leaders, politicians had put the money of the country to good use Nigeria would have been a HOME but you guys raped, are raping and still raping this country and you say??? . With all Hollywood is acting has America caught fire???? What about Bollywood? Please leave nollywood alone and advice yourself and your brothers who are pen theives. Say after me with your hand on your chest "Babatunde Fashola!!! Before I start pointing fingers, all the Money I and my fellow politicians have stolen, has robbed a lot of people their dreams and on the last day I will have no hiding place!!! Lord I admit I am part of the problem, help me and my fellow thrives to change ANDRETURN ALL we hHAVE stolen so that we can rebuild this country Nigeria to what it was supposed to be in Jesus name Amen.

  3. I agree with him on this, yes that's what happens in our society but its overflogged and we, as a people are much more than that.some filmmakers have caught the memo though.

    I feel there are a lot of untapped stories. There is no better time to be a filmmaker in Nigeria, personally I feel the west is running out of movie ideas with the number of remakes and Disney translating all their animated movies into live action movies

    Imagine biopics about Rashidi Yekini, Chinua Achebe, Etim Esin, USA 94, June 12, May 29. Animations about Sango, Amadioha, Princess Moremi, Princess Amina of Zazzau etc

    1. You just gave out very important untapped area that acting can translate into for free. Let's see if one of them will read it and rake in millions for himself meanwhile NA YOUR IDEA!!!

    2. How much recognition, awards and honour did movies like 93 days and dry garner from the Nigerian populace/ award organizers? Dem no see shingba....just like the music industry is filled with and mostly celebrated for nonsense lyrics and videos, the Nollywood industry celebrates shitty scripts and acting that's why you see every tom, dick and harr(y/iet) acting, writing, directing and producing substance, just bland entertainment abi torture.

  4. You are a mad man. In what way did they promote such ?

  5. And when you and your kind steal money for road repairs and and people from accidents from bad roads, is that not blood money?

    When people die in hospitals under government management because of being under funded because funds are stolen, is that not ritual money?

    When people die of "bad fuel" in gen sets and money meant for fixing the power sector is cornered into private pocket, is that not ritual money?

    Face your ministries, Oga, and find a way to lift the sufferings of people

    1. Baltika 9 God bless you!!! Loud it!!! Imagine grade one ritualists pointing fingers!!!

  6. Nigeria Film and Census Board take note!
    It's obvious the board is not doing their work.
    Set the bar higher.

  7. N. Dr. Agwoturumbe9 February 2020 at 14:23

    Is he suggesting Nigerians should go into money printing? Isn’t that called counterfeit? Oga minister, Nollywood is not the problem. You are! Build roads and provide 24 hour electricity and see NIGERIAN youth and economy take off.

  8. Yes, Yoruba Nollywood has to do better with their stories. It's trues that most plots are around money rituals. There are so many untapped stories.

    1. There is nothing like Yoruba Nollywood. Stop being petty, bigotry is a disease

  9. Korean films are majorly on the history of the country, about corruption in their government and society but in Nigeria, our films are majorly on blood money, rituals, many of their films have no content and add no value, nothing to learn from. Yes, I support him because he is saying the truth. Give us films about our founding fathers, how they fought for our independence. Give us films with content and value.

  10. That's the least among what worries Nigerians.
    How many Nigerians have house to live in?
    How many Nigerians live in squalor, slums even inside water?
    How may roads in Nigeria have drum holes and are burring people everyday
    -especially in the south east?
    Minister of works and housing indeed. 😏😏😏😏😏

  11. True. 8 out of 10 Nollywood movies, glorify the negative. Out of a 90min screen time for a movie, 70mins glorifies the negative then less than 20min for the reinforcement of the consequences. Who are we deceiving?? For those shouting HOLLYWOOD/BOLLYWOOD, go watch those movies and do your analysis.
    Are the negatives the only stories that can be told in NOLLYWOOD?? What happened to motivational/inspiring stories that abound in other climes but only seen here rarely.
    God really needs to help us.

  12. Money rituals is real,very very real,you all don't want to know the extent some people are willing to go just to make it,when you have gone very deep into the spiritual ehn,you nor go dey talk to people anyhow.

  13. Let's compare and contrast with a thriving economy. Chinese movies are always about fighting nonsensical fights without direction. Are you saying that translates to economic development? I'm so tired of APC. Big disappointment to me. Each time they speak you cringe. But not you too Fash? I gave you credit for better!


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