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Friday, February 21, 2020

Mrs Dee's Corner -The Strange Employer...

There are certain incidents that occur in one's life which when holistically considered appears odd, but finding the motive behind the weird behaviour might be elusive and mysterious.

I've experienced one of such, and till tomorrow I can never tell what truly went on.

As a young graduate waiting for service year, I began to search for a job. Each morning I would trek through the streets of Aba to apply for jobs that were displayed on chalkboards in front of stores.

I got lucky in the third week or so I thought and was employed as a sales girl in a big warehouse that sold white cement and moulding sponge.

I was diligent in my work, but I noticed some strange things about the man who employed me.

Each time he came to his warehouse, the first thing he did was to urinate in the toilet, but he never flushed it. I solely did that because later in the day when I wanted to pee, his unflushed urine would be staring at me . It was strange because someone who just left his home in the morning should not be pressed within the short time he arrived. My early morning silent prayers were always met with interrogations.

When labourers unloaded cement for him he always dropped the money on the table and never gave it to them in their hands.

To cut the long story short, I finally went to serve and that was when the strange coincidences started occurring. Each time I prayed warfare prayers at midnight fervently, the first person to call me the next day would be him. This happened consistently till I was worried and stopped picking his calls but he still continued calling the next day after fervent night prayers.

I finished serving, got another job and the calls would always come in right after hubby and I came back from church vigils. The weirdest incident was when we travelled for my introduction, on our way back to our base he called me so much in the bus that I was almost tempted to pick. He later sent a text begging me to pick up my calls that he had an urgent message for me. I wondered about the urgency that made him send a text but did not permit him to relay such important message through text.

One day, I confided in a prayer leader in church and after he prayed for me, that was the last time he called.

Till date, I still ask myself questions on what was really going on with him and his strange calls.

PS- I couldn't block him then because my phone had no blocking feature.

*Why didnt you pick the calls to see what he had to say?Maybe he died and that was why he stopped...Maybe you could have preached and saved him if you think he was wah


  1. I will believe this because something similar has happened to me in my office. Each time I go to use the toilet I will see poopoo, and I kept wondering what was wrong, why will an office of only women be having such issues, until my boss that liked me so much started having issues with me. My paddy in the office, who was my bosses right hand guy and my close friend started working against me. Then I understood what a senior colleague once told me that such things are done as jazz. Since then, me that used to enjoy supernatural favour started having it tough. people that used to like me no longer like me at times it's like I irritate them. God will surely turn everything around for me because my hands are clean and I have done no evil to anyone.

    1. Some people are just dirty or lack the habit to flush toilets after use. Not everything is diabolical. Also note that your fears have a way of becoming self fulfilling.

  2. Good thing you stopped taking his calls. Better safe than sorry.

  3. Stella was right. If you are really a christian, you would have converted him if he is diabolical. But fear no allow you sha.

    1. Abeg go and sleep. She should convert him cos that's her mission on earth right? Rubbish talk

    2. How many of the witches and wizards in your village have you converted?

  4. prayers especially Night watch is what a lot of my Sisis take for granted
    when they get married. Before marriage, they will be running from Mountain to fires
    to pray and fast to grab a dude. But once they marry, they go turn to "oriaku" -squanderer of
    wealth. 😮😮
    They will become round and their arms will be like 🤐🤐 and they begin to sleep. Ahaaaa
    na that time, Ekwensu -Satan go go overdrive and begin to wreck their marriages.
    Watch and pray so that you won't fall into temptations.
    Ha ga anukwanu -will they hear? 😘😘

  5. You could have picked his calls who knows what he had to say


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