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Thursday, February 06, 2020

Thursday IHN

There is hidden 'shoki aaaah' in todays in house news!!!

I am so sorry guys,I actually wanted to reveal what Cookie and cream mean but i have been advised against it by Cookies and cream for reason best known to

Let us just forget it and move on huh?

In house news will be back on Monday with loads of Valentine adverts!


Hello Stella...My name is Emmanuel Charleston, a friend of mine (Funmi) has been telling me about your platform so I have decided to give it a shot.
I am from Anambra, I'm 34yrs old, I am single and ready for a serious relationship that will be productive, Any sincere single babe in the house?

My whatsapp no is 08085850984

Wey dem?If you give Cookie on first day of meeting,please dont contact him..

If you ask for transport money on first day of meeting please dont contact him...
If you send bills for making your hair every other week,please waka farrrrrrr

If you are single and sincere and ready to mingle,then by all means contact him and stay real....

Charles behave yourself eeeeeeeeeeeh


Women are wired to be able to do anything and that is why God named us 

I had to do everything by myself here in the helps you bond beautifully with your baby and you enjoy the peace and quiet....If your mum is not given visa,you can do it alone....The woman in you will come out!!!
Please let us know how it goes...We are here to give you tips on how to do your own Omugwo,OK?


Tales of a new tenant..

My lovely SDK yard people I salute u all.

Maami Stella thanks for what u are doing here.
That anon that's saying I am a gossip..yes o I agree and just as I said u,oo na amebo like me so stop pretending.

Back to my gist..

As my hubby left yesterday morning I fly enter my neighbor's flat,she was alone with her baby.After exchanging pleasantries I sat I didn't want to be a first to bring up d topic. 

I carried her baby.Then she started by saying dat she suspects her hubby is cheating on her. I asked y.she said she only asked him to gbensh so to no if he's really cheating cos since she gave birth,he's been avoiding her.That I no dis men can be since he refused dat means he's guilty.Me Sha I just advised her to take it easy with him and allow her ponyor to heal first o.

Hmm my people,I dey suspect dis our landlord o..a young guy that's not up to 30yrs o.He schooled in Malay..came back built houses and currently building a shopping mail.He doesn't do any work o.The way he carries babes eeh..a day he can carry 4 girls..if he drop one as he's coming back he's bringing another.
infact story dey o and I suspect he's in Yahoo.
Abeg make I complete my lesson plan.i dey come.
Amebo na work.

Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha sweet gist



So, i made up my mind not to return to this marriage this January. All effort to raise money for a room apartment failed, i was only able to raise 50k which cant even get me any thing here in Abuja as i have no where else to go. Coming back to my matrimonial home in January, everything seems fine as if he had turned a new leaf. Only for last night, he came home late at 1am. I just opened the door and turned to go back to sleep only for him to hold me by me chest , twisting my boobs, saying why didn't i close the door after him.

 I thought i was going to die, the pain on my boobs was so much, up till now its just as if my breast are breathing on their own. I don't even know how i manage to get off his grip after jerking me. God, its as if an embargo has been placed on my getting a job and being happy. I just want to be alive for my children, i don't want this marriage anymore.....

Domestic Violence?dont you have family or friends to help you?Please stop trying to do it alone or being ashamed,if it is not working out and you are being abused,cry out before one of you loses your life in the toxic atmosphere....CRY OUT FOR HELP!!!!
This makes me wonder where BV Flora is now and if she is OK.......



November 2018 I was pregnant with no job when hubby lost his own job. February 2019 I gave birth to our baby and hunger became part of us.
My husband has an elder sister that was living a lavish lifestyle so he was begging her to borrow him 500k to add to the little we had so he can start up a business but she kept saying she don't have.

It got to a point I even had to send her an SMS begging her to send us foodstuffs cos I was breastfeeding exclusively and had no food to eat. She ignored my message till hubby called to ask her if she got my message and she asked him "is it that bad" hubby told her yes,and she said she will do something. Well,up till today she's yet to do something. Thank God things has changed late last year .

Yesterday night she came to our house and told hubby that a male friend she borrowed #3million since February last year (exactly the time we were begging her even for food),has refused to pay her back instead he's insulting her that she can not do anything,cos she has no proof. In her words, she said she had over 40million naira doing nothing in her account then so why won't she borrow her friend ordinary 3m".
She's now asking hubby to go fight the guy and prove to him she has somebody. Can you imagine?

This life eh...Wetin Stella no go hear for Germany?your hubby should tell her a plain NO..she is a wicked person...Its OK that she may not have wanted to give you guys her money but to come and expect him to fight for her is wickedness and an entitlement mentality that must be corrected.
Abeg finish the gist for us..what happened last last?



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    You’re probably falling apart right now. Breaking down into tears, unknowingly creating a river because the person who has been the source of your happiness has grown tired of seeing you smile. You probably feel empty – as if there is a vast void inside of you and it consumes you inch by inch because the person who you thought would stay forever has walked away. They took everything you had to give, maybe so much more and now you’re left with nothing but cuts and bruises. Your heart is probably shattered into shards like broken glass. They crushed it with their own hands the moment they decided that you were no longer the person they wanted to be with. I know it hurts. The pain is insurmountable that you feel like it will never get better.

    But trust me, it does.

    Every day, a piece of you will slowly fall into place. The river of tears you cried will slowly dry. And after struggling with loneliness and sadness, you will find something to be happy about – the little things. Like getting out of bed without feeling drained of all the energy you have, or simply having the strength to go out again after isolating yourself to the world. Slowly but surely, the void deep down inside of you will vanish. You will be whole again not because of someone else – you will be whole again because losing them meant finding yourself. When that happens, use the shards of your broken heart to give color to a blank canvas.

    Show the world that a broken heart can result in a masterpiece.

    Pick up the fragments that they left you with and build a home within yourself because you have grown tired of looking for a place to stay in somebody else’s arms. Let the stars be in awe of how you put yourself back together after a massive hurricane.

    I promise you, you will be okay. Things will get better. It won’t be an easy road but it’s a path you’ve got to take. Take your time. Enjoy the bumpy, crazy roller-coaster ride of emotions. And always keep in mind that broken things are still beautiful and it can be fixed, it might not be as it was before but the beauty of it will still remain and that is a masterpiece. ICY VALDEZ

  2. Replies
    1. Have been trying to lose weight for sometime now but to no avail!!
      I exercise and diet often but nothing.
      Some days I go fully Hunger strike but cautioned myself maka onya afor.

      My stomach it's even the worst, it keeps getting bigger and I have not given birth o.

      Please, I beg you to share any information that has worked for you or anyone you know with me please ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ. Thanks

    2. Ma'am, going hungry won't make you loose weight. Rather, you should stop late nightfood. Anything from 7pm, do just water.
      No soda,
      No junks,
      Stay away from drinks that do shrruuuu..๐Ÿ˜‚
      Exercise more, walking helps
      No late night food..from 6/7pm., Eat more fruits & take your gym classes seriously. Results won't come all of a sudden it with consistency, you'll see results. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    3. Thank you so so much Stella for posting my advert. I am immensely grateful. God will continue to bless and enlarge your coast. I celebrate you ma.

      Biko BVs patronize me oooh! ๐Ÿ˜

    4. Going hungry will even make you add more weight cos your body will store any food that enters your stomach as it does not know when next it will see food.

      Just cut down on carbs(not totally o cos your body needs it). Reduce the way you eat bread, rice(most white food especially ones that contain flour) red meat etc. Stop taking soda even alcohol, rather make drinking lots of water a habit.

      Eat more of veggies, fruits, foods high in fibre. Swap eba/fufu/semo/wheat with oatmeal, if you can't get oatmeal, then use Quaker oat. Practise portion control. You can even decide to eat up to 4times a day but in small portions. I make a habit of taking water at least 30mins before each meal cos it helps you to not overfeed and at the same time aids digestion.

      Also start exercising especially brisk walking so that your body will be firm as you are shedding the fat. You can take warm water and lemon first thing in the morning, it helps your metabolism.

      But the main key is consistency and determination.

    5. Apple you can loose weight going hungry. But you have to be consistent about it. It works too!

    6. God bless you all for your help.

      I really appreciate!!

      Umuoma, Chukwu gozie unu๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  3. Thursday in house news is here. God bless all the sellers, more customers to y'all.

    Good afternoon everyone ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. That dude Emma

    "...I am single and ready for a serious relationship that will be productive"

    Productive, meaning you and the Sisi go produce pikins (outside wedlock)?
    My sisis make una no share cookies o, he don talk am....

  5. Kai. Ndi mmadu self. Invisible beings. Fastest fingers. I hail o. Less than a minute past 2, all the cards have already been used.
    IHN kaabo.

  6. That couple with stingy sister in law, I hope your husband refused to go and fight o because if he goes and gets killed that money she has refused to assist you with she’d use it to do a big burial. There are many people like her, they’d show off to the world while those in their immediate environment suffer.

    1. Hubby told her (mockingly) to leave the matter for God since she has no proof.

      Stella what happened last year is that hubby got another job and things started picking up small small.๐Ÿ˜

    2. Anon 14;54 I praise God for your family. So in laws are not it at all.

    3. Poster, another angle;

      Your sister-in-law's money may not be pure and they have told her anyone she gives money to will suffer or die. It may be out of love she didn't give her brother (your husband) the money.

      That's what i told myself when a relation refused to help when my family was in crisis. Thank God for God

  7. Been watching 'the Good Place' and I really can't believe how enjoyable this weird storyline is. Who has seen it? What else on Netflix can I see abeg

  8. Hello IHN!

    Interested Bvs for Face of IHN competition should send their entries to my boss

    Thank you

    My boss please tell us what you mean by'cookies and cream'?๐Ÿค” we wanna know o๐Ÿ˜

    1. Heheheheheheheheh. Funny PA

    2. for the past 1year,we are yet to decode what cookies n cream means

  9. Hey Cookie! It's Ballerina tea. Make sure you don't go out on the days you take it ๐Ÿค—

    1. Shooter girl, please shoot me with details on what this tea does? Is it tested and trusted?

    2. @anon, It's a detoxification tea and can purge but funny enough, e no dey purge me.

    3. Thanks anon 18:19. If you truly want to purge though, try miracle seeds. It would purge and detoxify you ehn, your stomach would turn to tap( you would literally hear something like water running in your stomach). I slept in the bathroom the day I took it, like I literally slept there o. I sat on WC to the point that my legs became weak.

  10. This life

    When someone has money like the millions you mentioned above and can't help his immediate relations, it is a diabolic covenant money.
    Part of the blood oath they take is never to give the monies to their blood relations. Satan cannot support family life, marriage or any virtue.
    If you receive that cursed money, you will not use it for anything meaningful, it will just wreck your lives.

    1. Me see it as wickedness and also it depends on what you give to life, is what lives gives to you. It is both physical and spiritual

    2. 14:11

      You are RIGHT

      Such money is NEVER pure!

      I know a family their Dad is a billonaire. His kids all above 30 are suffering. None of them own a bicycle to their name. When they ask him for assistance to start something he will say he sent them to school they should go out there and toil like their mates.

      They kept doing investigations to know if an outside woman was manipulating him or something, yet nothing. All they gain is when they are around him they feed to stupor but once they are back to their base, they go days starving and borrowing individually.

      One of them took matters in her hands and went digging. It was revealed that the man was in occult and cannever use his money to grow his children. If he tries it he will die and they will still suffer because his wealth will go with him.

      That was how they all started going for deliverance and all worth not.

      Life is deep o. They said he cries in pains that he can't help his kids but that's what he signed up for and must obey.

      They are out there now trying to rough it from scratch without his help. Some of them don't even have destinies again as dem don collect am.

  11. Good afternoon blog visitors.

  12. There's this new child actor in Nollywood (Asaba) movies dark skin girl,very good actor,she played Kamsi in the movie wasted Blood. I think she will be the new Regina Daniels. Am I the only that thinks Yul Edochie is a very good actor?

  13. I came to see the meaning of cookies and cream.

  14. Poster that sister in-law refuse to help, some people are like. They prefer to help outsiders than to render help to their siblings. Some just want you to remain in that position so that you won't measure up to them. Thank God things have picked up for you and hubby.

    Happy sales to all the seller.

    Una good afternoon.

  15. When a Naija girl wants to offload husband, she manufactures a DV story.
    I had one like that who told us her husband chased her with a shotgun and she did not leave. The man was loaded then.
    Next she told a story about the man cheating on her and when she questioned him, he slapped her that she was leaving him. We reminded her that she was once chased with gun and she did not leave why now? You know the truth? The man just had a business misfortune and lost everything.
    SOME Naija girls will take bullets and stay in marriage. But once money finishes, they will manufacture tales for pity party goers. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    I hope ndi uta saw that SOME there?
    Okwa ajuju o

    1. You know, yesterday I read your comment and I was pleasantly surprised. I remembered Kamikaze's comment and thought hmmm, maybe it's true. Maybe ANG is changing.

      Fast forward to today, I read this and just shook my head. I've no words.

    2. Shut up , when we thought you were beginning to have sense.

  16. BV Emmanuel, many BVs say they nor like yellow pawpaw men, but, watch them start sending TM... You fine sha, I pray you find a good wife here.

    Pregnant BV in America, why are you depressed because of visa ban?
    Get yourself together and start gathering strength and courage for the days ahead... Sending you love and light ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ’–

    BV in Abuja, you better call your family members and report to them. Find somewhere to go, don't allow that wicked man to kill you there. Marriage is not a do or die affair.

    BV with neighbour gist, keep the gist coming

    BV Nano, its not everybody that lives outside Nigeria that speaks ill of Nigeria... I have been living outside Nigeria for almost a decade and a half, but I will never speak ill of my country. But, you see those ones that have use poverty as chewing sticks, and some of them finally get a way to live Nigeria, they always carry their poor mindset along with them.
    Caesar speaks ill of Nigeria and Nigerian women all the time, don't you see those that supports his writeup? Are many of them not living in Nigeria... If you know you want to move out of Nigeria, you better start respecting your country first.

    I don't care about the do nothing angry faceless trolls

    1. @respecting your country first! Story for the gods!

      I have a lot of friends that saw nija as a shit hole before they left the country. Some in Canada, America, Australia, Cyprus, etc. Person wey go move go still move, respect or no respect.

    2. Thank you Ms A. Loud it abeg.

      14.59, no one is asking anyone not to move wherever the heck they want to move to but it is totally wrong to degrade and speak ill of your home country.

    3. Like you're not one of those that will inbox him. Hypocrite.

  17. Emmanuel you are cute, this is the type we call neck should break girls because he is cute. I wish you all the very best in search for love, to any lady going to contact Emmanuel please be careful as guess with his colour are for everyone. lol

    madam please run for your life, your children are more important than any other person. Your husband want to end your life yet you are there wasting time. No man has the right to treat his wife anyhow, seek for help from family members, church members and see how it goes.

    madam of this life!!!!your husband should ignore that his wicked sister, who does that? she is a wicked, heartless person. You gave your male friend 3m but could not borrow your brother 500k haba what kind of a sister will do that to her brother, you both should ignore, avoid her and say hi from far to her.

  18. Good afternoon bvs,ihn is here , happy Thursday to us all and customers fall on the seller

  19. Fine boy Emma. Wishing you luck. Amebo mind your business. Cringe on the way you dashed into their homes because of amebo.

    The stingy sister in-law, if you love your husband don't agree for him to go and fight. Let him use the energy to make money. Let his sister carry his kaya except she will put it in writing that she will give him 500k of the money.

    Beautiful sales to you all. The madam with husband dv, please see your people and let them know what you are going through. Too many pains in marriages.

    May God Almighty come through for you Amen.

    Too many boasters on this blog kai y

    1. That's true o Stella,I remember Bv Flora. I hope she's fine too. Her husband seized her phone back then. Chai I don tey for this blog o.

  20. Poster with the violent hubby,start saving towards leaving or cry out like stella said.Better safe than sorry.

    This life ehhhh,so your hubby should fight for her and show him she has people after neglecting your pleas for help.How people treat the ones they call family most times is beyond me.Your husband should just ignore her and face his business...she gave him 3m cos she had 40m,you needed just food or even the 500k and she refused,such mean heart.

  21. Sweetlurla finally answered our call. Nice footwears,lemme sharply request for more samples.

  22. Good afternoon everyone....
    Thanks Tante Stella for posting my advert,my God will repay your act of kindness towards my business bountifully...Amen

  23. Thanks Stelz for the advert. Oya customers should fall on all of us.

  24. I met IHN today
    Working 2 jobs nor be play.

    Thank God for the hussle

    1. you should be grateful to God you have two jobs, I'm here praying for just one one in sight

  25. The visa/travel ban does not affect non immigrant visas. please stop crying and educate yourself, you are in America for crying out loud, stop talking like an illiterate!!
    Your mother can and should go for the interview and she would be granted. unless you filed for green card for her then yes she is affected but normal visitors visa is still issued .
    all the best

    1. She has every reason to be upset. Sometimes, they deny a lot of people visiting visas. My friend’s mom went twice and was denied. He was due for deployment and needed help for his wife. He wrote his congressman who made some inquiries and they told him to apply for the immigrant visa. He did and that’s how his mom came.
      BV waiting for her mom. Do not worry. I think she should still go for her interview as scheduled EXCEPT they write you to cancel.

  26. Stella why have you refused to post my story? oh well God found me worthy.

    1. She will post later, don't worry ehn? Be patient. Maybe she wants to post it in a separate post.

  27. Replies
    1. Aftermath of the IBEDC Ibadan fire incident.
      I hope damages are repaired soon.

    2. My sisters.. thank God for generators & fuel oo. Wetin man pikin for do?

  28. Waiting to know what cookies and cream means. Were is BV yori yori pls? IHN fully loaded. Let us know if any one was able to recharge those cards

  29. Nawa for some men ooo.. Poster are you sure your husband was not high on something? How can he disrespect you like that? Pls talk to him about how you are feeling after that incident and make peace with him. Also warn him never to try that with you next time.

  30. Amebo neighbor keep the gist coming

  31. Yummy looking yoghurt.
    Hello BVs. BV Emmanuel, do jeje if any female BV contacts you.

  32. The ban doesn’t affect your mum or anyone going for visit.Its people migrating for green card or passport it affects.BV whose husband is abusing,go to satellite areas (nyanya,maraba,gwagwalada,dutse)you should be able to get house for 50k,it won’t be conducive but you will have peace

    1. I think she is referring to an immigrant visa.

    2. In addition start building your life back up

      Or go to your family for a while , where you can stay a bit
      Clear your head and fast with prayers holding heaven with unshakeable courage and focus

      GOD help me
      Guide me and direct me

  33. Poster sorry for the pain! That was how i had misunderstanding with my hubby last week and he was forming the boss. If i greeted him, he will respond with nose, and aside greetings no communication exist between us, this goes on for two days. The 3rd day after i had took my bath to get ready to go to work, he just walk up to me in the bedroom and told me bodly he want to have me with his face frown. I pause and looked at him without any word, before you knew it, he pushed me on my chest down to the bed because i was siting on the bed. He striped me of my towel and made love to me in a cruel manner with annoyance all over his face. When he finished doing the do, he got up and insult me all he want thinking that i will respond but hell no i choose to go mute because that is the only way i can contol my anger else we could have end up in the hospital. After the this whole mess, as he notice i didnt respond to any of his act, the next thing he started begging, he begged his live out on that faitful day and promise never to do that to me again.

    Some men are inhumane... That is the society we find ourselves.

    Marriage in Nigeria need a lot of patience and wisdom....

    1. That was rape! Wow.

    2. Gangster Christian6 February 2020 at 21:39

      Women bring up human beings as sons

      Fathers be useful.and show your son what it truly means to be a man

      Not all these promiscuous, loud, low self esteem ridden, low intelligence, foolish, lazy, mean and local thinking caricatures nowadays

    3. What do you mean? Instead you should be more sensible and know when to leave an abusive marriage.

  34. Poster with the sister-in-law, I don't know what kind of prayer you were praying but it's good for God to expose your enemies before He blesses you. You think your sister-in-law came to your house with clear eye? You think about it, if you did something like that to someone that trusts and is relying on you, would you go and shamelessly confess such wickedness to them? Lol.

    Blood doesn't make someone family, oh! Let the witch you call your sister-in-law go to the police. She is looking for how to make herself (and not you) a widow. Your husband may not have a job but he is not an agbero for hire to be fighting battles that don't concern him. He has you and baby to take care of, you hear? Better intensify whatever prayers you were praying, so more hidden things can be revealed.

    Chronicle poster of yesterday, I saw on SP that you're thinking of circumcising your daughter. I didn't see it yesterday (even when I comment on posts, there's a 99.9% chance that I will not go back to read it).

    But let me tell you right now that you are a terrible person and a sh*tty excuse for a mother. You want to mutilate a female child to excuse your failure as a mother! You're a wicked creature. That your reproductive system works doesn't mean you should use it. Maybe tomorrow, you'll bathe her with acid if she's beautiful or slice off her breasts when she starts growing - "to stop her from being attractive to men who might rape her". You've already decided that a 3yo is enjoying the result of your negligence. Victim-shaming your own child! Tufiakwa! You won't ask questions in the school "cos you don't want to risk making false allegations" but you want to destroy a child whose only mistake was that she agreed to enter this world through you. If I knew you IRL, I would call in every favour and pull every string I have to, to ensure you go to jail for the rest of your existence. Where is her father? Cos you're not fit to be a parent!

    1. Its so wrong talking to a mother like this over her child,you do not live her life,you dont know her struggles and how can u say its a mistake the baby came through her??why can't you make your points without the judgement and heavy words??

    2. It's like u don't know this bitter judge Judy in disguise as a blog preacher, Anon. Na small small dem dey show themselves

    3. @LagosShopper, the Real OA is not wrong in whatever she said. In fact, everything she said is on point. That woman is not fit to be a mother. Her kind will flog the living daylight out of her daughter and slut shame her if she should confide in her that she was raped.

      Imagine considering mutilating a 3yrs old that is obviously being abused, for what na. As if the circumcision will stop the abuse. If I have the opportunity, I'll take that girl from her. Let me just stop here cos I dey vex since I read that chronicle yesterday.

    4. Eka, you'd better keep shut cos your own bitterness is astronomical. Kindly take a seat and face your life.

    5. There is NOTHING wrong in what she said. Put yourself in the shoes of the 3 year old and read that comment again.

    6. Real OA said nothing but the truth. She's not fit to be a mother. She's secretly blaming that innocent child of hers instead of herself.

      Eka you judge too, what's the difference between the both of you? Difference is she actually said the truth.

    7. I had nightmares over yesterday Chronicle. God knows I kept tossing and turning, I couldn't sleep.

      Honestly,It is difficult not to be hard on the poster. She ruined it with the circumcision angle and suggesting a 3 year old is enjoying sex.

      We will all not see this from the same perspective.

      Poster do right by that child and do not circumcise her. Do not torture that baby God placed in your care anymore when a lot of people are crying to God for the fruit of the womb.

  35. I have been so terrified since morning. I woke up around 4am to check on my mom in her room Cuz i was having a strange feeling. I got to her room and she was not there,then i searched the toilet she was not there too. Then i was walking out of the room to check other rooms in the house just to turn my back to shut the door and i now saw my mum back on the bed at sleep. I have been so scared since morning and i haven't spoke to her about what i saw this morning. Could it be my mum is a???

    1. She been go meeting. God woke you up at that time fir a reason. You better intensify your prayers.
      You know but come here to ask us??

  36. Tell ur husband not to go nd fight anyone. IHN is here,I've send my pic stella for d competition

  37. Which kind mean sister inlaw be this... Na wa oh

  38. Nigerian my country may God help us all.. . Stella you have been on d cookies and cream issue for like ages i believe it high time u tell us d meaning after all it a new decade

  39. Lots of Val gifts packages.. which should I pamper myself with? I don't want delivery issues abeg.
    Chopfresh, thought you were gonn add other side-attractions to the yoghurt for Val sales.. ๐Ÿค” I'm considering some Greek yogurt & cakes maybe I'll get fatter๐Ÿ˜‹

    1. @Odun awww there’s Greek yoghurt also. ๐Ÿ™‚ there’s a Val combo tho it’s with another vendor who makes cake. Maybe I’ll send that one to Stella also.

  40. Silent issue
    I feel your silver in mocking you guys and want you to know she had the money and refused to help .
    She is acting up,someone you rejected ,u know he will definitely will not run that kind of stupid errand.

    1. Maybe not dear,she has a leaky mouth, she may have forgotten how she refused to help us

    2. Poster/16.49 it's okay, stop gloating and being petty. Move on already.

  41. my sis is also wicked and heartless. I remember when hubby was looking for job, we begged her to help , she's a top official in her office ,she kept posting us, as God will do it, hubby got a good paying job witg one of the top paying multi national company in Nigeria, my sis was now telling us she forgot she knows one of the ogas there, that he's a close friend of hers, she got to know my husband salary ,since then she's has been bitter and always quick to verbally abuse me. anyway I have stopped communication with her. bye bye to Yeye sista


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