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Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Hailings to ya all................


Good day Stella,My name is Oge and I would love to be the face of IHN for 26th of February (my birthday).Thanks and God bless you and all the BVs.

Happy Birthday Oge and God bless you too...........



The alert for the giveaway has come and we are looking for four single mothers in NEED and one male in NEED.

Please apply through the office of the PA if you are interested and she will compile a list and get back to me,when we are done verifying double applications and all,names of selected recipients will be announced and the monies will be disbursed.

Please if you are not in need and just want to squander this money,do not apply because..........................


FROM Wednesday Chronicle Poster...

Read Original Chronicle HERE

Keep us updated on whether he accepts you back or not oh....



When you started this nonsense and posted it here,we warned you to stop gbenshing your wifes stepmom,you did not hear and now the bubble is about to not think that you will get away with are about to destroy your home ......Foolish man,others are building and you are are a low life man for stooping so low,your wife deserves better......i pray she finds out sooner than you expect



Pressure is one aspect of life's worries people face on the daily. Notably, pressure could hit one as a result of financial loss, childlessness, marital or indebtedness issues. It could also arise as a result of unattainable goals and aspirations in life. Another strange and funny aspect of pressure is an unhealthy competition and public show-off of material possessions.

Overcoming pressure without understanding actions that necessitated it in the first place will be a fruitless exercise. What are your greatest fear in life? What troubles you the most in life and put unnecessary pressure on you?

Looking back now at those things you were pressurized about at that material time when you thought you will die in the process but here you are today wondering how you came out of it strong and alive. As human, pressure is natural but how do we handle it becomes the issue.

In a moment of pressure, don't take a hasty decision. Look into the bigger picture of life and understand that most decisions reached at such moment often heighten the situation. Secondly, a restless mind can't think appropriate and as such, bound to make some mistakes. At this point, take a break and be calm. Recollect what actions you got wrong that puts you in such pressure and work on it. If you don't tackle the root cause of a problem, you will keep slipping into same situation over and over again.

Pressure isn't meant to break us but teaches us to be responsible with our actions and timing. Always have this in mind and believe that every situation pressuring you now is only but a phase in life that will eventually fade out. In financial indebtedness pressure, do not borrow or gamble to repay your creditor. It will only leave you in more penury.

Finally, when in a grave situation, reach out to expert for counseling. Some counsel words are better than gold.




Some time last year, I decided to go into fairly used clothes business and so I bought a big bale of chiffon clothes for sale. Sadly things didn't go as planned and I lost a lot, so I got discouraged.

 The purpose of sending this email is because I still have some unsold clothes left and they are in good condition. I would like to gift it out to someone...just anyone who might be interested in having it. It has to be picked between now and Sunday. First to come gets it. 

I wish I can take pictures of the content but it is so time consuming. Anyone interested can call me on 07085443418.

Thank you.......


Make: Mercedes Benz
Model: ML 350
Price: 4.5m
Air condition working perfect
Sound engine
Reverse camera
Low mileage
Just arrived yesterday
Just buy and drive
Location: Lagos State, satellite town (not far from festac)



Cleaners needed for immediate employment around Obanikoro Lagos
Salary is 25,000 Naira monthly
Previous work experience
Text: Name, Location and phone No. to 08188502737



Please I seriously need a steady, stable and excellent tailor that is easily accessible for me.
I can be reached on 08029845145
Only around Bodija/ UI/ Iworoad Ibadan.




Please I have 2 49inch hisense tv for sale. It was bought November last year, I want to sell it as I have urgent need for money. I bought the TVs for 97500 each but don’t mind selling it for 50k each. I call be reach on +234 701 747 7623.



Have you been looking for French Original oil perfumes? Search no more, we sell in both wholesale and retail prices, directly from factory.
Get our 12bottles of 3mL for 3,600 naira.
WhatsApp 08123485688.
Instagram @kea_scentz


Express yourself in different ways.....we brand, we print. We delivers nationwide
Facebook page:Lucid media
Instagram :lucidmedia



Wrist watches and accessories is a part of an everyday life style...thus it is a perfect gift for a loved one.
We offer door step/pay on delivery in Abuja only.
Other state delivery is available too...

Call or whatapp : 08022144753.



Perfect playsuit. Can be worn at home, outdoor, beach e.t.c. Available in all sizes #2000 per one. We are located in Lagos and Sango but we deliver nationwide.
Wholesale is 10 pieces for #16000 call/WhatsApp: 09051228071 IG: @playsuits.sleepwears


Interested and serious buyers only should please call/chat us on 07089721449 to place an order, you can also request for more pictures as we have varieties of male shoes, female office flat shoes,sandals, wedges,mules and more


Note: Payment on delivery for Lagos state residents,payment before delivery for non Lagos state residents.
We deliver nationwide.
Location: Lagos.


Make Money from Ankara Business.

Steps to follow if you want to earn up to 50k monthly from sales of Ankara/Asoebi.
1. Pictures of Ankara will be sent to you to advertise/post on your whatsapp status.
2. Customers pick, then order will be sent to us to process.
3. Once we confirm availability, you pay us the money for the order with the delivery fee, without your profit.
4. We send the order to you customer's location.
5. Your customer receives and acknowledge the order.
Please you have to be passionate, and willing to work with us, before you can reach your target.

N.B; Please always charge your customer delivery fee.

WhatsApp; 07037210981
IG; @ankaraowlfabrics
HB 67, kaura modern market, opp prince and princess estate, Abuja.


Vacancy - Customer Service Representatives.(Lagos)

An indigenous dry cleaning company in Ikota/Ajah/VGC axis , requires the service of customer service representatives.

The ideal candidate is a quick learner, has an outgoing professional demeanour and pays good attention to details.

We provide a variety of exceptional garment-based services including dry cleaning, shirt laundry, and couture care. You would be expected to welcome customers, receive and process their garments and complete transactions

Requirements Include:

-Basic computer skills
-MUST live within the Ikota/VGC/Ajah axis
-A pleasant and professional demeanour.
-Able to learn, comprehend, and follow basic instructions for marking and tagging.

-Good hand-eye coordination.
Good communication skills
Experience in a dry cleaning firm is a plus

Flexible schedule including availability on some Saturdays.
Send application and CV to

Application closes March 1, 2020




3bedroom flat for sale, located in an Estate.
All rooms ensuite
price: 23M
For inspection call: 08096335381/ 08037311417



  1. Replies
    1. The people looking for a cleaner with experience, una well so? So some decides to clean for a living because there's nothing better in sight, u still want experience. Just wait, corpers will soon pass out and start looking for jobs. U should give a graduate that mouth watering job of 25k

  2. First to comment

    OAP ada

    1. Pls how do I contact SDKs PA?
      Pls help

  3. How I met my husband...............

    1. Who cares. Shebi you been tell us you were gbenshing up and down just yesterday?

    2. This will be an interesting read

    3. Bring it on baby girlπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
      May God bless the giveaway Angel and SDK.

    4. Eka joy this your marriage dey sweet you like honey sha.

    5. Pls send it even WNB would love to read it.

    6. @man's not nice, having a wonderful husband does that to you. Honestly, it does. And I have a good feeling its gonna be like this for life, maybe even better 😊

  4. Replies
    1. Ola, where have you been?

    2. You are such a funny guy 😊 anyway sha hope you are good.

  5. Good day all,trust the day is going well..

  6. So true God doesn't need actors

  7. Thanks Stellz..
    I'm grateful

    This dubai work visa looks so juicy...
    Or make i apply nii?
    My monthly stipends in Abuja is nothing after transportation cost and sharwamaπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    House agent, you have an apartment for lease?

  8. I just lost my son. He was a teenager. The sister is almost a teenager. I never thought I would have another child but now, I want to.
    I will be turning 40 this year. I feel like I don’t have a lot of time so I wanna get on it.
    Now, hubby has never wanted more than 2 kids. He insists that our family is still complete and my girl is enough. And she is. She’s awesome.
    But I feel like, what if I now get desperate for more children in the future and regret not taking this opportunity now while I still can.
    Yes, I am still mourning but I am forever going to be mourning this child. He thinks I am still deeply mourning so I shouldn’t. He says he thinks I want a replacement child but no one can ever replace what I have lost.
    He says another child would be too stressful but I said What if it is a comfort?
    Somewhere during the discussion, his real fears began to emerge- he said what if the new child falls ill and dies, he’s afraid I won’t be able to handle it? I told him I cannot live my life in fear because the possibility of it happening is very low. It was a very emotional talk. 😭 I haven’t spoken with my daughter yet

    Am I crazy for wanting another child?

    1. May God console and heal you in ways only you can.
      I think you should go ahead and give it another try. But don't forget to hold onto God's words for constant strength & courage!

      Sending you lots of e-hug ma'am❤️

    2. Sincerely accept my condolence on the loss of your dear son...May God almighty grant your the strength to bear this irreparable loss..May he fill the vacuum created as well..
      U are not wrong to want to add another child into your family..Irrespective of the fact that no child can replace your son ,it might go a long way in comforting you and giving you that closure u need to an extent..Do what your heart wants...Children are blessing from God...RIP to your dear son...May God protect your family now and always ,Amen.

    3. Take heart sis....

      pls,have more children,it will reduce the pains...No more loss in ur family in Jesus name

    4. Wow
      Sorry about your loss, I pray God heals your broken heart it's never easy when a mother losses a child

    5. I'm so sorry Ma. May heaven gives you your heart desires and comfort you and your family deeply

    6. So sorry for your loss, your emotional tumults is clearly visible. Be strong and everything will fall into place as your heart desires.

    7. You can try for one more. It will sort of soothe or reduce the pains you are going through. Your daughter is going to be away from home soon so yea I think you should go for it. All the best and so sorry about your loss, be strong, the lord will comfort you all, amen.

    8. Oh my!! So so sorry about your son. No you are not wrong to want to try for another child but please make sure you and hubby are in tandem.
      May I suggest you give him a few months to mourn and then revisit the issue again?
      I pray God comforts and directs you both on the best decision to make.

    9. I read your post with deep hurt
      I'm really sorry and I pray God consoles you and grants your request.
      It's never easy.
      I'm really sorry .

      My mom lost 4 children before I was born and I still cannot imagine what she went through.

      God be with you.

    10. So sorry for your loss. May God be with you. No, you are not crazy for wanting another child pls follow your heart ♥ and make your self happy. Forget about the age factor, I'm almost 40 and about to start a family. Infertility dealt with me but my dear God is supreme. If He says yes no one can say no. All d best. I hope your husband will see reasons with you. Put everything in prayer plss.

    11. Accept my sympathy. May God comfort your family and grant your son eternal rest. I say go for it but get your husband to be in agreement with you. All the best and may affliction never arise a second time.

    12. Accept my condolences madam, may God console and give you and the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

    13. So sorry for your loss, may the Almighty God strengthen you and your family at this dark period.
      There is nothing bad in you trying for another one, pray about it and let your husband see reasons to your choice.
      Sending you hugs and kisses.

    14. Pls try you never know. I am almost 50. But still trusting for one. Ive never been pregnant and in my 6yr of marriage. God's ways are incomprehensible. He can give because He is God and nothing is hard for Him.

      Sorry about your son, May the Lord comfort you the only way He does and give you His peace.

    15. So sorry for your lost dearie... Please go ahead and try for another baby, affliction will not arise the second time.

    16. Hmmmmmmm... Is not easy to lost a love one. May God console you...
      Pls give it a trial God will come through for you and yours.

    17. So sorry my dear. May almighty God console you and your Family Amen.

  9. For that yesterday chronicle poster
    Please plead on behalf of that girl they want
    to sponsor to the university. Let her not miss that
    opportunity. Think about if she is your sister, she made
    a mistake which anybody can make. You too made a mistake
    by throwing away your fiance and he forgave you.
    Why not plead for the forgiveness of another girl that made
    a mistake. She has learnt her lesson and will probably do
    better than any other thy might bring in.

    1. It's called karma, some evil deeds get instant one, you cant prevent it, if they family is bent on sending her away, they will.

    2. Na so,clap for yourself,pls don't even compare the poster's situation and the girl's situation.It is different.I know the poster acted fast but if u were in her shoes, what would you have done.
      And to the girl,didn't she know she has no one before embarking on gossiping spree.Family that took you in, without knowing u, they pitied you,trained you for 5 years yet u betrayed them. I'm happy with the decision the family made.Atleast they want to make her write waec before she leaves.I pray nothing goes wrong in that house before she leaves because I'm suspecting her.
      This is a lesson to people that are staying with families that are helping them,please keep your mouth shut,stop gossiping up and down.You might lose the biggest opportunity of your life.
      Poster, please update us.

    3. Please don’t beg for anybody. The next time she would show herself might be be worse.
      Let her go after her exams.
      Imagine, she isn’t even a blood relative and she’s saying she doesn’t like the girl because she isn’t Yoruba... tribalism at such an early age!

    4. All these chants of karma is sickening. From which Bible do you learn that?πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

    5. @16:12
      I really wonder; the Scriptures talks about forgiveness. Yes, you reap what you sow but there is room for
      repentance and you can be forgiven if you put your faith in Jesus. Karma is an eastern religion's idea of
      retributive justice and there is no room for forgiveness.
      This poster has been forgiven and accepted by a family she so betrayed their trust and could not trust.
      She has been accepted and she is asking what another girl who made a wrong choice like her is doing there.
      It doesn't add up. Sounds so insensitive.

    6. I understand the poster, there are no guarantees with those kind of people. She can scatter the family. She has been forgiven that's why she is still there.

      But with those kind of people you have to very careful.

    7. What are u talking about @ ****
      How did the poster betray that family, u would have same thing if u were in her shoes.why won't she ask what the girl is doing there.If it wasn't for the girl, the poster n her bf wouldn't have broken up,someone that carried family matter and be telling outside people.If that girl was staying with u n she did something like that, won't u drive her away.
      You are the insensitive one here or maybe you are a gossip like the girl.
      That family try sha, cos if na my family, she would have packed out of the house immediately we found out what she did. That girl is wicked. She was even complaining about the poster's wa ooo.

  10. please how can i reach the blog PA

  11. The home man that was gbenshing his step mum inlaw, big congrats. You reap what you sow. I remember BVs here telling you to enjoy it while it lasted. The fun, stolen sex, touches and kisses must have evaporated from your body by the time you got the sms. Your mother in-law, of course, will sing and you have some explaining to do. No hiding place for you.

    How you could not notice the woman was sent to destroy your family beats imagination. If you like forge official trip to Abuja to see bubu to negotiate with Shekau, you must come back to your family.

    Waiting to read as it ends this drama you scripted, produced and directed with the help of your step mum

    1. How come you guys believe this lying scum that has been trying hard to seek attention since last year with this dirty story of sleeping with his MIL.

    2. Anon, I honestly don't understand. The story sounds fake as fuck. I really dunno how people believe it

    3. Do you people believe that dirty guy? I don't believe his stories one bit!

    4. I can't believe people on this blog believe the guys fabricated lies. It could even be a lady sending all this crap πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. To the anons that lacked trust, I hope you have learned from this. Hold that guy tight because there will not be a second chance.

    Good luck.

  13. I LOVE THE SIGN OUT MEME. God bless ALL BVs seeking for help in any way. Ashewo man, I only feel pity for your innocent wife that never deserved a shameless hoe like you.
    A stitch in time saves Nine

  14. Hello IHN πŸ™Œ

    Please if you are in NEED oooo follow the above instructions of my BOSS

    Kindly send mail to

    Thank you!

    1. I need money PA, but I'm not a single mum..πŸ™‚

  15. I hope your wife gets to find out that you pig and her cobra step mum have been sleeping with each other in same house with her. No respect whatsoever.
    Men like you should never get married in the first place. You have nothing to offer other other than pain, sorrow, heart and headache.
    You are a disgrace to yourself and family. I pray she dumps your trifling ass when she finds out. Stupid man.

    1. @Slutty
      The man is a pig but the stepmother is a bigger pig/cobra combined. She opened her legs for him.
      Women decide if sex should take place and doing that in a fellow woman's house is the height of wickedness.

  16. Hi Stell and bvs.. Nna eh, the heat was too much last night. It was the Worst night so far.. Was awake all through sweating profusely including my children. The bedsheets was soaked with sweat. There is fuel in the generator yet we are not allowed to let it run till morning for security reasons. Transformer wahala come join too.
    Bvs abeg I need affordable rechargeable fan of 17-20k.
    Which product is good so I can get it before weekend. Pls don't tell me lontor cos the one i bought barely lasted a yr.
    May we have a fruitful day ahead.

    1. Chei ohhh. And we just bought lontor rechargeable fan last week.

    2. Binatone. It lasts 9 hours but it’s more expensive. Been using mine for over 3 years now and it still lasts that number of hours.

  17. Thanks Stella for posting my pix..Have a blessed day!!

    1. Happy birthday name sake! Wish you long life, good health and prosperity upon the work of your hands in Jesus name, amen!

    2. Happy Birtbday beautiful.
      Wishing you the very best.
      Please have a good time.πŸ’•πŸ’•

    3. Happy birthday Oge, may the new year brings you all your heart desires.

    4. Happy birthday Oge
      God bless your new age

    5. Thank you guys.God bless you all

  18. Sapio Jules, how are you? Hope you are much better today. You're in my prayers xx

  19. Good afternoon everyone..... Thanks ma'am for posting my advert,I appreciate your support towards my business,Go G bless you and yours...Amen

  20. Good afternoon,Stella no work today. Lagos Npower beneficiaries are on strike today. Imagine after working your ads off for more than 3 years (on a meagre salary) for a state and they claim they don't recognize you, the yeye people are short of staff o.

    Infact some other states have started employing their Npower volunteers.

    Let them feel our impact small. No be their fault,make God give us better job.

    1. I felt so angry when I saw that statement made by one dishonourable member. I am in batch B, I teach SS1 A-F each class have at least 100 students. God will remember our good work and bless us with better jobs.

  21. I dunno why you guys give that guy so much attention..Please leave the unfortunate man now..God bless the buyers and sellers..Ekuyoh!!!

    1. Hey darling
      How was your exam and how are you???


  22. man gbenshing stepmum....I dey here dey wait for ur chronicles

  23. Happy birthday Oge. Congratulations to all the business owners, more customers to you. Thank you Tante Stella, God bless you for all that you do. Blog PA, hailings oh!

  24. So sorry for your lose @ Gabby. God will console you and your family.

  25. Hmmmmm, Oge, happy birthday from your fellow hopebay college alumni!!!

  26. That sign out post is made in Nigeria for NIgerians,yeye judges and juddginas

  27. So one would spend closed to 600k for a 120k job


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