Stella Dimoko Actress Omoni Oboli Shares Motivational Message From Isolation Room...


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Monday, March 30, 2020

Actress Omoni Oboli Shares Motivational Message From Isolation Room...

Actress and Producer Omoni Oboli who is presently in Isolation in Canada shared this message on Sunday..She talks about the scare she had and motivates her Instagram followers....


  1. The only phlegm here is that all these are for attention snatching away from covid who has it for now. 😏😏😏😏

  2. Right now,every small ailment i am scared,normal ailment i would pass for malaria,but because of the epidemic,one is just scared unneccessarily..its well with us all

  3. I am not your fan but I pray for you, you will be fine.

  4. Pls I've been having itchy throat and psd, abi what's it called, watery phlegm that drips in my throat which( I spit out rather than swallow) for about ten days now. I gaggled severally with salt water and have been drinking hot water regularly since then. But it hasn't completely left. I sense my nostrils drip slightly sometimes too. No other symptoms. I live alone so I've been self isolating. Can anybody in the healthcare profession advise me? I'm worried. Am I supposed to be worried? Should I call NCDC? No dumb responses from uninformed people please.

    1. No fever? Most likely seasonal allergies. Try to get rid of the dust on surfaces in your house. If you have a rug, get rid of it. Do your laundry, dirty clothes will trigger nasal allergies.
      So my dear, do not freak out. Try what I ve typed up there first.

    2. Anon 11:49 Cont'd:
      If the watery drainage from your nose becomes cloudy to pale yellow, no that you have an infection coming which now might lead you to have a fever, headache, ear ache etc. Remember ear, nose & throat are connected. Then you can call for you to be checked out. Kapisch?
      On the White, keep calm, monitor your Temp i.e if at all you have a thermometer at home.

    3. Wow! Thanks. Everywhere in my mini flat is 'rugged' and I can't remove it on my own plus this is not the time to get close to people and ask for such assistance. I'm thinking of improvising with my humidifier for now.

      Thanks a lot.

      I'll do the laundry too. I also learned just now from Google that my abuse of milk could also be a trigger. I drink milk like water.

      And thanks for calling me 'dear'. I've been so craving that for some time. Living alone is challenging.

    4. You will be fine

    5. If you can get hold of lemon, add it to your hot water drinking and a bit of honey. Let’s just call it your throat disinfectant for now.

      Morning and night before you sleep will be good.
      Even if you call NCDC they will really not do much other than what you are already doing. So long as you are not exhibiting critical symptoms.

    6. Ok, thanks a lot. Amen. I've got honey both no lemons. And I've got a digital thermometer.


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