Stella Dimoko Adventures Of Oko Asawo The Uber Driver - 8


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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Adventures Of Oko Asawo The Uber Driver - 8

Oh My God!!!

I had toiled all day and had very little to show for it. I was very tired but was still bent on making a reasonable amount of money that day. Even though I had planned to sleep at home that night, the thought that I was yet to make half of the day's target made me change my mind.

I positioned my car outside a lounge and placed the taxi inscription I had in my booth on the car so as to attract clients. It was a peculiar night and I had no single customer.

 I regretted coming out that night and resigned myself to fate.

 I watched as people loitered around and was lost in deep thoughts. Not long afterwards, a guy approached me. He needed me to take him and his 3 other friends home. As soon as he mentioned where they were going to, I refused. It was a part of town that had recent cases of incessant armed robbery.

I expressed my concerns about the Vigilante and OPC Security outfits in that place as they may not let us in and didn't want to get into any form of trouble. They assured me everything was fine and that they were well known to the security guys there. I thought about the money to be made and changed my mind.....

On the way, I didn't feel too comfortable with the trip but shrugged off that feeling and continued. It was already around 2am when we got close to the area where they lived. Everywhere was quiet and we didn't see any vehicular movements. I expressed my fears again and these guys assuaged my concerns.

Suddenly, we heard whistles and couldn't really decipher where the sounds were coming from. Right in front of us, about 5 guys with dane guns, cutlasses and sticks blocked us. I was about reversing to drive away but the guys assured me that these are Vigilante guys and they are well known to them in that area. I relaxed a bit but was still not comfortable.

 As I looked behind, there was another set of 4 guys with similar weapons behind the car. We were all ordered to come down from the car. They asked where we were coming from and where we were headed to. As I was explaining to them that I'm a cab driver who came to drop off clients from the club, I received a very hot slap on my face. One of them told me that I'm one of those who carry armed robbers around and must be dealt with severely. 

It dawned on me that I was in big trouble.

We were all ordered to lie down on the floor with our faces down. I spoke softly with one of the guys I brought and reminded hi that he had told me they were well known in the area. He kept mute and I knew at that point that we were done for.

One of the Vigilante guys picked his phone and made a call to someone. Shortly afterwards, another set of guys appeared.
The guy who looked like their leader said we are criminals and ordered that we should be beaten with cutlasses...

I must have fainted and woken up like 10 times when I heard that. With cutlasses? How? 

The flat part of the cutlass was used to beat us on our backs repeatedly. It was so painful and I prayed silently that the sharp part should not be used by mistake. Another one who had canes with him flogged us mercilessly. By this time, I noticed that I was already bleeding. I pleaded for mercy but these guys wouldn't listen. They seemed to be high on something.

After a while, they asked us to change our positions and kneel down. I was relieved thinking that my travails were finally over and will be told to go. I also thought the worst case scenario would be that we'd be asked to kneel down till early morning before releasing us to go but Alas, there was more in the offing.

Their leader walked a few meters away and asked us to knock on the floor repeatedly like we were knocking on a door. He said he wanted to hear us from where he was clearly. We started knocking on the bare tarred road and were told it was not loud enough after a little while. Their leader reiterated that he'd deal with us if we didn't impress him.

At this point, I didn't know what to do. I kept at it but my knuckles were hurting badly and had begun to bleed. Before we knew it, the leader ordered that we should be flogged thoroughly until he was satisfied that we were knocking hard enough. As we were flogged, we kept knocking.

I cried that night and kept regretting why I didn't follow my instincts by not working that night.

Eventually, the leader said it was enough and we'll be moving on to the next lesson. He then said we should spread out our hands which would be cut off one by one. Haaaa.... What did I just hear? They want to amputate my hands? No way is that going to happen... Never

We were put on a straight line and asked to spread out our hands. I was the very first person on the queue. I swiftly moved to their leader, fell on my knees with tears in my eyes and begged to him to take us to the nearest Police Station instead of taking this action. l appealed to him in the most emotional way I could that I'm just a cab driver hustling to make a living and didn't know we were not supposed to come to that area once it was past midnight.

One of his lieutenants listening to our conversation then convinced his boss that they should let me go. I looked at him and he winked at me. I recognised him as
 Gbenga. He used to be a security guard in the area where I once lived and I had often given him money in the past. He asked me for how much my fare was and asked the guys to pay me. He ordered me to get into my car and drive off at once. it had to be God that intervened on my behalf!

I jumped into my car, zoomed off and didn't look back to know what became of those other guys.

When I got back to the club where I had picked those guys from initially, someone who saw me screamed and asked what happened to my face. I quickly glanced at the rear view mirror of the car and saw that my face was swollen and I had blood stains. It was then I realized the extent of the injuries I had sustained.

I gave a flimsy excuse and drove off. I waited till early morning and went home. Luckily, there was no light so no one at home saw my face. I had my bath, hid my blood stained clothes and left the house. Luckily, I had a job that took me out of town that morning.

By evening when I returned, I was much better and the swelling on my face had reduced. I still felt aches and pains but it was nothing compared the previous night's experience.

I am still grateful to God for saving me,the work places one in harms way but what do i do?MAN MUST WACK!


  1. Sorry for your pains.
    Anya ukwu -greed was your undoing that night.
    You knew the place very well and the risks and still "chook" head put.
    Sorry ooo.

    1. Sorry for the pains,please consider your safety first before money,man must wack but dead man no dey wack o

  2. That moment of ' had I known ' can be so dreadful
    Imagine if you were killed?
    Wow very crazy experience. this is why a lot of taxi drivers prefer to carry female passengers at odd hours.

    Bdw you write so well.

  3. This can't be real.

    Who gave you the strength to work in the morning after that midnight experience?

    Written to entertain.

    May God protect everyone doing legitimate job to put food on the table.

    1. Some lies r very clear

    2. Lies or no lies, read, enjoy and pick whatever lessons you can from reading. Let’s hear word with your lies hian!

    3. They flogged you for hours, with cutlass, with cane, your hands were bleeding, your clothes were dusty and stained as you were on the bare ground...and the 1st thing you did when they released you was to drive back to the place you picked up those passengers since you didn't realise the extent if your injuries....

    4. Some people can't just read and pass. They must look for loopholes. Na wah

    5. 22:53

      Ehyaaah, sorry o.

      Not all of us have fufu for brains and will swallow anything that comes our way like abject dunces. Sorry ehn.

  4. A reminder to always follow your instincts.. .glad you got away in one piece. Love your stories by the way.

  5. You mean you didn't report to the police immediately you left there?

  6. It is well.... Sorry for what you have been through..

  7. That's occupational hazard. That God you were not killed.

  8. The knocking on the floor part got me laughing so hard. .. Eyah sorry eh

  9. I try as much as possible to listen to my instincts and not wave it off.

  10. 4 guys you don't know asked you to drop them off at 2am and you agreed . Ok- o!

  11. We should learn to follow our instincts. The Spirit of God does not lie.

  12. Gbenga sef. He knew you and knew you were a driver and not a thief. Why did he allow you go through all that in the first place? I still thank God for you bro

    1. Maybe it was when Gbenga recognized him that he spoke with their leader to release the driver.

  13. Oh my God. What an experience. I can't imagine what was going through the mind of the writer when he was asked to bring out his hands to be chopped off. It's good to follow one's instincts.
    I have been following the stories and I really love his style of writing. Very entertaining and educative too. Well-done

  14. What happened to other guys! What if they were innocent?

  15. Working late @night can be very dangerous..Thank God for your safety.. And to all of you out side there working so hard just to put food on your table and others too, May God bless you all really Good🙏🙏

  16. I'm thankful you're still with us o! You write so well. Please, dead man no dey wack o! Take it easy. Be cautious and listen to your instincts. God bless Gbenga even though he logged in a bit late.

  17. Safety first before any other things,you refused to some precaution s.I thank God for saving you. Legit husslers must not die untimely.Nice story though, amazing.

  18. Safety first before any other things,you refused to take some precautions.I thank God for saving you. Legit husslers must not die untimely.Nice story though, amazing.

  19. Hmmmmmmmmm.... This is how lives are wasted..

    The instinct is always there but sometimes we allow greed or what not to overwhelm us..

    Please be careful , wise and vigilant..

    Not all win Na win oo

  20. That's why is good to always follow your instinct.Imagine you being killed by those four guys or those vigilantes. Thanks to Gbenga that save your life. Please don't use your life to find wetin no lost o next time.


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