Stella Dimoko Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 6


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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 6

Oko Asawo don land!

Tayo called me to pick her up for a party. She told me to hurry up and get to her as fast as possible because she was already running late for the event. 

I got there promptly and was surprised to see that she was not ready. She beckoned on me to come upstairs to her apartment to wait for her instead of waiting for her under the hot sun...

She lived in a shared flat with her friend but was home alone. 

As I was ushered into her room, the first thing that caught my attention
was a stack of neatly arranged shoes on the wall in a custom built
shoe rack. I did a fast count and counted not less than 100 pairs.

 I was shocked. 

What in the world was she doing with this number of shoes? I asked her why she had so many shoes and she said “I have to rep nah”; she said she could not wear the same shoe to the same place twice,and that she had given out some and sold a few.

She apologized for keeping me waiting and quickly rushed into the bathroom to get ready  and while i waited in her room,she got dressed in the other room.

After the drop off, Tayo asked me to pick her up by 6pm to take home,she said she would still need my services that Friday night because her boyfriend who worked in an oil company would be arriving into town to see her.

I dropped her at home after the party she attended and waited for her call.

At 10pm, she called me to come pick her up and after i did,we headed to the hotel her boyfriend would be staying. On the way, she got a call from one of her friends who told her that there were some guys who came into town from ‘the abroad’ and needed girls.

 Her friend convinced her that they would pay well and she could be very fast
about it, make her cool cash, then give an excuse and leave to meet
her boyfriend. She thought about it and decided to go with her friend.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend called severally but she didn't pick his call...

Around 1am, she called me to pick her up and take her to her boyfriend’s hotel. In the car, she lamented that she wasted her time and that the guys didn’t have anything tangible to offer.

When we got to the hotel her boyfriend lodged in, she kept calling him
but he didn’t pick up her calls and after a little while, his phone was
no longer reachable. She started crying and was jittery. She went over
to the reception to inquire about the guy and the room he was staying
in but the person at the front desk refused to give her that
information insisting that the guest had to call them first.

Tayo was very confused and didn’t know what to do at this point. She
 decided to go back to the club to chill till morning while she
continued trying to reach her boyfriend. 

She called me to pick her up by 5:30am and while on the way, she got a text message from her boyfriend that she shouldn’t bother coming to look for him anymore  because he was leaving that early Morning. He thanked her for wasting his time and money and called off their relationship....Also told her he never wanted to see her again.

Tayo cried all through all through the drive home and lamented on how she had lost a good guy because of 'long throat'

She said he gave her money monthly and was the one supported her through school.She regretted her actions but it was too late to turn back the hands of the clock...

I sometimes remember Tayo and wonder if she made up with her boyfriend and if she is still on the streets..I also wonder if her show number increased or if she gave out more and sold more....

Sometimes you meet customers that even when they no longer use your services,you wonder what became of them and their escapades....

*Most women have the long throat you described in this story....And some who do not 'ply the streets' at night are worse ashawos during the day time,they operate in Offices and


  1. Na wah. This is serious long throat

  2. What a read! Long throat is not good o. He that has ears, let him hear.

  3. Yes they operate in the office or home. Hmm

  4. Wait o.... Over a hundred shoes? Well, maybe that's her fetish. With some ladies, it's bags. Some others, it's clothes. Each mallam to his kettle abeg

    1. Mine is bags,shoes and perfumes I can't seem to buy enough!

  5. Ehya, losing at both ends

  6. Argh! A bird at hand is better than 1000 birds in the forest! She learnt this lesson the hard way! Contentment is key

    1. Yes ooo the next guy might not be as good as the previous one

    2. Yes ooo
      That next guy might even be better than the previous one

  7. Nice read! Stella, what about the story of that guy that impregnated his landlady? We don't know what has befallen him now o

  8. Her friend set her up and informed her boyfriend

    1. ........ Or even with the guy. Longy longy

    2. Gbam!!! My thoughts exactly!
      That her friend is EVIL!

  9. I just remembered how long throat made me loose one very loaded footballer.i miss the free money but mans bedmatic was 101%..tried getting back but man was done with me.painful tho but life happens.funny I miss the dick more than the money,it has a way of resetting my brain that none other have done.

    1. How did you lose him? What happened? Please tell us more

  10. If it was "ANG" that wrote Naija girls and abroad, chei, arrows go dey fly from left, right, center, up, down
    and they will quickly arrange the crucifix and take "her" to Golgotha and crucify like they did to my Lord 😮😮
    See my people, if you wan test whether a Naija girl don die properly, just
    whisper "abroad" for her ears, if she no wake up, she is dead, like mortuary!


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