Stella Dimoko Coronavirus Reportedly Kills 470 People In Italy And Iran In 24 Hours...


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Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Reportedly Kills 470 People In Italy And Iran In 24 Hours...

The deadly coronavirus has killed 368 people within 24 hours in Italy.

There are fears that deaths in the country may surpass the figure in China if the infection rate continues to surge.

reports that authorities said the death toll hit 1,809 while the number of positive cases rose to 24,747 from 21,157 on Saturday.

Italy’s civil protection authority gave the figures on Sunday.

Iran has announced that more than 100 people have died in the past 24 hours.
The country’s coronavirus cases are now approximately 14,000 and Tehran says its fight is being hindered by United State sanctions.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared coronavirus a global pandemic and the virus has killed nearly 6,000 people globally in less than 3 months.
from Al -Jazeera via dailypost


  1. Lord have Mercy, listen to the cry of your people lord, heal our land from sickness and diseases, grant us good health, peace, and joy. We ask for divine inspiration for the complete eradication of corona virus so your people can be free from this deadly virus. The dead cannot praise you lord, forgive us our sins and come through for us like as you have done in Jesus name, Amen

  2. Lord pls take control,heal the world

  3. The figures may not surpass the real figure of china because China hide their exact death figure. China was greatly hit.

  4. Oooh good Lord, please take this deadly virus out.

  5. within 24 hrs? This is more serious than we think..this virus will sure slow down economic activities

  6. This is a nightmare! God have mercy

  7. Please lord, take this plague away. Forgive us our sons. This is too much.

  8. God decided to show Africa mercy. And I pray it stands. Cus what’s going on is really alarming. May God help everyone amen.

  9. God pls have mercy on ur people

  10. Father,Lord please intervene on behalf of your children.
    We ask for Your Mercy O Lord forgive us our sins and take away this deadly diseases away from us..

  11. I'm scared FOR Nigeria o. What if people are already infected but they think it's normal cold or malaria?

  12. Summer can’t come quick enough. Hopefully the heat will be hostile to the virus. I’m so grateful that Nigeria and Africa has been protected from the virus thus far. Because God knows we can’t handle it.
    But come to think of it, Nigerian healthcare system and doctors really tried during that Ebola time! Kudos to them abeg. Even so called developed countries can’t contain this virus. The US is almost on complete lockdown as we speak

    1. Yeah,all thanks to Dr Stella Adadevo(whose life it cost) and Governor Fashola

  13. So sad here in Italy. We're all indoor praying for this to pass.


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