Stella Dimoko Open Letter To DG,DSS And IGP Requesting To Investigate EFCC Lawyer's Allegations Against Abdulrasheed Maina


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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Open Letter To DG,DSS And IGP Requesting To Investigate EFCC Lawyer's Allegations Against Abdulrasheed Maina

I, Muhammad Sabo, (Uncle to Maina), would like to lodge a serious complaint on behalf of the entire family and parents of Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Maina, Chairman of the defunct Pension Reform Task Force, over the propsposterous, spurious and unfounded allegation made by the EFCC prosecution lawyer one M. S. Abubakar that Maina had perfected plan to assassinate him, the EFCC prosecution witnesses, prison officials and break jail.

Abdulrasheed has been remanded in custody since arraignment in October last year, and with an unfortunate and most stringent bail conditions given to any suspect in the history of this country. Maina has remained in prison, having not been able to meet the conditions of the bail granted him in November, 2019.

We are particularly disturbed by this unfounded melodramatic allegation made with a sheer display of lawlessness before Hon Justice Okon Abang by a learned EFCC Lawyer. However, we believe that legal profession is noble, and not a field of madness for desperation where any wishful evil could uttered with impunity. The court of law should never be a place of fiction.

It is important to note that Maina is still innocent, but this senseless prejudicial calumny has caused fatal injury to him and to his entire the family. This allegation is defamatory and the intent and motive of the author is very clear. We would not hesitate to take legal action against this EFCC lawyer for court of law to compel him to prove his allegation with concrete evidences.

The evil and sinister intent of the EFCC lawyer is clear by his sheer desperation of speaking for the Correctional Service that Abdulrasheed would assassinate correctional officials and break the jail. When did EFCC become Correctional Service advocate? This made us to read in between the thin lines and conspicuously see his naked desperation to crucify our son.

That being so, we request IGP and the DG-DSS to closely monitor the activities of this lawyer, because we suspect whether he is planning to assassinate our son by laying his sinister foundation with spurious unfounded and unsubstantiated allegation, or trying to cause our son harm, discomfort and portray him as a calous individual. Maina has been ill and needs urgent Medical attention in an equipped facility, the Correctional Service have his daily BP monitoring record and how it has caused serious effect on him right leg.

Our prayer is for the Director General of the Department of State Service, Inspector General Police and President of the Nigeria Bar Association, to note and investigate this M.S.Abubakar and his Colleagues who orchestrated this unfortunate and reckless allegations. We urge the Chairman of EFCC to Wade into this and cause investigation of this Lawyer and the IPO's over this reckless utterances. We further request the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Correctional Service to be vigilant in protecting our son in the Correctional Service custody, and if he dies mysteriously, we have no one to accuse than the EFCC lawyer and his co-authors is any.

Muhammadu Sabo Yamta Biu.