Stella Dimoko Friday Gistscafe - Coronavirus Eeeeeh


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Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday Gistscafe - Coronavirus Eeeeeh

Eku Coronavirus oooh....

Hmmmmm........ Is talking about the popular Coronavirus not gist?Well for your info,the Coronavirus is the biggest International celeb right now and even unborn babies have heard of it...

Nigerians are there rejoicing that there is no outbreak in Nigerian but let me use my negative mind and ask..What if there is?what if people who have it are saying they have Typhoid and Malaria? What if it is slowly spreading?

Do you know the symptoms?Like can you tell if you see someone without being told?There are no kits to check, so aside washing your hands,how do you know whom to avoid?

Shine your eyes,follow the news and stay woke.....

I am doing my final panic shopping tomorrow....
Trips have been cancelled,matches cancelled,in fact the normal everyday life is shutting down to protect people..

Share symptoms for those who might not know......


  1. This Corona virus is something else
    Most stores are empty the crazy queues , the short supplies .
    I'm really praying this thing would be curbed pretty soon.

  2. I was disgusted yesterday by a girl laughing about Corona and saying she doesn't wash her hands. In her words, "what's my own, I sha know nothing can happen to me. God will not let anything happen." I told her, yes I agree that God is in control, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't play your own part. She said buying hand sanitizers is also unnecessary and I couldn't even look at her because I was sure if I did, she would see the disgust and irritation clearly written in my eyes.

    I have always been very conscious of my hygiene. Washing hands was the norm for me but this Corona situation has truly exposed dirty people. A guy even had the guts to say he doesn't wash hands after using the loo because he doesn't touch anything and he showers so his genitals are clean. I puked inside my mouth. People are so nasty.

    With the advent of this virus, I have implemented more safety measures like,
    1. Not sharing pens.
    2. Not taking your phone or giving you mine to see something. I have always made sure to wipe down my phone everyday with alcohol, and I will not touch that thing you take with you to the loo with your unwashed hands or give you mine to contaminate.
    3. No fast foods. I literally shouted at someone who called me yesterday and told me she was buying shawarma. Like, are you serious?
    4. No handshakes at all.
    5. I open doors and public taps with tissues.
    6. I will not eat from a public tray or a plate where biscuits are and persons are invited to pick. No, thank you.

    Good hygiene is very important. I can never get the people that will buy food, open it and instead of eating it from the rubber, take it with their hands and put in their mouth. And then they'll offer and except one to also take with ones hand. Ewww.

    I have stocked up on foods and TP. Face masks and hand sanitizers are sold out.

    1. Even with all this, the person that will catch it will still catch it. Just saying. People should practice preventive steps but it doesn't mean it fully protects u.

  3. Ezigbote typhoid/malaria. A lot of those ones are corona wey wear shoes.

    Na so I enter shopping mall make I buy methylated spirit dab for my pikin wey fall as im dey play. Of course the thing no dey. Greedy people don buy am store finish.

    In front of the mall, One sisi dey there dey preach and na so them dey hail am,
    "Sister preach on, sister preach on..." And the girl dey tell them say God go protect them from corona/lassa/Ebola and say na wetin Jesus talk say all these kin diseases go plenty just before he returns. That Sisi sabi bible well well. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
    And she come get good voice wey dey vibrate for her megaphone as she dey sing.
    Next thing, Sisi come sneeze Atisheeee! ๐Ÿคง๐Ÿคง๐Ÿคง๐Ÿคง๐Ÿคง๐Ÿคง Megaphone amplify am booom! Na so everybody tear race.
    Shuooooooooorrrr. Sisi confuse o. Me self I confuse o. I peep from my car window see say two rough looking boys dey waka pass. Next thing, Sisi drop her megaphone tear race follow the ones wey dey run.
    One of the dudes commot him sunshade ask me madam, why people dey run...?

  4. This is serious,may God help us all.

  5. runny nose
    sore throat
    difficulty breathing

  6. Nothing to be afraid about. I don't move anyhow.

  7. I’m I the only one that decoded a gist in the first paragraph? Hmmmm

    1. You must be parched from lack of gist because you are decoding too hard. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. we had sensitization on this in my office today. It is actually spread through droplet of saliva or mucus from a sick person when the person sneezes or cough. it gets into the body through the eyes, nose and mouth
    How to be safe- avoid getting too close to people esp one who is visibly sick
    Wash your hands to your elbow with soap and running water as often as you can for at least 20 sec
    Avoid sharing food, spoon, cups etc with others
    Also avoid touching your face or others if you must, wash your hand.

  9. My though exactly o Stella. My colleagues and I argued about it this morning. they kept saying that there is no coronavirus in naija and I smh. china govt was hiding the real facts and numbers until it got worse. all this slow thinking nigerians will just relax until some people start dying, but why do we have to wait until people die. this thing spreads fast once it gets to a place so we all have to be proactive and watch for it. Nigerians are not ready, they are still asleep. I hope by the time they wake up it's not too late and the world will not already be on fire

    1. Nigerians always wishing Nigeria bad. Why?

    2. Even as International Community has commended Nigerian Government on the way they are handling the issue

  10. Stella it's the hysteria that's causing this virus to spread at rate which it is.
    Wuhan which was initially the origin location is virtually free of it with only 8 patients left with each responding very well to treatment (eating Amaka according to Nigerians). With exception of Asia, most deaths occurred in people with pre-existing health conditions or elderly people. People should stop panicking and stop moving around as a result of said panic.

    1. That's not true. The number is higher than 8.

    2. It's not. Infact, they're celebrating. Watch news

  11. hmmn!! God save and keep us ooooo

  12. Oh and this man compared the virus to malaria and said "why you scared of getting Corona virus, are you scared of getting malaria?" I'm like, how does that relate? How are you comparing both? Malaria isn't a swift killer, and malaria has a cure, for crying out loud.

    People say that I'm taking this virus too seriously and I get pissed off because I don't think they understand the gravity of this. Everyone is wrapped in their own cocoon and thinking they can carry on with their bad habits and are uncaring of not just their own health, but the health of those around them.

    In Italy, hospital corridors are being converted to ICUs because there are not any bedspaces. Health workers are falling ill due to overexertion. More people are dying than recovering and someone thinks that she will recite Psalm 91 while neglecting preventive measures and will be A-OK? GOD IS NOT A MAGICIAN. It's like looking for a job but not applying because you are claiming Jeremiah 29 vs 11 and hoping one will miraculously land in your lap. HOW???

    (rant over but I just wish people would pay more attention to the things that matter instead of brushing it aside and claiming Corona virus doesn't affect blacks.)

    1. Face the someone you are referring to and stop ranting here. Even with all the measures and sensitization the govt has put in place, some of you must still find holes to pick. Nonsense.

    2. ...At this point, I want to know if such measures include Airports check because someone came in to Nigeria from Italy yesterday and he says there were no checks at the airport and that they were given a health related form to fill... I verified he's from Italy before he even said a word (his official line is Italian and he came to register for a Nigerian sim). Nigerians are the most carefree people ever. The truth is God is dealing with us according to His Mercy. We play with everything in Naija

  13. Stella, stop wishing us bad and keep your negativity to yourself biko.

  14. Symptoms of Coronavirus include flu-like symptoms such as fever, breathing difficulties, shortness of breath, etc. If you suspect that you have the virus, the first line of action is to self isolate. Stay safe everyone.

  15. I quite agree with you, many Nigerians won't know what coronavirus symptoms feels like, we will all assume it to be the usual common cold and won't think of going for test. I saw my pastor with running nose today, I respectfully kept my distance. "My faith never reach him level" The way coronavirus is revenging Nations am beginning to think the bacteria travel by air. I pray we don't suffer an outbreak it won't be funny, most of us Nigerians are way too ignorant.

    1. Pls speak for yourself as being way too ignorant. Thank u.

  16. Iran ignored the virus until they couldn’t anymore . If coronavirus was widespread in Nigeria like Iran or Italy , I am sure the morgues will notice by now . It is not spreading as quickly in Africa . That is what it is. People are aware and the sensible ones are taking precautions . Nothing else to do but be cautious and aware. It isn’t wide spread in Africa and no amount of what if’s will change that.

  17. My naija people are saying it malaria, i pray they don't contact the virous.


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