Stella Dimoko Gospel Artist Chioma Jesus Talks About Her Calling And Why She Does Not Wear Jewelry When On Stage..


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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Gospel Artist Chioma Jesus Talks About Her Calling And Why She Does Not Wear Jewelry When On Stage..

Chioma Jesus can sing!!!!

How did you find your path into gospel ministry ?

It is a divine mandate and divine calling from God . It started during my secondary school days. Whenever I was inside the classroom, I would be singing and my classmates would surround me . Afterwards , I started singing in church and since then, it has grown to what it is right now . I didn’t go to a music school and nobody taught me how to sing ; it was the Holy Spirit that did that. I have about eight albums and I’ m currently preparing for the ninth album . Each album has not less than eight tracks .

Was it your childhood dream to become a gospel artiste ?

I was into business before God called me to be a gospel minister . In fact, I refused to heed the call because I was scared that if I started singing , I wouldn’t be able to take care of my family financially. I never knew that I would end up being a singer but I knew that God had a special plan for me . I was getting so many revelations and seeing myself singing to crowds . But because nobody knew me then, I doubted if those revelations would come to pass . However, I kept on prophesying and praying for the manifestation of my dreams. There was a time I wanted to run away with some foreign missionaries because of so much pressure but God told me not to go because he would take me all around the world .

How did you come about your stage name , Chioma Jesus ?

God told me that he would give me a name and a local song that would ‘hit ’ the entire world . He told me that the song would take over my name. So, when I was seeking the face of God for my songs , he gave me , ‘ Chioma me Chioma’ , and it was through that song I got my stage name. An inner voice told me to add ‘Jesus ’ and that ’s how ‘ Chioma Jesus ’ came into existence . That was the name of my first album that was released 15 years ago .

What led you to start the Chioma Jesus Charity Foundation ?

The foundation was started seven years ago when I was preparing for my first praise crusade in my community . God told me to get wrappers for widows and the underprivileged . I started by giving out 50 wrappers but now we can give out 2000 wrappers . God has helped us to give loudspeakers , generating sets and microphones to churches . We also empower widows and youths. The foundation has built a four -bedroom flat for a widow and we would be doing more by God’ s grace.

How do you get inspiration for your songs ?

It ’s the Holy Spirit that gives me inspiration. Once I get the chorus and title of the song , I write it down and when I’m in the studio, I tell the engineers to record me . I’ m tireless when it comes to singing .

What are the mistakes you think young gospel artists make ?

Because of the hunger for fame, some have being s#xually used by people who promised them favours and platforms . Some young men have even joined secret cults because of the desperation for fame.

Another mistake is that some young artistes don ’t have mentors to put them through.

I always tell them that not everyone is called to record songs . Some are called to be worship leaders , praise leaders , songwriters , music directors, back -up singers and vocalists . If you know where you are supposed to function , things would be easier for you and that was what helped me when I started my career . Music is a calling. A lot of people may be singing but there are few people that have been anointed as music evangelists and I happen to fall into that category . However, everyone wants to quickly make a name and that is endangering their destinies .

Why don’ t you wear jewellery on stage ?

For everything I do , I get the inspiration from God. If you’ re a servant of God, you must be obedient to His leading . I do whatever He asks me to do . Right from when I became born again, I made up mind to do things that would glorify God. That ’s why I cover myself as a woman and because I’ m a role model to a lot of people that I don ’t even see . Just by dressing well , I can draw people to Christ . You cannot be a child of God and be going about almost naked . Even if you ’ re not a gospel singer, your mode of dressing should preach Christ . I’ m not condemning anyone but that ’s my way of life and I believe that my fans love me that way and I have peace doing it .

What are some of the lessons you have learnt as a gospel minister ?

I have learnt that promotion comes from God because when you watch television and listen to the radio , you might not hear them playing my songs . But I ’m always attending programmes . Secondly , I learnt that working with God gives you a direction. I don’ t have a godfather . It is God that has been helping me and announcing me . If I have attended 100 programmes , 70 per cent has been by divine arrangement . I have learnt to trust in God more than any human being. I also learnt that when you work with God in secret , He would announce you openly.

Some people are of the opinion that gospel singers should not charge exorbitant fees . What ’ s your response to that ?

When I started my music ministry, I was not charging anything. I could go and minister for four days and be given just N 20 ,000 , then my crew would want to fight with me . When I told them that it was the work of God , they told me to use myself to ‘ sow seeds’ but I should pay them their money . I was having this problem until I resolved it by God’s grace. The people that work with me don’t do other jobs , so I have to pay them well . They have stayed with me for more than 15 years and they have being faithful . I have to pay them well because they are also graduates. Some are married and have families to feed. There are some places we go and don ’t ask for anything. They just give what they think we deserve . In some churches , musicians are placed on payrolls . If not, they would leave the instruments in search of better jobs .

Is any of your children following your career path?

My last born , Chioma Jesus junior, is following my career path . The other ones are in the ministry with me though they don't sing .

What are the things that people don’t know about you?

People don't know that I’m a jovial person . That’s because when they see me on stage , I ’m always in the spirit , so they think that I don ’ t play. But when I ’m ministering , I’ m like a soldier on an assignment . I’ m also a big giver; I love to make people happy.
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  1. I love this woman. May the oil of God upon your life never run dry in Jesus Name Amen.

  2. African Christianity is a joke same with Islam in Africa.
    Carrying religion on their head more than the real owner.

    1. You dont need to rant much...we all know you are an antichrist.

    2. So what in this post warranted that?

    3. Don, Christianity isn't a religion, it's a way of life.

      Stop segregating already. There is nothing like "African Christianity" for We all own Christ.

    4. Don

      You are such a shining beacon positivity

    5. What!
      Biko what did you type and how does it relate to this post?

    6. You don't understand true Christianity that's why it's easy for you to sagregate when a person's lifestyle doesn't fit u mental picture of Christianity

  3. You are an inspiration ma. God bless you for all you do for His kingdom.

  4. From the abundance (bile) of the heart, the mouth pour/spew out🤔

  5. @Don..and you think you just made sense..

  6. Firstly your fee is exobitant. You charge about 1 million for a show.
    Secondly you are not friendly even when they pay you the supposed amount.

    1. 1million?😲😳.

    2. Well the ones that add no value and can even take one backwards spiritually get paid more

    3. Anon, have you booked her before??
      I asked because of your claim, so tell us.

    4. She doesn't even know how to sing, thank God for the tight players she use, uptill now she still jumps keys

  7. Honestly I like originality when it comes to gospel musical all this people mixing other gospel artists songs I don't like it I believe when you are call by God He shall give you your songs not other people's songs you now turn it to dance hall you see people dancing it there is no administration in it.oh how I miss paty Obasi.

  8. As a gospel artiste, you are not expected to charge, the church or whatever gathering you maybe ministering, will give what they can afford, freely you receive, freely you give. Don't forget, every gift is for the edification of the body of Christ.

  9. Love you Chioma Jesus.

    Once played Prophetic Praise for 5hrs nonstop.
    Quality gospel song.

  10. I don't really understand this gospel artistes should not charge drama. You people are not serious. So she's based in lagos and travels to Ametica for an event and you won't pay her well. Some travel with there crew including instrumentalists they will be feed and also be lodged in a hotel. And as a celebrity now, you must wear fine cloth.Lets talk of the people begging them on instagram. They will still pay salaries and all.Haba!

  11. Her charge no be here,our small church invited her,she said, 250k,we priced 150k,she refused, we paid, n u must pay everything b4 she come o,when she came she sang 3 old song n dropped mic,in pH.

  12. How then will she be able to pay the people that works with her or don't you pay to go for Davido's or Wiskid's show
    May she go thief?

    1. 250k too small sef. May God continue to help and bless her ministry

  13. Madam please pay your instrumentalists well so they won't be begging people up and down. They don't even look well taken care of.


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