Stella Dimoko Man Jumped Into The Lagoon Tried To Kill Himself After He Had Allegedly Killed His Girlfriend...


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Friday, March 13, 2020

Man Jumped Into The Lagoon Tried To Kill Himself After He Had Allegedly Killed His Girlfriend...

The Lagos State Police Command has revealed that the Uber passenger, Princewill David, who jumped into the lagoon, did so in order to escape justice after allegedly killing his girlfriend.

had reported that David, a resident of Tajudeen Balogun Street, Igando, Lagos, had boarded an Uber from his residence to the Lekki area of the state on February 27, 2020.

On getting to the Third Mainland Bridge around 12am, David reportedly asked the driver to stop to allow him to urinate, but the driver, who had learnt about the same tactics allegedly used by one Toju Daibo before allegedly plunging into the lagoon 12 days earlier, drove to where some personnel of the Rapid Response Squad were stationed on the bridge to alert them.

But before he could inform the policemen, David had come out of the Volkswagen Jetta car and jumped into the lagoon.

The 28-year-old, however, landed on some floating logs of wood underneath the bridge and was later rescued by the RRS personnel, the Marine Police Unit and some local divers.

The state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, said on Thursday while parading some suspected criminals at the command’s headquarters in Ikeja, stated that David had an altercation with his yet-to-be-identified girlfriend and killed her in the process.

The CP stated that David booked the Uber and asked the driver to go through the Third Mainland Bridge and alighted at a point and jumped into the lagoon so as to escape prosecution for the crime.

Odumosu stated, “He had an altercation with his girlfriend and killed her in a hotel and went to jump into the lagoon to escape justice for the crime he committed.”

On Toju, the CP said, “If a corpse has not been seen, we cannot declare that person dead.”


  1. Was it not Mc pinky or one other person who said he will like to hear the other side of this story?? Bv’s Bv’s!!!! When will y’all learn to shut the fuck up and hear both sides of a story before even insulting either of the parties? Jeeez!!😑

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  2. Kai,No hiding place for d all wt he was telling d driver is false.

  3. What? Wicked man. Why kill her? It's well

  4. You see why I no dey pity people like this ?
    He has committed murder and wanted to kill himself then people woukd have think he was depressed or something.

    1. Majority had even blamed Buhari.

    2. I said it! This man head no correct that was why the girl ended it with him. Las las look at it now, he is even a murderer

  5. Nawa o,the story is becoming so complicated

  6. This is becoming worrisome with the manner in which people now use 3rd mainland bridge for suicide. What's really happening?

  7. The uber man was smart enough to stop him where he can get help

  8. This is terrible. Maybe the government should consider using barricade/barbed wire on bridge to prevent people from jumping into the lagoon.

  9. Na waooo....I hope they have released the uber drivers car to him..

  10. And people were cursing the girl. For him to kill her, the girl had a good reason to dump him.

    Please ladies and men, stay safe out there. No be everybody you go agree to date. And please listen to your intuition. Our intuitions warn us but sometimes we refuse to heed their warning

  11. Mehn
    What are humans really turning into😒😒

  12. They should release the Uber driver's if they haven't done that.
    The man knew what he was doing, trying to kill himself after killing another.

  13. The Uber driver seems to be the hero of the story after all. Police please vomit this poor man's car!

    On this blog, entitlement mentality has come up a couple times. Well, this is one of its ambassadors- a man who thinks because he bought you a MK watch and gave you some money, he has the same rights as the people who have been training you long before you even got sexy enough to date. According to this murderer, the lady escaped death for one year but just after one month of "love", he killed her.

    People, trust your instincts and don't get greedy. Don't turn him into an ATM. Don't mistake her for a blow-up doll. If this person puts high leverage on their money, body, time or ego, don't take and then change the tune after satisfying yourself. The most stupid person in the room usually thinks they are the brightest. When the person you think you've used CHANGES IT for you, the grace of God may not be sufficient.

    I really wish this lady was alive to tell her side of the story because criminals like this know how to paint their victims black but please, these men and women who are clingy, choking and desperate, run from them. They didn't get enough of the NO VITAMIN while growing up. They can't handle "no" or "stop". They hurt, rape, kill and steal. They are the ones that taught devil work and you can see how well their disciple is doing.

  14. Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 dollars. Omoale.

    1. πŸ˜‚...Monopoly of life.


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