Stella Dimoko Man Kills Wife Over Trust Issues And Then Kills Himself..


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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Man Kills Wife Over Trust Issues And Then Kills Himself..

A police officer simply identified as Tolulope with the Ondo state police command has made his two children aged two years and 3 weeks orphans after he shot his wife dead and killed himself.

According to witnesses who pleaded anonymity, the police officer had trust issues with his wife because he was not comfortable with the way she received phone calls from strange men.

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) for the state, Teeleo Ikoro who described the incident as unfortunate said that investigations had begun on the matter.

Teeleo mentioned that the couple were the only ones at home when the ugly incident took place so no one could really pinpoint what led to the killings.

The Sun

*There is nothing i hate more than when a spouse begins to choke the she cannot take calls again and he had to kill her because he had trust issues?if you don't trust her ask for a divorce and marry someone you trust....Its as simple as ABC.......stupid man


  1. I don't know why people find it difficult to leave a marriage when is now so toxic and irreconcilable again.

  2. This is a despicable act of cowardice from that police officer. 😮😮
    Feel so sad for those tots that have been deprived of parentage. 😢😢Wish I can adopt all of them and add to my team.

    But as for the phone calls and tdb pressing of phones, I don dey yarn am here tey tey. A lot of wedded (but not married) Niaja babes are looking for horsebands (abroad and loaded).
    Adultery wey Baba God go judge plenty o. That is why once you say "DNA", a lot of my Naija Sisis will have palpitations and near seizures.

    1. Oh yes....judge, jury and executioner of women. If you don't execute Nigerian women, then you haven't started.

      I said what was on my mind concerning you but Stella did not approve the post. You are too pretentious and hypocritical for my liking. Perfect example of he that would lift a stone to throw on someone even when they are with sin. You are fond of kicking others down. Instead of you to leave it at your first two paragraphs, you still found a way to rope in women who haven't done Nada to you.

      Thank God man is not God and God is not man. Thank God for my faith in him. People like you was the reason I stopped going to church for years. What's the point going when all you do is encounter perfect human beings like this poster but then so vile and judgmental.

      If you like come at me, I have said my pieces. You and your several utas will go back to sender.

      Stella please post.

    2. You are such an evil, vile human being!!
      So you still found a way to indirectly judge this woman when we don't even know how true the story is since both of them are no More?
      May God cleanse you of this bitterness.

  3. They hardly tolerate half of what they dish out to women...
    So what becomes the fate of the children if they have any?

  4. you didnt even stop at killing ur wife,u also killed ursef ba,,leaving the innocent kids to a very painful life.

    well,,,RIP to the woman,,as for you oga olopa,,go and receive urs at the door step of Jesus

  5. Will this one also rest in peace?

  6. You see men? They are very weak creatures, very very weak. I don't mean physical strength here.
    A man will never be able to take it if his wife cheats on him, he would kill her or kill her and kill himself if he doesn't beat her to stupor and send her away.
    But a woman's husband will have numerous girlfriends, impregnate some of them and even bring the children home for his wife to cater for, he will sleep with women in their matrimonial home to the wife's knowledge, sleep with his wife's sister or maid, this woman will remain calm. She will bottle all up and smile in public.
    Women are the strongest beings,very strong.
    Kudos to all women

    1. So true. you are so right @Courage. They can't take a quarter of what they dish to their wives

  7. Double loss. So sad. My condolences and prayers to the respective families. Really heartbroken about the beautiful babies left behind. Orphaned under such tragic is sad. Jesus take the wheel. Their path is already rocky. Give them steady hands and steady heads...may they attain their full potential and impact the world positively with their gifts. May their light remain bright and may this tragedy not define their destiny.

  8. I'm telling you Stella. Why not go your separate ways and still live.

  9. Check it. The man is not faithful but cannot take an imagination that his wife may be cheating. The poor children

  10. Stupid man indeed. Why kill the innocent woman because of your insecurity, they should throw his corpse away jare. Onye ara!

  11. So tragic, the poor kids left without parents now. So he thought a woman nursing a 3weeks old baby will be sleeping around? He should have dealt with his insecurities better. Poor kids😢


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