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Monday, March 09, 2020


Please as soon as you enter this post look well and you will dance the shoki aaaah dance....let us the cards you loaded please so that others dont try and get blocked.....

Have a fantastic day................


7195 8208 8899 53919
0627 6980 1648 68989
8403 3244 4428 22778
0903 6435 8145 59733
3178 8602 5676 97561

Happy Birthday Babe....



Good day people of SDK blog. 

 Please I NEED HELP. I RARELY initiate s#x with hubby. We've been married 9 years and he says he can count the number of times i have initiated the act. Though i am very receptive and i've reached orgasm about 90% of the times we've had s#x, i don;t know how to go to him. Abeg how do i go about changing this side of me? He complained bitterly this morning and i felt very bad. I sincerely love my husband; i love making love to him. He knows how to turn me to jelly with his kisses  touches, and i ALWAYS long for that. The very few times i have initiated s#x, he appreciates it he tells me so too. But i always feel it's too ''mechanical''PLEASE MAKE UNA COME TO MY RESCUE PLS.

Do it the way you do it na......Sebi you have Initiated it before?just continue like that and una go dey alright please


I didnt see enough responses on this....can those who know please give detailed info?thank you...


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  1. It's a bright sunny scorching
    afternoon. Welcome In House News.

    1. I rarely initiate sex too but my own problem is that my libido has become almost non existent because I am not happy in my marriage.
      my HB is just clueless about romance and love making. I end up with pains whenever he is done with his one-sided sex.
      I have come to resent sex, everything I was waiting for marriage to do are all a mirage. I can't remember the last time I was wet. I really need help cos this marriage is just a year old. whew

    2. Hello ihn,sunny afternoon ,I love those watches, customers locate you guys.

    3. Thanks you stella, I got my data ,may God continue to bless you and your family,thank you pa for selecting me.

    4. Data well received, thank you Stella and our able PA. Dalu nu

    5. Did you say one-sided sex?? Omg!

    6. Please communicate your feelings to him and suggest ways he can get you wet. Getting wet also has a mental aspect to it and I suspect it is because you are not happy. You should probably focus more on dealing with what is making you unhappy in the marriage. It is too early to feel this way about lovemaking.

    7. Data received in good fateπŸ€—thanks Stelz, may God replenish your pocket. Blog PA, you're doing well, God bless you.

      To the sellers, may your right customer locate you(not the one that will indicate interest and end up not replying chats).

      To the lady that doesn't know how to initiate sex, you're the one that lives with your hubby so you should know the best way to handle this. Or are you not comfortable being yourself around him?
      You can start by wearing revealing and inviting cloths when you're alone with him. Also use your body language to pass a message and sometimes spice things up by sending him sexy photos and messages(depending on how you guys roll tho).
      All in all, you're living with him, you know the best way to make a move with him. Also the best.

  2. I came late to the "Masters degree in cheating post" but whoever you areπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡RESPECTπŸ‘Œ

    I and my friends do not cheat. Try and have a godly circle of friends and live a holy life and you would understand.

    Mind you, we are not broke. Far from it. I come from an affluent home and I am likewise finding real success in my field. It may be difficult for your kind to accept but when you live for God you would comprehend. Oh! I am very handsome if you don't mind my saying so, but since I was a child I have always known the best should be saved for God, so despite being a six-footer with a good bod and a pleasant face to look at, it doesn't change a thing.

    I actually have a very high libido but I have a wife too remember, so what else am I looking for? I am not starved.

    I honestly do not understand how you make light the situation of men who don't cheat and attempt to impair this nature of theirs by reducing it to nought.

    Cheating has nothing to do with having a high sex drive or being rich. If not bunches of poor men would never commit adultery. My driver just got his side woman pregnant and he confided in me recently while my security guard is married but has more than three wives and I am sure more mistresses on the side and considering their salary is quite hilarious. He revealed to me when I took a stab at advising him, that he could and would never stop cheating until he passes on. Phew!

    You see! Being faithful is a conscious decision rooted in the fear of God. There is no point attempting to constrain humility on those who were not bragging, to begin with, only because they defended themselves when they felt insulted by your assumptions when your likes tried to speak for them knowing fully well you aren't in their shoes.

    Forgive me for being raw, but breast and vaginas, right? Anything else? All these are vanities and your soul shouldn't be sacrificed at the altar of adultery. Those in the grave do not know if anyone has a nice behind or perky breasts or a particular porn site just uploaded a new video. They don't have the foggiest idea of what sex feels like anymore so what the fuss about? Being alive is an opportunity to utilize every second of your existence to appreciate God.

    Yes! I see beautiful women every day but do you know what I tell myself? if one of those women happen to be wife, and let's pretend my real wife isn't my wife in reality but a random lady I happen to stumble upon, do you know if I am covetous I would start thinking how it would really feel to have this my wife while ignoring the one I am fancying right now who isn't truly my wife were she to be in my house?

    You talk about men who don't cheat as having low sex drive and being poor with such boldness. How do you know this? Are you speaking from our own personal experience? It's high time people starts taking responsibilities regarding their immoral activities and admit to their lack of self-control and dread of God.

    A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing.

    Mr Olajide.

    1. Louder please so that people at the back will hear it. Spoken like a man under authority. The ultimate authority that we must all answer to. It's very obvious that you have the fear of God in you. God bless you

    2. God bless you for this. Keep being a Faithful man. it is a Rare attribute.I know a few trust-worthy men. The circle of friends is very important. if we pipo will say we are blowing trumpet 🀷🀷

    3. Forget sabella We plenty but it is either people say we are impotent or hiding something or we no get money meanwhile I am the one paying my wife's tuition. People try to give stupid reasons to what they don't understand I was just laughing at some of the comment from cheating wives who have lost hope mehn! Me that I have never cheated for once have low libido ba? 15 years of marriage. I remember sometimes during pregnancy we are not allowed to touch because of safety reason na gym dey get me then o. Gym in the morning afternoon and night for some months to kill the tension down there till we resume from where we stopped and nobody died. Whenever sweet wife is pregnant my six pack becomes enviable that is how I kill the desire those times. Whether we like am or we no like am heaven and hell is real. So me that just finish dry 3 days fasting after insulting the devil will now want to make a mistake by going into hell. Never biko haaa God abeg o. The devil will first remind me of how I insulted him and prayed that his kingdom be demolished here on earth and how I was calling Jesus name anyhow while feeling myself. No be me go go hell fire, I reject am. As I speak my wife has gone to London for her Phd program it's an online course but she has to show face for a few months in a year and I am alone. I can't kill myself na fasting and prayer get me, reading of the Bible and exercise to the rescue. Stella's blog to keep me company too. This thing I carry no go lead me to hell never!!! I never see the toothpick chick wey go seduce me except devil himself carry mini skirt and blonde hair come my way but still God no go make me fall in Jesus name amen.

    4. I always knew men like you existed. Thank you Mr Olajide and may God continue to be the focus in your life and in your home.

    5. Anon 14.29 thank you for this.
      Just like in the days of Elija. Theres still a remnant. There will always be.
      NOT ALL MEN CHEAT. I have never cheated and will never do that. Is it not the same ejaculation that feeling does not even pass 5mins.

    6. wow
      may God continue to strengthen you sir.this is impressive

    7. Thank you sir for your post.
      My husband is also very handsome and he doesn't cheat. We are not rich and not poor too. He detests cheating. I have all his passwords, we can leave our phones with one another for a whole day and nothing suspicious will happen. He is not so keen about sex but not bad in bed. I love him for being a faithful and caring husband and father, his wife and daughter come first. A perfect Yoruba Dem..oops! Angel.

    8. God bless you guys and will continue to uphold your marriages, amen.

      I will continue to say it, not all men cheat and not all men are even interested in cheating. They are few but they exist.

      Abroadian BV.

    9. I think it's not about cheating per se but about people not interesting in living a righteous life. You can see all the excuses given for going contrary to God's will in yeaterday's comment. People want to serve God on their own terms and expects God to accept them like that. They are the ones making decisions for God despite God has already told them what he wants in the Bible.
      Someone even said faithful men are broke I just laugh. If only you know? Some people don't joke with God and are not ready to miss heaven.

    10. God bless you Sir for this.

  3. Your faith can move mountains
    Your doubts can create them

    Accept both compliments and criticism.....IT TAKES BOTH SUN AND RAIN FOR A FLOWER TO GROW

    1. How do I get a good cook in Abuja for home catering?

    2. How I wish you were in Ogun/ Lagos I would have helped.

    3. 14:27, check out divine favour eatery popularly known as Papa Jude restaurant in Wuse market. They are the best.

  4. First in house news. Happy beautiful week to y'all. God bless our hustle.

    Good afternoon all

    1. And you too.
      Sunny hot afternoon and this nepa people God will judge all of you

  5. Thank you Iya Ibeji. I got #200 recharge card

  6. The rate at which some people look down on others here cos of data giveaways is annoying! They feel those asking for it are poor! Or too posh to be asking for it.. Y'all need to change your mentality, anyone can apply and it doesn't mean the person is poor or can't afford data! Once the names are rolled out,they will be like even you? And so what? 😎😎😎 live and let live

    1. Since they wanna be greedy let them be mocked! How can you have money for data yet greed still make you apply depriving the people truly in need of it.

  7. Madame u can initiate sex naa, once u guys set for bed just walk stark naked, enter bed n put your mouth on his dick or in d morning when u wake up, go n pee n rinse your vagina, freshen ur breathe quickly n go wake him up with a blow job...vous comprenez? 😁

    1. The sexiology prof. has delivered a perfect lecture.

    2. Rinse your vagina, though? 🀣🀣

    3. Or just start kissing him while stroking his nipples. What's hard there?

    4. jeez! After all his pee all through the night? What if he wants to kiss which he will obviously want? He doesn't need to freshen his breath too?
      I can't deal mehn
      How do people cope with early morning sex? I hate someone waking me up from sleep please
      I don't even know where sex came from, good head and I'm fine
      Maybe because I don't come with penetration, it only stresses me out and causes me pain
      Ceaser, stay away from my comment

    5. My husband and I don't care about early morning breath oh. Shebi it's not a problem

    6. Ahnahn...πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™† yeeh jigbi jigbi..

      Blacky... You are 😱😱😱

    7. OMG! 14:33, you swear you are me! Morning sex is the only thing keeping me from attaining my holy grail. πŸ˜‚

    8. Enter bed naked and let your breasts or buttocks brush on any part of his body. Move close to him, keep rubbing your naked body on his body while using your hand to stroke his chest and crotch area.
      If he is fast asleep, keep stroking his Deek gently.
      *Runs away*

    9. Eka if both of you brush teeth before bed at night, you guys are good to go for early morning marathon.

    10. Yea, we brush every night.

    11. @Blackberry & Mummy J: i have tried all these but, like i said in my post, it feels very mechanical. I made that post on Thursday and when i got home from work, i initiated sex and it was fun! He made jest of me small sha, saying i was doing like a rookie, hahahahaha.

      I'll keep doing as advised. One day, i will become a PRO! #smiles

      BTW, i had to go anon cos the fear of SDK beevees is the beginning of wisdom. The NEVER forget! hehehehehe.

    12. BB
      In the morning she should put his dk in her mouth after she must have freshened up? DK that he used to pee all through the night? Abeg he too should go freshen up and rinse his Dk before that action.
      If I must do anything in the morning before bathing, no sucking of privates biko.

  8. Iya ibeji you have this calm demeanour. Happy birthday to you and I wish you God's best for you in every areas of life, Amen.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  9. Happy Birthday Iya Ibeji 😊😊
    You no even look like say you don chop belle full before, not to talk of dropping twins.
    Wawu, and you fine no be small.
    You are smiling like I do early mornings after DH has thoroughly done his legitimate duty 😊😊
    Mhhhh this one I no dey see ya yarns again, e bi like say oga ibeji on top
    dey 🀐🀐🀐
    YOu chop okpa di oku?
    Ajuju oo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Happy Birthday πŸŽ‚ πŸ₯‚ 🎊 Iya Ibeji.
    Fastest fingers una weldone o

  11. This heat is just too much! Big rashes on my children's body! I hope someone will sell Hausa hand fan on SDK blog. Let me get one from the market,na only 100naira and e dey fan well,walahi!

    Good day to us all!

    1. Buy Moju powder..That Powder dey cool body..I have used it so I can testify...

    2. Buy Rising Raving Baby Powder.its works well for prickly heat & Rashes also.

  12. Good afternoon peeps.

    It's a beautiful sunny afternoon. May bless our hustle.

    Grateful for the gift of life.

  13. Happy birthday Iya Ibeji
    Age gracefully dear...

    Good afternoon blog visitors...

  14. The citizenship bv..If they filed for you and you’ve become a citizen already you can file for your wife na if you want to.The status they gave to you doesn’t automatically affect your wife only your kids but if you want to,you can file for your wife.

    1. I thought this filing stuff has stopped? Is it not the immigration visa trump stopped? Abeg make una educate me cos my mum was about filing for us before the news

  15. Hello IHN..
    Happy birthday iya ibeji.
    Yummilicious πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹looking cakes..
    More sales to y'all

  16. Hello everyone
    Please I have a question for lawyers in the house
    I got married traditionally and in church some years ago. I was 21, tho we planned on doing court marriage then but the church cleric that wedded us said there was no need for it as the Marriage Certificate we were issued was the same and equally as valid as the legal one.
    So I didn’t bother with the court marriage.

    So this year I applied for admission to a school abroad for my MSC and part of required documents for identification is marriage cert since I am no longer bearing the name on my degree Certificate and other Certificates.

    I sent my Church wedding certificate but it was rejected stating that what is required is a Legal marriage cert not Church. There was also a deadline to meet up before application ends and Unfortunately my husband was out of town for work and there was no way he could return with in the period for us to go to court and do the wedding.

    The lady I met in court and explained my situation suggested we dont really have to do “proper “ wedding that will b conducted by Lawyer with pictures and all that I have to do is waybill the 3copies of the marriage act Certificate to my husband to sign them and return to us, I also got the 2 witnesses to sign.

    The Certificate was stamped and back dated to the year we were married. And I sent the notarize copy of the Certificate immediately as the deadline was 2days away.

    My concerns now, ... I am now legally married by law???. Seeing that we didn’t really do a “proper court wedding but just signing of documents??? If issues come up in our marriage tomorrow can this document be enough legal proof of marriage to protect me???
    Not like I'm praying to divorced.

    1. What do you mean by proper court wedding? Did you not get a wedding certificate from the court? How do you think court wedding is conducted? You think that do it big like church wedding? When I did my court wedding, it only me, my husband and two witnesses were there at the court plus the person that conducted it. Got your certificate, stamped it and sent it off to wherever I wanted.

      That small thing you did there at court tramps every other ceremony you've done in the court of law.

    2. 21 years ago they don't issue court certificates, madam go to the registry with your husband and two of your kids as witnesses and get the legal court certificate

    3. she didn't say she got married 21 yrs ago. she said she got married when she was 21 yrs old

    4. I'm the poster. My husband was not present. I only waybilled the Certificate to him he signed and sent back. So there was no court wedding per se only. But I was issued Certificate.

    5. Poster, i did the same.this certificate they issued you is now the evidence of your court wedding.So you have done court wedding per say

  17. Congrats to all who are being helped. God bless the givers. You are on top. Those gifted, you all should reciprocate so that your hands can never be down.

    Lovely day all.

    Is sisterhood still functioning? Hmmmmmm. Make I mind my business

  18. HOW TO INITIATE SEX 101. #CouplesOnly

    1) This is your husband. You don't have to be subtle or flirty, spell it out. "Honey, i want you so bad".

    2) Wear your 'sex' cologne every time you want to get down and dirty. You know..that perfume that turns him on.

    3) Touch/grab his member sporadically, esp in bed. It's a great turn on for men.

    4) Text him when he's out or at work telling him things you wanna do to him when he gets home.

    5) Wake him with wet kisses all over if you are into early morning (breath) sex. πŸ˜‚

    1. 1. You can be flirty

      2. Perfume is not necessarily. If ur husband loves u and wants sex at that moment, even ordinary kissing will do it.
      3. ✅
      4. ✅
      5. ✅

    2. Eka joy, don't knock perfume. It's an aphrodisiac for some of man can tell when i want sex just by perceiving it.

    3. Awhhhh Perxie, you see why i love you? You just gave me the easiest steps ever - easier said than done sha! hahahahahaha.....But i promise you, imma try them and give y'all feedback by tomorrow. #Ehugs

    4. You re welcome, anon Baibay. I'm waiting for feedback. πŸ˜˜πŸ€—

  19. Good afternoon,

    Beautiful birthday to you Iya, many more years.

  20. Happy birthday iya twins. Patronage to all sellers Amen.

    If you know, u know. Let's continue watching

  21. Sisi, give ya husband legitimate ambush na 😊😊😊

    Make I yarn you how I do it.
    1. During the early morning prayers, I go pray ask Baba God to give my DH strength do perform "all his duties" for the day. 😊😊
    2. I go make sure better chops dey for table...Mmmhhh ofe onugbu with better pounded plaintain and very well roasted fish... πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
    3. I go make sure the bedroom is well cleaned, neatly well perfumed bedding . Chai,
    na here my spikenard dey do work.
    4. I go enter room wear my legitimate attire and lie down before him, switch off the lights at bedtime. My front and smooth behind go display well well. (Married) Sisi we wan chop belle full no dey wear pants 😊😊😊
    5. He will come in, switch on the light, and see wetin dey πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹
    As soon as he lies down, I go just begin my (legitimate ambush) kisses 😘😘😘
    ...If you see me the next morning, I go just burst into that one be my greetings o

    1. Abeg that Pounded plantain and ofe onugbu na dinner o
      Maka ndi uta 😘😘😘

    2. ANG you've finish me with laughter..

    3. Are you a creature from the 60's?
      Okwa ajuju o, maka ndi uta

    4. @Mz Lynn
      Why you carry 60's nak for my tori bikonu eh?
      Abeg come and explain this ya ajuju n'ese okwu o 😊😊

    5. hahahahahahahaha ANG will not kill me with laughter abeg!!! I am the anon & i will try to pick out the 'easy' steps from all you wrote up there. Thanks a mill! #Ehugs

    6. Hahahahahahahahaha
      ANG ooo

    7. @16:47; Married Sisi poster,
      You are welcome.
      Make you do well give us "legitimate" feedback o. 😊😊
      Your Oga on top go dey laugh legitimate laughter like Jaunty.

  22. Happy Birthday Iya Ibeji..Good afternoon IHN don dobale for us!!

  23. The poster for with kids purses. please include your contact or phone number. thanks

  24. Happy birthday iya Ibeji. Hearty cheers ma'am.

    Lady looking for pointers on initiating sex, you're the one married to your man so you should know what he likes yeah? You can start from there.

    On the days you have the time and are really in the mood, you can set the tone before sex, like visual fore play. Candles, scented bath, y'all will have to bath together. Soft music, some alcohol of that's your thing... go from there. On days you don't have that much time but wanna get freaky, just dress sexy and go sit on his laps. Hug him and start kissing. It's as easy as that. He's your man sis no room for shyness. you know that when you initiate sex, it makes him happy so go on with yo bad self girl.

    1. Candles? Forget what you see in Rom coms but that shit gives more anxiety than making you relax. Half of the time, you are overlooking just to be safe. 😣

    2. Imagine knocking the candles off in the heat of the moment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. eka joy, hahahahahahaha, abeg no take laugh burst my bele o...
      @Cyclone: thanks for your contribution. I appreciate it. I'll most def use some of your tips....#Ehugs

  25. Thank you ma for the free advert
    God will continue to uplift you... You are a blessing to me and my family... I remember how I started on this blog few yrs ago... We are not there yet but we thank God... God bless SDK
    God bless my blog customers...

  26. I came to say thank you Stella for the Data Give Away. Well done New PA. God bless you all. Dalu o

  27. Phew!! Sun one minute, cloudy d next. This people will not let me hear word with generator sound. How y'all doing?
    I saw one guy dat is seriously toasting me on tinder πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  28. Beautiful things for sale. May you all sell well.

  29. Madam am suggesting you dress sexy and hot whenever you are at home and make sure your hair is always neat and made.

    1. hair...check
      sexy dresses ....if bum shorts and spag tops count as sexy, then i check that too
      we both work and DH works weekends too but we try our best to make the most of whatever time we have together IF i am in the mood oooo (chuckles)

  30. Happy birthday Iya Ibeji..God bless you
    Stella where's my first comment??

  31. When your Us Citizen mum or dad file for you as a single son/daughter,it takes close to 7years or more to be invited for interview . If you're granted VISA ,you become a permanent resident/ green card holder. It will take you another 5years to become a US CITIZEN.
    However Trump want to change the chain migration to something else.

  32. When your husband is sleeping take him from behind let your bare breast caress his back and smooch every crevice of his body. Do this closer to the morning time not during midnight when sleep is much needed or during weekend when you know he isn't going out. Wake him from sleep with sloppy kisses. When he is in the bathroom suddenly walk in when he is almost done and grab him right then and you know the rest. In his car on your way back from work when he is about to get down to enter the house, seize the key when he tries to question your motive tell him to be quiet not verbally but with your hand on your lips say "shhhhh" then take over the wheel if you know what I meanπŸ˜‰. When he is watching a movie come to the living room naked and complain of looking for your

    P.s this is from a lady who got married as a primary virgin at 31 if you really want your man you would never run outta ideas. Be crazy in a good way😘

    1. 😯 we are learning something here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£ please come back and round up with your lecture

    2. Congratulations primary Virginia

    3. Let him come back from work to meet you stark naked on the dining table with your lady parts wrapped up in a πŸŽ€. Don't utter a word match his stares with yours.

      15:26 thanks darling, thanks.

    4. Na wa ooo oooo

    5. you just gave me a crash course in sexology! can i do all these? chei!!

    6. That nakedness works like magic.
      When the kids had gone to sleep, take your bath and walk around naked. If he asks, tell him you want fresh air to blow on your bare skin. Start dropping things on the floor in front of him and bending down to pick them. If he is watching TV, go sit beside him naked and watch together. You can raise one leg and put it on the table or stool.

    7. Nah so I naked de wait for hubby and he ended up coming with his cousin. Thank God I asked who he was with when I noticed he was talking.

    8. Hahahahahahahahahaha anon my belle ooo

  33. Good afternoon everyone, it's a sunny day.
    Happy birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ Iya Ibeji
    Customers fall on the sellers

  34. Met IHN today. Happy birthday Iya Ibeji. More abundant years.
    People living in Lagos, you are the real MVP. I raise my hands for you. The traffic I experienced in Lagos just this weekend ehn.

  35. i posted this in the morning but Stella did not post it.i guess ill forget about it if she still dosent approve
    please house i need you guys input on this although i might ask again during in house news
    i have two daughters aged 9 and 3.most people tend to say that the second is more beautiful than the first and they make it so obviousof recent i have discovered that my first daughter has started feeling it.for me,they are all beautiful .the first has a good nose,very full hair,she loves reading and writing little stories that you will be amazed when you read,she has a very nice shape that people even tell me to take extra care of her and she is very sensitive.the second is equally beautiful and has this pink lips,flat nose(lol),very smart,can do shakara for africa,sleepy eyes and from thr way im seeing ,would be book smart too.unlike her elder sis who has more flesh,she id just normal body.size but she has this quick beauty thatvu cant ignore .i had to explain this well so u guys can understand me.
    my problem is that i know how i grew up with people saying im not BEAUTIFUL like they think .it affected me in do many ways almost till now.
    how do i handle this so my 9yr old dosent feel less of herself or probably start resenting the sister with time.i do compliment her and all yet i look at her each time people say that and.i feel bad for her.
    its not like they just say,awwwwwww this girl is fine o,you will hear them say ah,your younger sister is finer than you.i do rebuke them but is there anyway i can handle this more than this .i would really appreciate your inputs .

    1. Keep telling her she is beautiful and make her understand that beauty comes from within and not the outward appearance.

      I tell my daughter, being beautiful without being intelligent, having good character and good manners is actually being ugly.

  36. Happy birthday iya ibeji.

  37. Thank you Stella, i received data last night.

    Why don't you try to initiate sex ma, for him to talk about it, means he wants you to, just try to initiate it and leave the rest to him.

    You guys rock, i have been laughing and laughing. God bless us all!

  38. Thanks Stella and Blog PA for data received.

  39. Happy birthday iya ibeji.

  40. IHN is here.. U love your husband..yet u hardly initiate sex.If another woman takes over..u'll come crying n give tales ....

    1. I guess you were never taught to KEEP MOVING if you've got nothing NICE to say...oooiinn!!

  41. Hello everyoneπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ happy birthday iya ibeji.

  42. Happy birthday iya ibeji. You is beautiful.

    Am I the only one that don't like turban? It's just not my thing.

    Happy sales to Dem sellers and buyers.

    Sha!, My data is almost finished o 😭😭😭😭😭 MTN whyπŸ‘Ž

  43. Thanks dearest Stella for the advert
    I appreciate

    1. Thanks to Stella and her P.A .I got the 1000mb yesterday

  44. Happy birthday Iya Ibeji. You are so beautiful. God bless and keep you

  45. Happy birthday IYA IBEJI
    Age gracefully!!

    Hello IHN πŸ™Œ

  46. Came late. the heat is just too much especially inside d sun.. oluwa shanu oo n the stupid nepas dey do their own join

  47. Thank you SDK, thank uuuu Amiable P.A I GOT 1000mb data yesterday. I really appreciate... Kizzzz

  48. God bless Stella, she's been doing wonders on this blog for years, patient is a virtue, I read in spontaneous about the bv that loss out of the giveaway, and I shake my head, it seems she's new here, if not she will know that we don't do audio giveaway here, right in this blog people have been given 500k by a total stranger, and plenty more . I am like a man at the beautiful gate, and I believe soon help will get to me too here, or anywhere around me.

    Blog PA, God bless u , I missed out of the data giveaway cos I didn't see your reply to screenshot my comment on time.

  49. Happy birthday iya ibeji
    Age with grace

  50. Hi stella i looooveee your blog. Its my First time commenting but literally i should be queen of Anon association on this blog. Replying to anonymous BV wanting to get info on filling. First thing you should know is its a long process.. I beleive you are passes the 18years age bracket so it will take longer.. First stage is your mom filling, once all documentation has been submitted you will be sent an approval email. Nect will be info on physical examinatuon and medical test, to a hospital the embassy will pick. Once that is done you will be schedules for an interview date where you will go with supporting documents to back up the application form you subimittes e.g birth certificate, proof of communicatuon with your mum over the years, her employment letter, pictures of both of you E.t.c At this interview a decision will be made i.e if you have been approved for an imigrant visa. At this point your passport will be taken and you will be asked to pick it up in about 2 weeks or so. Now once in the US you will be given either of the 2. A 2 year green card which is permanent residency or a 10 year green card. Which after 5-6 years of residing in the US you can now apply for citizenship. Now about marrying a nigerian, read up on the temporary halt to immigration application however all things being normal when i filled for my husband i subimitted my application in my last of my 5 years being a permanent resident, that allowed for my application to be shelved and documented. The entire process for my husbands application was roughly a year or so.. by process i mean start to when he joines me. Application - physical exam and medical test at a hospital of the embassys choice- interview to submit supporting documents and lastly picking up hes passport. Then your partner joins you either on the 2 year green card or 10 year. Hope this helps...


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