Stella Dimoko President Buhari’s Approved $22.7bn Loan Spending Plan


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Saturday, March 07, 2020

President Buhari’s Approved $22.7bn Loan Spending Plan

The senate has approved President Muhammadu Buhari’s $22.7 billion loan request and this is how he intends to spend it...

What do you think about his spending plan?Hmmmmm

I dont Understand the social welfare part that need 500 million dollars.
Education for all also needs 500 million dollars?
NTA Digitisation?500 million dollars?


  1. No plans for the health sector. Which way Nigeria?
    Must we borrow?

    1. Aba Kyari at work. Weh done Sir!

  2. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Who do we offend in this country, God or devil?

    1. Lol.. if you ask me, na who go I go ask??

  4. And nothing for the South East. When one talks now they will say we are screaming being victimized. God dey.

  5. Hmmm, well there are a lot of developmental projects in the plan that would directly or/and indirectly improve the economy if done right. But 2 things (in my view):
    1) the Abuja water supply and north-east rehabilitation, NTA digitization and social welfare should not be done on borrowed funds;
    2) ICT infrastructure sounds so vague;
    3) I wonder what education for all entails - more free primary and secondary schools? What’s the plan to get qualified teachers, cos God knows we have a lot of half-baked teachers in the existing public schools? How about improving instead the existing ones, esp the universities.
    Finally, repayment of this loan will be a burden on generations to come, it would be tragic if these funds are not going to be invested prudently in the economy, but used to line people’s pockets. I appreciate that governing isn’t easy, but sometimes, all that’s needed is just a sincere Oga At The Top.


    These 2 caught my attention,time to reactivate that my old supplier dormant registered company, how much tax make I pay sef?

    I must enter Suppliers list for NTA.

    Nigeria was looking for a SOLUTION, we elected a PROBLEM.
    God forbid bad thing.

  7. Stellz,the social welfare is for themselves. They put vague names to siphon money and start frivolous spending ostensibly. We really elected a selfish and dim man.

  8. The money is still going to get into their pockets

  9. Kaaaai!
    I used to be so unapologetically a proud Nigerian, but the happenings in the country have made me do a 360 turn around.

    I am now making frantic efforts to relocate my family to a sane clime.

    Let me activate my dual citizenship at least, let them see civilization in the true definition.

    Just see how hollow what they just released look, so this is the most they can do???

    They are making those defending their actions and huge inaction look like fool.

  10. Chai Lai Muhammad finally gets the 500 million dollars he is clamouring for. This country self. And they will use our delta state oil money to pay the loan. I wish delta is just a country self


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