Stella Dimoko Saving Numbers With Hilarious Names On Your Phone....


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Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Saving Numbers With Hilarious Names On Your Phone....

Is there a reason we don't save some peoples numbers with their real names?LMAO...
I can't answer this question because i have quite a few saved with funny names and I am sure you do as well.....

I have someone saved as ''Abeg Abeg Abeg!''....I have a friend saved as ''okote meow meow purrr''

Shares yours.................


  1. I do that for easy remembrance

    1. I do save according to how I meet people or what you do

    2. One idiot
      Pounds boy
      No name
      Ghost caller
      Who ooo
      Icecream girl
      Taylor uju
      Lexus dude
      Bumni stockfish
      Idiot shoprite
      Catfish boy
      Twerker gq
      Oma yellow pawpaw

      I have a lot. Depends on how ur call started, how i met you or what i can remember you with. Some i have another person with the name already

    3. wow anonymous 19:17

  2. I have womanhouse,
    I have goatmeat
    I have chicken old layer

  3. Nduka isi mgbaka
    Alex onye iberibe
    Ebele beta pikin
    Then Anonymous 1,2,3,4
    The anonymous one show you don’t add meaning to my life and I don’t care to remember your name lol.

  4. I have someone saved as ScammerKazeem because he scammed me regarding job ish back then.

  5. I saved sombody's number as Stalker.

  6. Yeah I remember back then in school when guys dey worry for number..I save one as Ewu 1, Ewu Meeeeh and Oke Mkpi 1 of UNIBEN!! 不不

  7. That name up there cracked me up big time

    I once saved my now paddy number with "Dont pick" and his second line with "I repeat do not pick" 不

    1. Jessseeee
      You are definitely me 不不
      I did just this 不

  8. I saved someone number as "Ayan gbe weight"

  9. I have one "girl I met on my way home from work '

  10. Don't answer
    Tsk tsk

  11. Cement man



    Onigbese (if you know you know)


    Aradite hand

    1. I can imagine what people save YOUR nunber with.

    2. 15:18, STFU numb head! You're back today innit?

    3. E pain am

    4. Troublesome anon.
      Give it a rest .

    5. How do you all know Aproko isn't the one stalking herself???

    6. We know who is at work nau.

  12. My ex-husband has once saved a side chic's number with my name because of another side chic. lol

    well i una advice BEVEEs because i swear you guys give it real: My ex, who decided he want divorce but doesn't have the balls to file but wants to enjoy the freedom of coming to lagos with girlfriend and not come to check his family had the guts to take me to welfare lying that i am violent, he later said i wasnt when i started talking but said he just wants to betaking the kids out from time to time ( which i refused initially and my reason was, he hasnt even come home to play with them even if you wont sleep, so you will call and say you are in lag and will come take children i carried in my womb out and i wont be there to ensure they are safe? Mbanu)

    well i later agreed he can but when he calls, i still wont allow, make he take me go welfare again. Now to the real issue, i have incriminating evidence that can send him and his current serekode to jail for at least 3years and he will surely lose his job, should i or should i not?

    my bro says no, that if he will enter trouble, it shouldnt be from me.

    but i want to at least deal with one stupid sidechic so even her family will feel it and in-laws that hurt me so deep and the silly man that placed many gfs above me and showed me pepper.....

    I need advise....... Because if he was the one, he would gladly sue me, at least to get me out of the way since they havent succeeded spiritually and physically. Just to make you people laugh small, he was insulted at the welfare and embarrassed so bad i even felt embarrassed!

    1. I think you should try and just let it go. These things don't end well. Imagine that he knows some really bad boys and u end up getting hurt real bad for sending him to jail.

      BTW, it seems you try so hard to keep his child away from him. It's evident in ur comment. Your relationship or marriage ended doesn't mean he shouldn't have easy access to his children

    2. Eka Joy the Judge and Jury!

  13. I saved mine as okpo

  14. I have some contacts saved on my phone like dis Jennifer Blow job. Don't pick .Anita smoker. Stella Beg Beg. Tope always Horny

  15. I have saved my friend name as running stomach because she cant cook and has killed me wit it before.also
    Begi begi
    Kola otopiam piam
    Tijani obo
    Square head Mikel
    Fufu wraps Chris
    Oga bra
    Ok shoes
    But i was shocked when my admirer saved my name as big headed Chidi......even when he knew my name ...stella i got served!!!

  16. I have one I saved as Cyprian familiar face不不不不不.
    We met one day on my way work, we were just staring each other, like"you look familiar bla, bla, bla, that's how the contact name came about

  17. I remember when I was in the world. I’d add SC before girls name. I had plenty like that until one girl read my chat and saw me talking about the meaning with a friend. She searched SC on my phone and copied all the numbers she found and messaged them to tell them how I saved their numbers and the mean of SC.

    The thing turn issue gan and still got me more in the process but I’m now a born again. No longer in the world.

  18. I save one as d**k h**d

  19. I have 'Patient Bike man Sagamu'.
    He was a bike man that carried me to Sagamu at a very fair rate, waited patiently for me to do my business and took me back home peacefully.
    I wanted to keep using his services.

    I have '2020 Femi recent'. My cousin is always changing number, I did that to be able to know that the other numbers are no longer valid as this one nah the most recent. Lol

    1. Fermi prolly de into shady deals.
      If you know you know

    2. Abegiii 17:49!

      Some love extreme privacy. Shady wetin?

      I have 5numbers. I switch up every 2wks. Dat way only extremely close people have the five. I don't like my phone over ringing

  20. Drummer girl...very fine and attractive lady with nice curves but little unpleasant odour especially when she's sweating. my guy dey jokingly tell me say to knack dat kain girl u fit just shock drummer air-freshener under her so we begin call her drummer girl

  21. I don't o, I save pple's name properly.

  22. I save people name based on where we met for easy remembrance when they call...

  23. Jennifer begi begi

  24. I saved one as Unilag Toilet

  25. Some guy that was on my case for sometime saved my name as Amaka big grammar. I laugh tire the day I discovered this.

  26. Almost flawless Sdk
    Curvy Sdk Abj..
    Lol.. The girls that I meet on Sdk I saved their numbers according to the descriptions in their post or their location sometimes..


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