Stella Dimoko Spanish Footballer Dies After Testing Positive To Coronavirus


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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Spanish Footballer Dies After Testing Positive To Coronavirus

A 21-year-old Spanish footballer, Francisco Gracia has been reported dead after testing positive for coronavirus

The footballer was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Friday after he was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Mr Garcia had no idea he had an aggressive form of cancer, which made him extremely vulnerable to coronavirus, when he went to a hospital with breathing problems last Friday”, The Mirror reported.

The president of the Atletico Portada Alta football club said he was told that Mr Garcia was stable, but an hour later was informed that he had died.

Spain has confirmed 9,191 cases of coronavirus, with 1349 reported in the last 24 hours. The death toll is now 309.
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  1. Ooooooh no. God please let them find cure for this deadly virus.

  2. Cod19. Malaria. Malaria kills this people very fast

  3. This is becoming very scary. My friend told me yesterday that Nigeria is very lucky so far. She said something that l never thought of. It’s not just the hot weather because even the UAE , has over 98 cases while Qatar has almost five hundred cases. Algeria has almost Fifty cases. The thing se desert too she said.
    May God continue to help our country, Nigeria.

  4. May his soul rest in perfect peace amen.

  5. Mennn! Lord have mercy. May his soul rest well.

  6. The sign of end time. Oh Lord show us mercy!

  7. We must be very careful, but guys, don't panic too much. The mortality rate of COVID 19 is 3%-4%. Only 5%-14% of cases get critical. How you handle it depends on your age and immune system. That means if you're under 55, completely healthy and have no underlying health conditions, you will heal from it without complications by 2 weeks. It's our older ones and those with underlying health conditions (such as cancer, asthma, etc) that we really have to pray for. Italy that has the highest death rate, the average age of those who died is 81. So we need to take very good care of our parents, grandparents and so on. This is when they need us the most.
    Please, to avoid it all together, let's remember to
    1. Practice social distancing (if possible, stay about 6 feet away from people. Wear masks in crowded places, or when you're around someone who is coughing. Don't go out unless absolutely necessary).
    2. Practice rigorous hand washing. Every time you touch money or even a surface: a door, table, countertop, etc.,wash your hands. Remember that the membranes that are affected are in our eyes, nose, and even mouth and as humans, we touch our faces a lot. If possible, use your elbow to open doors, as your elbow is unlikely to touch your face
    3. Take your sanitizer everywhere and use it as often as possible
    4. Avoid physical contact with people, even loved ones
    5. Eat tons of citrus fruits (and fruits and veggies in general), take more water, and vitamin C supplements to support your immune system. Remember, the stronger your system is, the better your chances of survival.
    6. Advise your loved ones travelling into the country to self quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to reduce the spread of the virus.
    7.Look out for symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath and sore throat.

    1. Amen..... Thank you very much for the health tips .

    2. Amen. Many thanks for your contribution

    3. These case fatality rates are in countries with life support including functioning ventilators. The truth is that when countries have ICUs like we do, are affected by the virus, they can NOT offer the kind of care Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome requires. Who will incubate you? Even when they do where are the functioning ventilators? Please stop deceiving people. Nigeria has a weak health system and can not afford to take care of these patients. The truth is, likely you will be left in some isolation ward to die, alone and in your own body secretions
      No doctor or nurse will touch you because we know the truth. In Nigeria, nobody cares about you.

  8. He was actually a youth team coach. May his soul rest in peace...

  9. OMG! This is getting serious than I thought. May his soul RIP.

  10. God,,young boy like this. Great future terminated. God we need you now!.R.I.P achiever


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