Stella Dimoko Actress Ify Okeke Goes Down Memory Lane And Says She Is Proud Of Her Size,Voice And Face...


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Friday, April 10, 2020

Actress Ify Okeke Goes Down Memory Lane And Says She Is Proud Of Her Size,Voice And Face...

Nollywood actress Ify Okeke has come a long way and despite not been as popular as her very popular friends in the Industry,she still has a lot to be thankful for and in this post,she thanks those who have stood by her and shoves off negativity.....

But this night is as long Back still with tears of joy my whole life playing back and forth knowing how frustrated I was and had no choice than start doing makeup assistant for ANTY GRACE ADIKU out of depression, confusion and heart broken so another Director told me to do crew that my voice won't help or I face my foundation as I was doing back then too, EMPRESS NJAMAH will pamper me, even when i started dancing with VIVIAN UKAZU and HAPPINESS she was always there

pick the spray money and keep for me because I always have to run home even if I have to sleep outside but I must be seen there in the midnight or morning(story for another day) LATE J.T TomWest was my manager who got me shows to dance. I DANCE TAYA FOR EASTER JAM @ Lekki beach those day for some people without pay(make I no make them)so i depend on was spray money. Atimes i will dance for all the musicians performing that day, yet my brother(IKEMJIMBA) will still come to give me transport to go home. 

But as time goes by MY FATHER IN THIS INDUSTRY BELIEVED IN ME started giving me 5 to 10scence. God bless you CHICO EJIRO, then came the man who gave me my 1st Real Sublead MANEX followed immediately with lead, EKENNA IGWE was there before Oga Chico & did all the encouragement with both crew work & all, LATE CHIKE BRYAN, KINGSLEY OGORO, ADIM WILLIAM, ANDY CHUKWU, LATE KASVID, PRESSING FORWARD and DIVINE TOUCH(KINGLESY and IKECHUKWU ONYEKA just to mention few then my main boss EMEKA OSSAI I remain loyal that man who till today am not sure remembers my real name is either calls me SHAKABULA or VERO, SIR I LOVE THE NAMES don't stop calling me that. God bless you sir. ALEX MOUTH(Ogo)thanks so much for making sure i go back to school.

 So its DOUBLE ACHIEVEMENTS FOR ME. Thank you so much for helping me set my feet on this GREATER GROUNDS. Its only an enemy that will write the history of the industry without adding my name,to my BOSS MR EMEKA ROLLAS thank you sir for believing so much in small me with all my flaws.

The Art is my calling, it is what I was born to do so I'll continuously dust off the negative toxic comment and forge ahead. I AM A PLUS SEXY, who is proud of MY SIZE, MY VOICE and MY FACE.

FF 22 years professionally in this business with a lot of MERITED AWARDS WON, and yet to hit the big break. I have come to stay, focused, persevering and here to make a mark and emboss my name on the Rock of Time.

To you Sir's and Ma's, i want to say thank you for giving me my rough beginning that made me the STRONG, DOGGED,FEARLESS WOMAN I AM TODAY EVEN WHEN I FALL I KNOW I AM RISING 22(TIMES BETTER. I love the woman you’re today IFEOMACHUKWUMELUM
God bless you my love.
#222222 loading can’t wait to dance hard after coronavirus is gone totally!


  1. Thank God for her

    Oh I just saw JT Tom West on her write up,God continue to rest his I love him🙌🙌 very talented young man

    Emeka Ossai,been ages I saw his movie too! Chico and Zeb Ejiro ,them still they produce films sef?

  2. Replies
    1. I tell you. I couldn't decipher what she wrote up there.

    2. Same way your comments give me headache.. Always writing 'u' instead of 'you'.
      And also with all your stupid ass stories, but you are quick to insult anyone that as much as write a paragraph.

      If you think I am ifeoma, you are plain stupid.

    3. Ha
      June take it easy 🤗
      It's not this serious.

    4. June nwayo heart attack is real

    5. Ify revert to your former size please?

      I'm chubby too and had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant

      It killed my baby...please be safe people do care about you

    6. Chocolat Noir, u have time responding to a lunatic.

    7. No punctuation marks

    8. Eka joy to be honest with you
      U need to work on ur attitude..

      Too much hate and bitterness in you but,yet u are always quick
      To call someone a hater/bitter!.
      When dey try to air their opinion

  3. A grateful heat it's an appreciative heat!!

    I will tell you this from a place of love girl; I know that it ain't easy but try all you can to loose some weight. Yes, Yes, I know... It is not easy. Trust me I know cause I'm fighting the evil witch called weight too. I ain't taking No for an answer. We War😬!!
    Even though I was fat from birth, I ain't giving up. So you see🤷?? You are not alone. Fight it girl!! Don't be lazy 😎

  4. JT,continue to rest in peace

  5. Actress?

  6. Ify that can gossip for Africa..that's why she didnt blow..
    When you are a chronic gossip,people run far away from you!..
    Even your helpers would flee!
    I hope she has changed though

    1. BVssssssssssssssssss!!! Someone must appear from no where to discredit whoever. I cut cap for una.

    2. Ify is the worst gossip i have ever seen.Most of her colleagues know her as a chronic gossip ,she gossips with envy.

  7. I need your advise although it is not related to this post,I am currently pursuing a PhD programme on Adult Education but just thought of the fact that not everyone with a PhD finds a job in Academics,I am thinking of taking a professional certification but I can't afford it now,can I do free HR courses online and tender the certificate for a job

  8. Oh God in heaven, this is how I will wake up one morning and start appreciating everyone that has been there for me in one way or the other, especially my baby mother Stella Dimokokorkus who has tremendously lifted me out of shame without complaints, my prayer is that one day very soon, I will text her and say "Dear Stella, I started a small business, please I have this small giveaway to give any BV in need", and not disturbing her always to pay our bills... Oh God this is my heart desire....Amen, maybe when I have some money of my own, I might reconsider men again because they will learn to respect me.... (Thinking out loud)

  9. Whoever tell you that you're okay looking morbid, just want to see you die.
    You're a sick looking lady.

  10. It's so wrong to fat shame, skinny shame or any form of shaming sef. Live and let live.

  11. Ify, please do something about this weight. Ha!


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