Stella Dimoko Adventures of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver --14


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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Adventures of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver --14

Oko Ashawo don enter wahala........

In the course of my work, I met Yomi who often needed my services. He was highly connected but didn’t seem to have any real job or a major source of income. I often wondered how he was able to keep up with his expensive lifestyle. I got to know later that he worked as a pimp, connecting runs girls to mostly politicians and high-net-worth individuals covertly. He was also well known in the major clubs in town.

He had dealings mainly with young classy girls especially students in various higher institutions within the city and youth corps members. Some of these girls had jobs; a few owned their businesses while a number of them were jobless. Occasionally, other girls were brought in from neighbouring states depending on his preference at any particular time. He always negotiated for his commission from these girls and made money also from the people he arranged these girls for.

I received a call from Yomi one afternoon and he told me to be available to work with him overnight. According to him, he had special guests coming into town that night and would be required to pick up some girls from one of the higher institutions. He also asked me to call another cab driver to join us since he would need 6 girls for his clients.

Yomi had called Funke, who is one of his contacts and told her to arrange 5 other girls for the night’s outing and outlined his specifications. This time, he precisely asked for students, who must be fair in complexion and busty. He added that they must be attractive and intelligent. He also told her to make sure they got ready for the pickup by 10pm.

We arrived on time and the girls joined us in the cars after a while but there was a problem. One of the girls Funke had relied on already had an outing fixed for that night. She then told Yomi that she had arranged with one of her friends Tolu, who fitted the specification to join us even though she wasn’t a student. We picked Tolu along the way and drove to the hotel where Yomi’s guests lodged.

When we arrived at the hotel, Yomi contacted the men and informed them of our arrival. I watched as Yomi led the girls to the bar at the poolside to join the men who were already having drinks. I stayed back with the other cab driver at the car park to talk about our work and share our experiences. In a few minutes, Yomi called me and said the men have asked that we join them and order for whatever we wanted before setting out to the club. When we got in, I observed that the men were 3 in number and I wondered why they needed 6 girls. Hmmmm….

The other cab driver and I ordered for food and drinks while waiting for the men to get ready. They paired up with the girls and chatted away while eating and drinking. From where I sat, I could hear their conversations faintly as they asked the girls questions ranging from their course of study to other topics. I noticed that Tolu wasn’t quite comfortable in their midst but I couldn’t figure out why.

When it got to Tolu’s turn to talk about herself, she said that she was in school studying Economics and the guy that had interest in her incidentally also studied economics. He asked her some basic questions and she stuttered and couldn’t even give any reasonable answer. More so, her spoken English was really poor. I saw the guy’s reaction, which showed it was obvious that she wasn’t a student but he just tried flowing with her.

After a while, one of the guys drove with the two other two men in his car and asked us to drive behind them with the girls to a club nearby.
We spent some time there and later went back to the hotel where they lodged.

After paying for our cab services, the other cab man left while Yomi asked me to wait to take him back that he still needed to sort a few things out before joining me.Shortly afterwards, I saw Yomi coming out with Tolu to the car as they discussed. Yomi then asked me to her home saying that there was a little misunderstanding. He also said he was not through yet as he had not been paid for his service that night but would sort himself out.

As I drove Tolu to her residence, we got talking and she narrated all that transpired to me. She said she didn’t know she was called up for a threesome and it is a practice she had never engaged in. She was told that she would pair up with another girl and be watched by the guys while they engaged in lesbian activities, which she found disgusting. She further described the activities to include the girls performing oral s#x on each other’s vaginas, breast and nipple play, fingering and the use of s#x toys, which the men brought. She said what the men really wanted was for the girls to entertain them first before engaging in s#x with them and thereafter have group s#x.

She said she couldn’t find herself doing all that even though the amount was tempting. They were promised 100 thousand naira each but she had to decline. At the end, she was given 10 thousand naira and told to go.

I listened in amazement as she narrated all these to me. I didn’t even know what to say to her as we continued on the trip to her residence. Eventually, when I dropped her off at her place, she collected my number so that she could call me anytime she needed my services.

Later on, she called me from time to time whenever she needed to go out and we got really close. I also took her out on credit a few times when she didn’t have enough money on her though she paid later. She also hung out often with her friend Funke and they seemed quite close.

One night, Tolu called me to pick her up from a club nearby. Her friend, Funke had hooked her up with a guy who she’d be spending the night with. She told me I’d be taking them to a hotel and I’d also be required to pick her up later around 11am to take her home.

As I drove to the hotel after picking them up, I noticed the guy she was with was heavily drunk and was saying gibberish. He looked really skinny, scruffy and shabby. I wondered why this beautiful girl ended up with such a guy.

When we got to the hotel, the guy staggered as he walked while she supported him. I shook my head, went back to my car and drove off to continue with my work. I kept imagining what these girls went through, sleeping with all manner of men all in the bid to make money.

Around 6am, I got a call from Tolu asking me to come to the hotel quickly to pick her up. When I got there, I reminded her that she had told me she would be leaving around 11am and demanded to know what happened. She then told me that the guy is a drunken fool who after vomiting, slept off. She said after cleaning him up with the help of one of the hotel staff, she tried waking him up for them to have s#x but he didn’t respond. She then told me that she searched his bag,found some money and took 20 thousand naira out of it.

I immediately reprimanded her and told her she shouldn’t have done that but could have waited for the guy to come around instead. More so, he picked her up for s#x and that part of the bargain was not fulfilled. She became all defensive and told me that she couldn’t stand him and so she had to leave. I tried convincing her to go back but all my pleas fell on deaf ears.

I took her to her house and went home to rest.

Later in the day around 6pm, I got a call from a lady who introduced herself as Tolu’s aunt. She said Tolu lives with her and gave her my number. She told me she needed my service and I should come to her place immediately.

I got there as quickly as I could and she dropped the bombshell. She told me that Tolu’s friend, Funke came to the house with a policeman and another man. The policeman claimed that Tolu stole money from a guy named Tim and has been arrested and taken to the police station. She said Tolu named me as a witness and I have been asked to report to the Police Area Command. She told me to give her a few minutes to get dressed so that we could go together. I tried to remain calm as she told me these things but felt uneasiness on the inside.

On the way, she withdrew some money from the ATM and asked me several questions including how I got to know Tolu, where I took her to regularly and what I knew about the theft claim since she kept mentioning my name as if I was her partner. I knew this spelt trouble for me and all I needed at that moment was wisdom to handle the precarious situation. I tactically dodged her questions and asked that we focus instead on the problem at hand, that we would have enough time to discuss further later.

We got to the Police Area Command when it was dark at past 7pm. I then asked her to go ahead to join Tolu and others while I looked for a place to park my car. I kept thinking and praying for the wisdom to handle this situation. I found a place outside the station where I parked my car and went ahead to look for them. I found them outside by the main car park with a group of people discussing the issue.

From the look of things, I sensed serious trouble knowing how policemen could turn issues around. I then decided to hide behind a bus since it was dark already to listen to what they were saying.
Funke was there with Tim and some policemen. This time, Tolu’s aunt had joined and they started the narration all over again.

Tolu said Funke hooked her up with Tim and they planned to spend the night together in a hotel room after settling for 20 thousand naira for the night. She admitted the s#x never took place because he was drunk and he vomited. She was angry and irritated so she took the 20 thousand that they had bargained for from his bag and left. She then said her cab man is her witness and he also knows her so well because she always tells the truth, which he can attest to.

One of the policemen now said the cab man must be arrested too because he seems to be an accomplice in this case. Another policeman also supported that motion by saying that is the way they are because they are the ones that carry criminals around. They now asked Tim to narrate his own side of the story to the hearing of Tolu’s aunt while awaiting the arrival of the cab man.

Tim claimed he got introduced to Tolu through Funke and they bargained to spend the night together. He now said unknown to him, Tolu drugged him by spiking his drink, stole his 50 thousand naira and ran away with her cab driver. I opened my mouth wide as I heard that knowing that it was a big lie, yet I could not come out from my hiding to counter this claim because I feared I could be arrested.

Tim now said all he was interested in was his money and nothing more, that as long as Tolu was willing to give him his 50 thousand naira, he was also willing to let go of the case. Tolu’s aunt asked Tolu to bring the 20 thousand naira so that she could add another 30 thousand naira to it so as to close the case. Tolu now told the aunty that she had only 12 thousand naira left having spent 8 thousand naira earlier in the day to buy a dress.

The next thing I heard was a resounding slap from the aunt. Tolu screamed while the aunty continued slapping her calling her an Ashawo, who didn’t turn out to be anything good in her life because of her love for preek. She then told everyone there that Tolu is a 23 year old girl who refused to go to school, while 2 of her younger ones were already in the higher institution. She said Tolu’s parents eventually had to force her to learn a trade because of her waywardness and unserious attitude. She also said Tolu was sent to her to learn hair dressing and she has been unserious.

Tolu then brought out the remaining 12 thousand naira from her bag while her aunt added the balance and gave the full 50 thousand naira to Tim. They still talked a bit and some people there also gave advice to Tolu to change her ways. I heaved a sigh of relief as the case was eventually settled and dismissed.

I now showed up when they were looking for me to take them back home. I was happy that Tolu’s aunt didn’t bring up the issue of me not showing up as there was complete silence in the car as I took them back home.

When we got to their place, I didn’t bother asking for money because I had just been saved from a dicey situation. I was too weak to continue with work that night and I went home to sleep reminiscing about the events of the day. I believed also that Tolu would have learnt her lessons and would refocus her energies in living a better life. Alas,I was wrong!

I got a call from Tolu 2 days later for another outing.

Do Ashawos change?.

Asahwo change say wetin happen?some retire,rest and begin


  1. LMaO. Wetin oko ashawo no go see for naija sisi hand

    1. I so much enjoy reading your stories. But these babes get mind sha, how do they get the liver to sleep with different strange men every now and then?

    2. Some wise ones change after some time.
      Thank God you used Solomon's wisdom, if not na you for pay the remaining 38k for tolu.

  2. Oko ashawo, bia, don't let us fight oo why didn't you give us d remaining part of d last episode?
    Anyway, I enjoy it segment big-time

    1. That's true
      We need that update badly!!

    2. Don't mind him. The guy don take style dodge😁

  3. What pleasure do men get from watching girls pleasure themselves and why do girls indulge in such degrading activities ?

    You're lucky you weren't locked up loool.

  4. Hahahahaha.... Oko Ashawo, na God save you. You sound very intelligent and your write-up is really beautiful.
    It takes God to change Ashawos. Na wah

  5. no change for them,they retire and resume again,it only takes the grace of God.

  6. Some Ashewo dey change. But dis You case be like say dog carry her clitoris chop. Wey she no fit wait, hold bodi small & think about her life after the whole incident. Nawa o

  7. Most times I pity them, they go through a lot just to make money

  8. Some Ashewo dey change. But dis You mats be like say na dog chop her clitoris. Wey make her no fit wait small, hold bodi and think her life over, despite the bashing from her aunt. Na wao.

  9. That Tolu no dey hear word,she for still calm down like a week before resuming her work.good read I really enjoyed the story.well done

  10. sense will not kill you this Oko Ashawo you're very calculative. As for those girls who agree to all sorts,not all the men who they mingle with are ordinary

  11. I wonder the pleasure some girls gain by intentionally becoming an ashawo

  12. What an interesting read.
    It takes the grace of God for any ashawo to change.

  13. Always looking forward to this column..what an interesting read,imagine what some ladies do all in the bid to make money..

    How many Ashewo dey build house sef,aside cloths, jewelries, phones etc..what achievement do they usually have again sef.

    1. Most times none oo, only a microscopic few that use the money for something meaningful

    2. They are mostly broke sef

  14. Your closing paragraph was funny. Keep it coming.

  15. May God have mercy on her and deliver her from this trade. She has lost confidence in her ability to engage in a disent job. Ashewo no be work

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    Keep up the good work. I love your writes up a lot.

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    Weldon oko ashawo

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    This babes no dey fear ni?

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    1. Is it too small or too much?

  25. Lol
    They retire to become shekpe/agbo sellers for the local ones or bar owners for the 'woke' one, that's after men no longer patronize their services.

    Ashawo weh marry, na vacation she go.. #Never make a hoe a housewife.


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