Stella Dimoko Coronavirus Cases Rises To 323 In Nigeria


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Monday, April 13, 2020

Coronavirus Cases Rises To 323 In Nigeria

The numbers are still on the increase...................


  1. And will increase more.
    Of what use is a lockdown when robbers will bring the Coronavirus to your house, steal your valuables, rape your daughters and probably still infect you.


  2. The numbers are more, many are treating themselves indoors and I think the death is higher too, the only thing I don't want to doubt is the supposedly numbers of discharged patients but the rest, hmmm, the numbers are higher especially the infested cases. May the mercy of God speak for us. Father, you are all we have in Nigeria beside You the Almighty God, we have nothing. Rise up and prove yourself as the ALMIGHTY God and heal our land,heal our homes, heal our bodies. Let the night time end and a new day of blessings, deliverance, new beginning, miracle come in Jesus name.

  3. Soooooo, I just want to taink all awa pasteurs who have been healing all the infected people so far.

    In fact it's because of you that the numbers are so low. Please continue healing then one after the other. Inugo?

    Thank you for your constant healing visitations to the infectious disease hospitals, to the isolation centres etc at least before the lockdown.

    Thank you for the healing programmes, at least if they say lock down lock down at least you can as well continue with your healing programmes, healing school and they can touch their infected fingers to their TV or phone and pishaunn dem don heal.

    Uwese o, tainkiu.

    Doubters will say na film trick, no mind dem.

  4. Now we have to be more cautious than ever

  5. Even with the lockdown the numbers are still increasing

  6. Good thing the infected has started declining, by the end of this week its get better and by next week we'll start easing up on movement

  7. May God help us. Nigerians are not being helpful in the fight against this pandemic


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