Stella Dimoko COVID19 - Quarantined Son Of Ex VP Atiku Talks About His Experience,Fake News And Says Nigerians Should Unite To Fight The Virus.


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Friday, April 03, 2020

COVID19 - Quarantined Son Of Ex VP Atiku Talks About His Experience,Fake News And Says Nigerians Should Unite To Fight The Virus.

Ex-Vice President, Atiku Abubakar's Son Mo' is in quarantine because he tested positive to the Coronavirus.....

He granted an Interview to Arise TV and said a few things you might be Interested in.....

In his words
“On the 20th of this month(March), I tested positive for COVID-19 and later that night I was brought over to the isolation centre at the Gwagwalada University Teaching Hospital

I am currently on my 11th going 12th day here and I hope to be out soon, perhaps when my next test is taken and the results are favourable, I would be on my way out, hopefully.

But I decided to do this video just so that I could speak about my experience and I hope it will be of help and value to the society and people out there, Nigerians in particular

When I came here my first few days, I was asymptomatic but I was nervous; high level of anxiety and a little bit of trauma, actually it was very difficult those few days, especially being the index case was the first case here in Abuja. I think that was really the main challenge.

But day by day, I grew stronger, thanks largely to all the goodwill and prayers and support I got from a vast array of Nigerians many people whom I don't know , but of course more obviously My family, my friends my associates, and a whole lot of people who's been very supportive
We thank God as well and good.

One thing I'll like to speak to Nigerians that I experience is fake news
Fake news it's very bad, and it compounds your problems if you're in a vulnerable situation, perhaps being from.a politician family I didn't really feel that pain as much but people who are more vulnerable this thing could affect their health, it could affect their immune system as well.

So let me urge people out there to be very transparent with the way they treat information, let them be careful in spreading information that is false, these things aggravate Health condition, in my case, even people within the estate that I live were prevalence to fake news it's quite unfortunate but I'm not really her to take about those specifics but I'll like to urge all of us to come together and see how we can support one another because this is a challenge to our society, a challenge to our future, a challenge to the present.The people will come together and understand that this is a point that requires a collective effort than the sooner we overcome this.

The longer it stays to do that, then the longer the impact in terms of feudality, the potentials and also economy impact

Thankfully as you see the number statistics, most people will be fine but we can't ignore the few that will not be fine so let

Let's work hard
Let's support the government
Let's compile with directives from the WHO, the federal government, state government so that we can overcome this challenge sooner than later in the end

Moving on I'll also like to ask that we pray, show our medical staff a lot of support, they are risking their lives. Have seen it first hand how they come close to patient and how exposed they are

We need to pray that none of them gets infected, nothing befalls them, any kind of harm will come to their families because they're our backbones we have to appreciate and be thankful to them,

We have to be thankful to the authorities, extended authorities especially on the front line but they are playing a lot of role

So Nigerians, let's come together,let's put away politics and defeat this pandemic
We can do it, we can do it very effective if we work together"


  1. Replies
    1. U still didnt confirm if u acted irresponsibly when u came back from the UK, going clubbing, partying and mixing with other politicians. Or that ur estate people had to forcefully report and remove u. Or that a lot of people in abuja and ur circle caught it from u. U unsmartly avoided that part. U should have just kept quiet. This wasn't a very smart thing to do. Hopefully u and ur sources read this blog. I hope u grow some sense after this

    2. @sue, Don't mind him. That was the reason I rushed to open this post thinking he would come out clear on the accusations heaped on him but he stylishly dodged those accusations like a bullet. Mtchewww... I'm sure he is guilty AF

  2. Thank God for your quick recovery. If you complied with WHO, Abuja's case would not be on the rise daily.

  3. Very well said. I know the world as we know it will drastically change when this pandemic blows over. God bless you. God bless and strengthen the medical professionals, the cooks, the cleaners and all working round the clock to fight this pandemic. Nothing will happen to you. Stay strong.

  4. This one is using his son to score political points just like Davido used Chioma to get attention.

    Chioma tested positive no symptom since.

    Where's is the test result? Davido's lies can wake up the dead, walahi. 🤣🤣🤣

    Yesterday, he went to smoke weed and said taking care of his child made his eyes red.

    Till today, chiomas porshe is missing.

    David Adeleke truely needs deliverance from the lying spirit. That kind of deliverance they use broom to do in cele church.

    Chioma is really doing well as a
    member of the DMW lying clan. Person wey her papa send go school.🤣🤣🤣

    1. Anon 12:46
      You are the greatest mumu of our time.
      You can be positive without symptoms.
      Your parents did all they could but you refused to turn out well.
      When they say read,you guys will say no time.

    2. Focus on the point here. Apparently you are high on low batteries.

    3. Anon12:46 Conspiracy theory 101
      See wetin idleness dey cause. Nollywood needs ur creative imagination

    4. 😂😂😂😂
      Hey God!

    5. Anon please dont be daft in this horrible period. Read, listen to news. There are so many positive people without symptoms going around.

    6. Kwakwakwakwakwa.... Oh ma days. He went to smoke weed🏃🏃🏃

    7. The two 13:52, Sue and 13:59; are THESAME person.

      Sue, your agbaya moves no do you with your real identity; you don join your coded* identity to the parte after parte right? 😂😂😂

  5. TeeJay should take a cue from Atiku’s son. You can’t cry more than the bereaved. The government is doing well regarding this pandemic. Let’s complement the effort of government by adhering to directives and also praying for healthcare workers in the frontlines. Together we’ll defeat Covid-19

    1. Alternative Facts, even though we often disagree over certain issues here, I love your engagement on issues relating to my comment. That's the beauty of argument unlike those who use the swear words and insult.

    2. Smh @Teejay. You can't even see his sub? Better not to reply than reply and ACT like someone respects you; meanwhile he is openly messing you up.

      Pray tell how his comment is better than the other people's insults?

    3. Anon 18:06 I made that comment in relation over our engagement over issues here before now. I read his comment on this post very well and I see no insults or rubbish here. In most of his engagement, he has never used an insulting words on me. So I know what I wrote and not particularly on this post of him calling me out.

  6. I am praying that the health workers will not become sick in their bid to help people. But you see all this one of let us all unite together, they should start with themselves. We will be united when the right things are put in place. For now, I don’t know where we all stand.

    We all want unity but do you all want this UNITY???

    I am only happy this Chinese virus is no respecter of anybody. Big and Small.

    I also pray for the smaller ones working in the midst of these big shots, that God Almighty will protect them that way their Ogas will be wondering whether their blood type is different from that of their mean employers. Those that treat their domestic staff like their status is a disease on its own.
    Lastly, God bless all the big shots that look out for their employees, and the less privileged in the society.
    Even if they catch the disease, it shall not wipe them out.

    1. Shyla you got that!

      How did he join Nigerians to fight poverty and lack of infrastructure when his dad was the VP?

  7. It is well with you and all those affected by this virus

  8. I don't trust Nigeria health system.
    If it's really the so called virus the number of victims they claimed are suffering from.
    Both discharged and those in isolation center s

  9. o we should unite ba while you and your father unite to loot our treasury dry


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