Stella Dimoko Mrs Dee's Corner - Ignoring A Mother's 6th Sense Warning...


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Friday, April 10, 2020

Mrs Dee's Corner - Ignoring A Mother's 6th Sense Warning...

Mothers are blessed with a kinda sixth sense that helps them act as guards and protection for their children but sometimes they come off as overbearing and overprotective and most times Children do not take their warnings serious....

 I remember the times when I thought my mum's own was 'too much' till a particular occurrence changed everything and i never ignored her sixth sense warning again....

I woke up that morning and dearest mum informed me that she had a dream and advised me not to visit anyone that day.
In my mind, I had already concluded that I must go and visit a friend cos I was bored and tired of staying at home.

That period In Aba was rife with kidnappings and killings of innocent people and everyone was tense and afraid.

She begged me not to go, but I tried to make her believe I would be careful and nothing bad was going to happen.

I got to Tonimas junction and as I boarded a bus to my destination, I started hearing the incessant firing of gunshot. I was scared and shivering in my seat and my mind flashed back to my mum's warnings and how I had dismissed it as just a dream. 

 My mum tried calling my phone because she could hear the gunshots from home.
I was so scared and almost wet my pants but kept praying that it should end soon.

At a point the driver ran away and left the passengers in his bus. But after about thirty minutes of non-stop shootings, everything calmed down. I was the first to jump down from the bus and start running.

After I got home news filtered in that kidnappers traced a rich man to the filling station where buses picked up passengers and their sporadic shooting had sent some people to their early graves...

For weeks, I was filled with fear and had panic attacks.

I've since repented from taking my mother's dreams for granted and I now understand that her intercessions have played a major role in God's protection over my life.


  1. Well I was al ATS stubborn and Al my mom said always came to pass and still I will ignore.
    The first day my hubby came home she told me if I miss him,I will regret it.
    Even when we had challenges,she kept re assuring me.
    This time I followed her and I thank God I did.

  2. This is really scary, i don't joke with my mum's warning.

  3. Don't take the dream of a loving mother for granted.

    Dreams are revelations most times.

  4. prettyface of sdk10 April 2020 at 13:17

    A mother's instinct is always right especially a prayerful mother.I had so much experience but no time to write them as iam on the road.

  5. It's true, mothers are like gods to us.

  6. 💕💕💓❤️💘💞💝 to all mothers.

  7. One time my mom said she dreamt about me and one elderly man and that I should leave that man if at all it's happening for real. I smiled and said mummy there's nobody oo but deep down inside me I was following one Uncle
    I later got to know that he was married and he had his family in another state

  8. My mum's instinct is always Correct.
    I am going to be that same kind of mum for my Children.

    oh! I can remember those dark days in aba then....i was almost a victim once

  9. Mothers are the best gift anyone could ask for. I cannot be stubborn not to listen to what my mum tells me.

  10. Poster, thank God for you.

    God bless our parents, they are doing an amazing job.

    I love my mum so much! We all do but there are times they are not always right cos they are human after all.

    I remember when I was in my final year in the University, someone met my mum and declared his interest in marrying me. Mum liked the guy and was on my case that it is the best decision I will make. I refused and told her I've found my own, she kept insisting that her instincts on this matter are correct.

    I kept praying to God to make things right cos I can't be fighting my mum over any issue at all. We drifted apart for a while due to this cos the guy went ahead and got married to someone else. Mum and I latter settled our matter and I told her to just pray for me so everything will turn out fine when I finally get married.

    After our wedding, mum told me she's glad I didn't listen to her on marrying the other guy. I'm super grateful to God abeg.

    Our parents are so sweet but hnmmm we also need to pray for them so they don't lead us wrongly.

  11. That was how I ignored what my late dad told us over 30yrs ago, that none of his children will marry from or to a particular place.I married from that same place, and I'm full of regrets and looking for ways to get out of the marriage now.

    1. Hmmm this hits close to maternal great grand mom also warned my grand father about any of his sons(my uncles)marrying from a particular of my uncles nearly did,like,it was just remaining white wedding before our fingers got burnt.Thank God we retraced our steps.
      Funnily, it was after we broke it that my grand pa remembered that warning.

  12. May Almighty God bless all the mothers in the world ��

  13. I get ajuju n'ese okwu here 😊😊
    Today's mothers wey full for twitter and instagram dey upload
    photos 24/7, dey find (abroad) husband, de carry blanket cover
    houseboy face supply forks when oga on top travel, how them go
    get sixth sense and divine guidance of Baba God for dreams and co?
    How them go become prayer warriors?
    Wetin go happen to them daughters?
    Thank you Mrs. Dee 🎤🎤🎤

    1. Anon those too have a sixth sense, that's a mother's gift, even animals possess one. Their lifestyle doesn't erase that.

    2. @15:45
      And how about "being prayer warriors?"
      Okwa ajuju o. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    3. @16:28 you mean they don't pray because of their instagram lifestyle?

    4. @17:32
      Ajuju n'ese okwu o 😊😊😊
      Wetin I mean be say, Sisi go commot eyes from phones before she begin
      pray oburo ya?
      And if you sabi eh, plenty forks fit kill 6th sense o. You no dey read chronicles?

  14. May God help us to be obedient when it's imperative

  15. Hi Perxie....I really like you, you sound so mature and experienced. God bless you.

  16. Yimu at mothers sixth sense. What happened to you was just happenstance and coincidence. Mothers have a sixth sense yet they will never know when the younger brother of her husband is busy molesting her daughters or when that unemployed compound "uncle" who sodomizes her son. Abeg leave all this superstitious BS in the dark where it belongs.

    1. Sorry you were molested but parents really do have a sixth sense. For some, it is easier to ignore the reality and focus on illusions, others aren't mature enough to understand it

    2. @ Anonymous 15:48
      I never said I was abused, I didnt grow up with other tenants in a house, I never had relatives live with us. This might be far from your own reality when growing up so I do not blame you. I wanted to clap back at you but I thought to myself, why get annoyed by a random anonymous troll who thinks it is being savage by a weak attempt at sarcasm. Not all of us had the privilege of having a good primary education where APOLOGUE could have been taught, so I will let it slide but step up to me again and I wont hesitate to take you to the cleaners.

    3. This hostile epistle you wrote in response to the anon whose comment is nothing close to what you insinuate it to be is 😯 Calm your body down and stop with the aggression.

  17. I personally dont joke with my muum's dream. I always obey her.

  18. Mothers are our guardian angel on earth,for every good mother out there,you shall live long to reap the fruits of your Labour.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Let me share my small experience.

    My mum is into storage of grains business.

    One time we had a break and I was around to take charge of the sales.

    One of the guys who came from uyo to buy the Nigeria rice started to toast me. He said his name is Darlington. I wasn't paying attention though.

    My bvs, I woke up the next day and my mother called me. She said what she was about to tell me was serious. She said she saw me in her dream pregnant. She was crying and asked me why I chose to disgrace her like this?
    As she was about to hit me, I dodged and asked her to forgive that the person responsible was 'Dan'.

    I told her no issue that I don't even have a boyfriend.
    As I left her, I told myself that Darlington guy must be the devil that will get behind me. After all, I don't know any other person bearing the name Dan. And Dan can be short for Darlington rite?

  21. It's always good to listen to one's parents but as children, we sometimes feel we know so much, even more than them

  22. My instinct has always been on a high frequency since childhood to the point I think I'm a witch sometimes. I trust my instinct more than anyone's own such that even when negativity is seen, I stand my ground and reverse it. My mum knows that too and isn't surprised because she says I've always had it as as a child and could even decode evil people.


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