Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 282


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Friday, April 10, 2020

Labour Room Drama 282

After the rain comes the Rainbow!!!

I sent my LRD of my first child some time around January 2018. It was such a horrible experience that I became afraid of the possibility of not conceiving again. 

I thought it affected my womb. So when my baby was 8 months I told my hubby about my fear and that considering the fact that it took us long to have him, we should begin to try. He refused at first but after much persuasion he gave in. 

I was so surprised that after one month I discovered that I had taken in. I was in a dilemma about breastfeeding my son until my mom had to forcefully take him away. 

I had my normal craving throughout but my major challenge was fear. I was so afraid of labor right from the first month that I sometimes dreamt of dying. I had to start serious fasting and prayers. I also involved my prayer partners. My request was that I didn't want prolonged labor, less pain and that I wanted God to compensate me for all my suffering with the first labour. 

When it was about 1 week to my Edd, I noticed that I urinate every 5 minutes and I felt pressure at the lower part of my belly. I didn't think about it. Luckily my Doctor cousin visited and I told him how I felt cos I registered with his hospital. He asked me to follow him to the hospital but I refused and told him that nothing was wrong with me. He called my mum and she decided to follow me with the promise that we would come back the next day.

 On reaching the hospital around 7pm. He checked me and shouted. He asked if I wanted to deliver at home and that i was 8cm dilated. I felt somehow cos I was not Feeling anything save the pressure, he asked me to walk around. I climbed up and down the stairs. After one hour he broke my water and I gave birth immediately. It was like magic. 

God really compensated me and answered me. My son is a year now. He is the sweetest baby in the world. These are some of his pix for you Stella.

LOL,look at his face.....
Congrats to you,God really answered your prayer..


  1. Congratulations to you madam and i hope you are prepare for season three πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    1. I'm imagining letting my cousin finger me in the name of checking

    2. I swear anon I was like my cousin ***** will now see my vjay Nd chok Hand? Mba o

    3. See ehnn..... By the time the pain hits you ehn...... You will not mind even your enemy chooking hand sef

  2. Wow. Sounds so easy. Congrats dear

  3. God truly answers prayers. Congratulations madam

  4. I pray for such delivery ijn..E no easy to birth a big baby naturally....

  5. God came through for you. Hallelujah!

  6. CongrCongratulations this is the Lord doing.

  7. Oh wow. This is amazing. How I wish labour is generally like this, why's it so painful? πŸ™„

  8. This shall be my testimony in Jesus name.

  9. God! What did I do that you have refused to answer my own prayers?God please consider me this 2020 I am tired of this stagnancy.

  10. I tap into this type of pain free delivery Amen...

  11. Congratulations...

  12. Congratulations, I tap into this kind of short and painless labor

  13. I tap unto this painless labour grace.

  14. I tap unto this painless labour.

  15. So easy, congratulations!!! I pray this baby comes this easy. Birthing my second wasn't easy mehn. I already passed my EDD by a week so my doctor asked me to come in to be induced. When the doctor was about to start the process he noticed I was already 3m dilated so he asked me to go to the labor ward and just wait for labor.
    I was there all through the night till the next day, I wasn't feeling anything at all. Was just busy surfing the net and chatting. It was like all the women in Lagos gave birth that day, the labor ward was filled, shots, cry, groans from every corner. Was telling the woman beside me not shout that she should save her strength (as the labor expert that i am) lol,
    My first was quite easy so was expecting this one to be a walk in the park, for my mind na. When it was around 2pm the doctor in charge said ehen, I have your time now. She checked me and said I was still 3cm, set line for me, fixed a drip and injected something into it and told me that will quicken my labor.
    My people, the second that injection went in, I went crazy. The pain was so intense, me that was telling people not to scream didn't know when I started wailing, tore my wrapper, pulled part of my hair off, the pain was out of this world. Like that wasn't enough i began to poo. This constant uncontrollable poo, kai, i pity the cleaner that day. She kept cleaning my poo, it was so embarrassing. All these didn't last upto 2hrs but it was like 10hrs.
    Was begging the doctor to come check me, when she did I was already fully dilated. When it was time to push, wahala. If she say push and I try to poo will just push out. She shouted Sharon push this baby for me not poo poo.
    I said sorry ma
    She said don't tell me sorry, push!
    I tried and it was poo again
    It was after the 4th or 5th push that my son finally came out. He was a big one, 4.3kg. It was such a messy delivery not classy atall, lol.

    1. Hahahaha.

      So funny, delivery is NEVER classy dear.

      Thank God for poster and you


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