Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Covid-19 Cases Reaches 1095


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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Nigeria's Covid-19 Cases Reaches 1095

The Officials number of those infected with the coronavirus keeps increasing daily


  1. Multiple this by 100,000k.
    Plus the one treating it at home.
    Plus the one treating it at Alagbo house.
    Plus the treating it at shrine and church.
    Plus the one treating it at private hotel.
    Plus the one that does not even know they have it.
    Buckle up.
    It's gonna be a loooooong ride.

    1. Bitch be positive. I don't live in Nigeria between

    2. "Between" what? Between Nigeria and abroad or what? It's "by the way" BTW abbreviation of by the way and not between!!! And yes! Anonymous be positive! Say positive things even in the midst of problems.

  2. OMG! The number keeps increasing every day by day,May God have mercy on us.
    Stay home!
    Stay safe!

  3. What is critical at this time is for NCDC and the most hit states (at least) to have the capacity and resources to manage the rising number of cases.
    It's like an embarkment against surging waters,a city gate against a raiding army.
    The water rages, pounds until it compromises the foundation of the concrete barrier and eventually the latter caves in and collapses under the deluge.
    The gate holds firm but as each timber carried by the enemy thumbs on the heavy metals, it unhinges a bit, then starts to creak, and finally collapses to the roaring battle cry of the Invaders.

    Can the embarkment and city gate of our health system hold firm against a surging COVID-19

    For the sakes of our loved ones, we hope, just hope it does.

    Wherever you are, PH, Enugu, Ibadan, Kano, Lagos, Benin, Abuja, London, US, Germany ... stay safe

  4. Lord help us, the numbers are on the increase everyday

  5. I am just tired of seeing numbers increasing everyday. The educational system has been disrupted. How will workers receive their salary when there's no work? God,please,heal the world....

  6. Stella some governors are even playing politics with testing. Imagine a whole governor of Akwa ibom state sacking a Medical doctor.

    How can you say, only 10 testing should be done, so that Akwa ibom numbers won't skyrocket, when there is thousands of test kits around, and when some people have symptoms of this covid 19. The Dr went ahead and test everyone that should be tested, when commissioner of health heard about it, they say the doctor, this is former NMA chairman oh

    Udom is one of the most wicked governor, and he's playing with the lives of Akwa ibomite, I don't blame him, an Apple doesn't fall far from it's tree

  7. I am suspecting all these Chinese testing kits, I believe they are contaminated. They should allow people to move about with protective gears. The way funds are rolling in for Nigeria from all angles, this shit ain't ending any time soon

  8. We have now entered thousands.It is the time to start going down ,so help us God

  9. May God help us all cos it's becoming more scary. I believe there's another way to get this thing apart from body contact.

  10. Stella, will this make them extend the sit at home? If we go out, how are we to protect ourselves from the spread. Is it really only through touch and oral spray this virus spreads?
    So many questions to be asked!


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